Saying bye to the Magic Kingdom: Pandemic Disney Trip Day 6

I was looking forward to this day all week. It was our last full day in Orlando and our last day visiting the theme parks. Tomorrow morning we would be getting on a plane and heading back to Philly. But before we could do that we had to catch a bus to the Magic Kingdom […]

Snacks, Snacks, and more Snacks: Pandemic Disney Trip Day 5

Day 5 (Monday) of my Pandemic Disney World Trip had us revisiting EPCOT. But before we would go to the park we wanted to hit the pool for a morning swim. Since EPCOT doesn’t open until 11 am we didn’t need to rush this morning either.  Plus EPCOT currently isn’t a very heavily visited park […]

A Rainy Trip around the World: Pandemic Disney Trip Day 4

The day was finally here. The day I was looking forward to the most. Now I couldn’t do what I would really like to do, which is a day with another adult eating and drinking around the world.  But I could snack around the world with my daughter. It was going to be a good […]

Lions, Gorillas, and Banshees OH MY: Pandemic Disney Trip Day 3

Day three (Saturday 8-29) of our Pandemic Disney Trip was an early day. Today we were heading to Animal Kingdom and that park opens at 8 am. It is the first Disney theme park to open for the day and the first to close for the day.  Animal Kingdom might possibly be my favorite park. […]

Planes, Castles and Springs- Pandemic Disney Trip Day 1

The day is finally here. A day I didn’t think was going to happen this year. I already canceled 2 trips to Walt Disney World this year.  One in May…… well Disney canceled that one. I canceled another in early August since I didn’t feel comfortable paying all that money for half an experience. I […]

Chef Mickey’s Breakfast Review 2020

My favorite meal in Walt Disney World is breakfast. Heck, it’s my favorite meal even when I’m not at Disney. Just like at Disney I don’t always eat breakfast. Normally a coffee will just do. My two favorite restaurants at Walt Disney World has got to be Cape May Cafe and Tusker House for breakfast. […]

Everything that sucks about WDW Right now

I love planning and going on a Walt Disney World vacation. Like many people I too had to cancel a trip to WDW the summer of 2020. I actually had to cancel two. One because the parks were closed (May) and one because I just wasn’t too sure on how everything would be (early August). […]

Everything Great About Hollywood Studios in 2020

Thinking about visiting Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World in 2020 or 2021? Trying to decide if it is worth visiting now with all of the restrictions? Is there enough open to see, do, and eat to make it worth it? I recently visited and will share my opinions on everything great about Hollywood Studios […]

Worse Rides at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is the most magical place on earth. It is packed full of memorable moments, iconic rides, wonderful characters and so much more. It’s hard to come up with things that are bad. Oh but there are plenty of things that suck at WDW. From food to experiences and everything in between. Don’t […]

Having a Magical Day at Magic Kingdom with restrictions

We don’t yet know of all the details about how the parks will look when they open in July. We do know that fireworks, parades, meet and greets and some experiences will NOT be happening. However, that doesn’t mean you still can’t have a magical day at the theme park.  You don’t have to watch […]

Disney Springs Quick-Service

Disney Springs is the Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment district at Walt Disney World. It is one area where you can find a lot of Disney magic without a park ticket. You won’t find characters here but you will find many amazing shops and restaurants.  This post may contain affiliate links. It is at no extra […]

12 things you will regret NOT doing at Walt Disney World

A trip to Walt Disney World is something many people around the world dream about doing one day. From seeing all the commercials on TV to hearing that famous “You Just won the Super Bowl where are you going to go now” line. We just need to face it and realize it is a part […]

Hollywood Studios Quick-Service Ranked

Let’s sit a minute and think about Hollywood Studios. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it Galaxy’s Edge or Toy Story Land? What about the Disney World theme park with the most Thrill Rides? Or could it be the great food at the quick-service locations? I’m guessing the food at Hollywood Studios […]

EPCOT Quick-Service Ranked

I’m willing to bet when you think of some of the best food in Walt Disney World your mind immediately goes to EPCOT. I don’t blame you. With 11 different countries to explore you can find everything from Tacos to Fish and Chips and some pretty amazing BBQ.  The biggest problem with EPCOT when it […]

