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Day 11 A rare sight (x2)

I can’t believe we only have two days left before we go home. Where did all the time go? At least we have had one amazing day after another and another.

Today our first park was going to be Magic Kingdom. However, before we go to the park we have a breakfast reservation at Ohana. This is another place my mother hasn’t been too but my daughter and I have been.

Since our reservation was for 0730, we were all up and on our way by 0650. I wanted to make sure I was in the parking lot before 7 so I could make our Lightning Lane reservation this morning. The rides at Magic Kingdom have had some insane wait times for ALL the rides.

There was one ride we just had to do. I knew I would be able to get a LL for it but I wanted to get a decent time too. Right at 7 I was on the app and secured a 0930 LL for Splash Mountain. Now all we had to do was eat breakfast and head to the park.

Magic Kingdom opens today at 0900 but it opens at 0830 for resort guest. I doubt we would make it for the early enter since our breakfast reservation was for 0730.

Around 0740 we got seated at our table in Ohana. Boy did we get a great seat. We ended up getting a window table that overlooked the pool. Off in the distances we could see Space Mountain and the new roller coaster Tron. You really couldn’t ask for a better view.

Now the food at Ohana is served family style. This just means they bring out a huge plate with everything on it for the table to share. If you want more of something you just ask and they bring it out to you.

The breakfast here is amazing. The potatoes are seasoned well and probably the best breakfast potatoes at any Disney restaurant. One of the highlights here at Ohana is the pineapple bread and Stitch Waffles. The Stitch waffles might be the reason my daughter loves this place.

For me it is everything. All of the food is cooked perfectly. I just wish they had bacon. Even though they don’t have bacon, they do have some amazing Hawaiian style ham.

Next time I come here I will have to make a reservation for our off day. While we didn’t rush, we did miss the early park opening. Plus I would like to really sit back and take my time.

Oh well, what are you going to do. The good thing about having a family style breakfast for me was I wouldn’t need to eat lunch or anything for a while. It’s also a little sad since there are two places we just love to eat at in Magic Kingdom.

After breakfast we headed over to the Monorail to go to the Magic Kingdom. When we arrived it was just about 9 and they were letting everyone in. The lines were long but they moved pretty quickly.

Once inside I checked the Disney app to see what the wait time was for Splash Mountain. We did have a LL for 0930 but I was just curious what it was at, at 0910. Well it was down.

Instead of heading back towards Frontierland we headed towards Tomorrowland. Our normal plan of attack when we visit Magic Kingdom is to arrive early and knock out Tomorrowland Speedway, Space Ranger Spin, Peoplemover, Little Mermaid, and Dumbo in the first hour. Normally we can do it when Disney had Extra Magic Hours.

Today that would have been impossible to do. Space Ranger Spin and Tomorrowland Speedway already had 20-30 minute waits. Instead we hopped on the Peoplemover. This could possible be one of my top 5 rides at Walt Disney World. I just love it.

We got loaded up and were off around Tomorrowland. You get to see such a unique perspective of the park when travelling in the Peoplemover. We also got to see one of the ride vehicles for Tron going around the track.

I cannot wait for that one to open. I know the lines will be long and I am not the biggest roller coaster fan as I am getting older. However, it looks