Animal Kingdom Quick-Service Rankings

No matter which Walt Disney World theme park you visit. There is a high chance you will be looking at one point throughout the day to get a bite to eat. Most of us will want to grab something that is tasty but quick.  While Animal Kingdom doesn’t have the amount of quick-service locations as […]

Ranking Magic Kingdom Quick-Service Locations

No matter who you ask. You will find a different answer for which quick service location is the best in the Magic Kingdom. You shouldn’t be surprised. After all, we all have different tastes. We each like different things.  Maybe you are on a quest for the perfect hot dog. Maybe you are looking for […]

Best Quick Service restaurants on the Disney Dining Plan

You either hate the Dining Plans or love them. Some people feel that you are better off paying out of pocket instead of getting the dining plan. While others feel that it saves them tons of money on their Disney Vacation.  While it is true if you really want to save hundreds of dollars by […]

wdw roller coaster

Top Ten FastPass to Get at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is unlike any other theme park in the world and that’s a good thing. You will find all kind of attractions from the latest and greatest new technologies. To the good old fashion rides that have been around for 100 years. Walt Disney World uses what’s called the FastPass system. It is […]

5 Reasons to stay at a Disney Resort

There’s no doubt about one of the toughest decisions to make when planning a Walt Disney World vacation is whether to stay at a Disney resort or not. Staying off site can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars depending on the size of your family. If you could save a couple hundred dollars […]

When to visit Walt Disney World

One of the biggest and toughest questions on everyone’s mind when considering booking a Walt Disney World vacation is when should you go. Some people wait for the perfect weather. Others wait for low crowds. While others go whenever the kids are out of school.  If you are having a tough time trying to decide […]

Ultimate Guide to Booking a Walt Disney World Vacation

At one time or another in your life you may want to visit the world’s greatest theme park Walt Disney World. Just how do you do that? Is it as simple as driving to the city nearest you or is it a little more involved? There are many moving parts to consider when planning and […]

Four reason to Visit Disney World in 2020 and One reason not too

You hear it all the time “I’m going to Disney World ” from people in all walks of life. But should you visit the most magical place on Earth in 2020? It’s no secret that a vacation to Walt Disney World is going to cost you a lot of money. The average cost for a […]

13 Popular Disney World Quick Service Locations

Walt Disney World is full of locations to get a quick bite to eat. You can find everything from Hot Dogs and Hamburgers to BBQ and even sushi. Chances are if you are craving it, you can find it at one of the four theme parks, Disney Springs or at a resort.  But what is […]

Minnie’s Beach Bash at Cape May Cafe

Cape May Cafe Character Breakfast buffet is one of the best, if not the best breakfast buffet in all of Disney World. It’s location at Disney’s Beach Club Resort makes it a little difficult for some guess to get to which might be one of the reasons why it never seems too busy for breakfast.  […]

Everything Great about Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM Studios) was the third theme park built at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida. The park was opened on May 1, 1989. Originally the park also acted as an operating production studio. Hollywood Studios is currently the only Walt Disney World Theme Park that has a roller coaster that […]

Everything that sucks about Animal Kingdom

Ah Animal Kingdom a theme park built around a zoo. This place is massive. It is the largest theme park in the United States at 580 acres. Many people across the US and World come and visit Animal Kingdom each and every year. Animal Kingdom was ranked 3rd overall for the most visitors in 2018 […]

Staying On Site VS Off Site

When Planning a trip to Walt Disney World you have to think about a whole list of things. What rides do  you want to FastPass? Where do you want to eat? Do you drive or fly? Or most importantly do you stay at a Disney Resort or Stay at a Resort in Orlando? The answer […]

Everything that sucks about Magic Kingdom

AH, the Magic Kingdom, the number one most visited theme park in the World. Over 20 million people visited this park last year. Yes 20 Million people well 20,859,000 to be exact. That’s a lot of people.  On an average day you figure 57,148 walk through the front gates into the Magic Kingdom. Some days […]

Be Our Guest Breakfast and Lunch Review

Be Our Guest Restaurant is one of those places in Walt Disney World that you have to visit at least once like Cinderella’s Royal Table or Chef Mickey’s. However, I feel the food at both breakfast and lunch is better than at either place. While a little on the pricier side if you are paying […]

Everything Great about EPCOT

Why does this park get so much hate? I love EPCOT. For me it’s second only to Magic Kingdom. Did you know that EPCOT is more than twice, YES TWICE the size of Magic Kingdom. So many people consider skipping EPCOT if they are short on time or rushing through everything to make it a […]

Everything that sucks about EPCOT

EPCOT was the second park to open at Walt Disney World resort in Orlando Florida. It opened on October 1, 1982. The park use to be split up into two different lands. Future World and World Showcase. In the past few months and for the next few years EPCOT will be completely overhauled into something […]

Everything that sucks about Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM Studios) was the third theme park built at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida. The park was opened on May 1, 1989. Originally the park also acted as an operating production studio. At one point there were active TV and Film production services. Also a functioning backlot and an […]

Everything Great about Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom was the fourth theme park built at Walt Disney World. It officially opened on April 22 1998 which also happens to be Earth Day. Great day for this park to have it’s anniversary on. After all the park is dedicated to animal conservation and the natural environment.  Disney’s Animal Kingdom is accredited by […]

Everything Great about Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom was the first theme park built for Walt Disney World. Construction started in 1967 and the park officially opened on October 1, 1971. Years later it would be followed by EPCOT, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. Even though the park is almost 50 years old. A lot has changed but a lot […]

POP Century

One of the best value resorts on Walt Disney World property has to be POP Century. Originally planned to to have buildings themed from the 1900’s all the way to the 1990’s and completed in two phases (Phase 1 1950-1990s Classic Years and Phase 2 1900-1940s Legendary Years). The September 11th attacks and a slow […]

Disney Springs

Disney Springs is the shopping, entertainment, and restaurant complex at Walt Disney World that has been around since 1975. Of course it wasn’t always called Disney Springs. Many of use remember it as Downtown Disney but even before it was called that it was know as Disney Village Marketplace. It is nice to see that […]

Whats the Difference between Universal and Disney World

There are many people out there who don’t know that Universal Orlando Resorts and Walt Disney World are two different places. Your Disney World tickets are not good at Universal, just like your Universal tickets are not good at Disney World.  Now both theme parks are powerhouses in Orlando. Both have multiple theme parks and […]


Every year, on select nights in August, September and October the Magic Kingdom closes early (6pm) and transforms into a little not so scary Halloween town. Mickey shaped pumpkins are everywhere. You will even find many different scarecrows around.  It is a fun little event where you can see a nighttime parade lead by the […]

5 Money Saving tips while at Walt Disney World

One thing Walt Disney World is NOT, is cheap. On the low end if staying on site for a week with a family of 4 it will cost you at least $2,500. That is not including food cost, flight prices or gas if you are driving. As well as any other extras like park hopper […]

Common Disney World Questions Answered

If you ever planned a trip to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida you know how difficult and overwhelming it can be. While it can be difficult, it is also a lot of fun. There is just something magical about planning your own WDW trip. With so many things to know and understand about […]

8 Resort Room Essentials you didn’t think of

So you are going to Disney and you have everything packed and ready to go. Suitcases are packed. Carry on is ready to go. Park bag is loaded up with ponchos. You are all set. But did you forget the essential items you will need while in your resort room? If you are a seasoned […]

7 Things nobody tells you about when visiting Disney

You hear it every year right after the Super Bowl… “I’m going to Disney World”. Going to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is the dream vacation for both kids and adults world wide. Many people don’t understand what it is all about until they go themselves. Than they are hooked.  It’s a place to […]

Top 5 apps for Walt Disney World Vacation

We live in a connected world. Most of us have a cell phone and I’m pretty sure all who visit Disney World have one in their pocket or purse. Nowadays you really can’t do Disney without one. From taking pictures to founding out what time it is. Your phone is always within arms reach. Because […]

10 Must Dos for First Timers at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is a magical place. But it is not magical without a little planning and know-how. With 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, a shopping district and countless food options it can be hard for even the seasoned veteran to know what to do.  Do you visit just one park? Do you really […]

How to avoid the Disney Meltdown

If you ever been to Disney World I’m sure you’ve seen the meltdown. You know the one I am talking about.  Kid screaming or parents losing their minds among all the “happiness”. But Just how can you avoid it. Is the Disney Meltdown even avoidable? You would think being at the Happiest place on earth, […]

Free Things at Disney World

People say that some of the best things in life are free. But, we are all old enough to know that nothing in life is truly free. We pay for it one way or another. While that is true. It is especially true for Disney. You put out thousands of dollars for a Disney World […]

All about the Disney Dining Plans

A big question I always see is if the Disney Dining Plan is worth it. This question as with all questions about Disney comes down to your group. Some people say that they will never use it again because it didn’t save them any money. Others claim that the Deluxe Dining plan is the greatest […]

What to do on your Disney Arrival Day

So your flights not landing at MCO till around noon. By the time you get to the resort it will be early afternoon. What do you do? Do you spend the rest of the day at a park? Just relax by the pool? Maybe have a character dinner at Chef Mickey’s. It can be hard […]

Pros and Cons: Disney World Park Hopper

One of the biggest questions you will always read about when talking about a trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL is if the Park Hopper ticket is worth it. Many first timers and seasoned veterans have asked that question. Today we are going to answer it once and for all. While everyone is […]

The DON’Ts of the Disney World FastPass+

If you are reading this I am sure you’ve been gathering up all the information you can about the FastPass + system in Walt Disney World. You probably come across a lot of useful tips, tricks, and hacks and what you SHOULD do. But not many people tell you what you SHOULDN’T do. After all […]

Survival Guide: Orlando, Florida- Summertime

Orlando, Florida is a popular summer destination for many of us around the county. With world class theme parks like SeaWorld, Universal Studios, GatorLand and even Walt Disney World. It’s easy to see why so many vacation here when the kids are out of school. While you are out and about riding roller coasters, watching […]

How to Book FastPass+ at Walt Disney World

So you are planning to go to Disney World and you keep reading about the FastPass system at WDW. What is it? How does it work? How much is it going to cost me? And even how do I do it. Fear not!! I am here to lend you a helping hand. We will answer […]

32 Disney World Rides with Video

Planing a Walt Disney World trip can be overwhelming. Should you book dining reservations 180 days in advance. Should you stay on-site. And even what rides do you FastPass. Knowing that there are a lot of rides and attractions at Walt Disney World what rides are good for your family. Below I complied a list […]

10 Essential Items to have in your Disney park bag

Walt Disney World resort is a huge place. It is made up of 4 theme parks, 2 water parks and a shopping district (Disney Springs). It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what you need to bring with you. Do you need water? How about snacks or a bag lunch? Do I need to […]

All Walt Disney World Rides Ranked

As you know or maybe you don’t but Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Fl is an enormous place. The entire resort sits on approximately 25,000 acres. It is made up of 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, a shopping district, 27 and counting themed Disney hotels and nine non-Disney themed hotels. As you can […]

Complete Guide to Booking a Disney World Vacation

First things first, you can’t just swing by on your way home from the Outer Banks of North Carolina. You are talking about a 12 hour drive down south. Kinda tough if you live up in the Northeast. Secondly you need to have at least a week there. Ten days is better. So much better. […]

How to avoid lines in Walt Disney World

Below you will find my guide on how to avoid lines in Walt Disney World theme parks. Rule number 1: You will NOT avoid lines at Disney completely. But you can make the wait a lot less by following my guide. The Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, Fl is huge. It is about 39 […]

Hollywood Studios FastPass + Guide

Where do you even start when talking about what rides to use the FastPass + on at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. As of right now they are still lacking in the ride department. However, saying that doesn’t mean the rides are terrible. Hollywood Studios has arguable some of the best rides in all 4 parks. This […]

Epcot FastPass + Rides and Guide

Epcot was the second park to be added to Walt Disney World. Originally intended to be an Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow before Walt Disney’s death. After his death the city idea was scrapped. After some time imagineers pushed together a futuristic model with one of an International World’s Fair theme and the new EPCOT […]

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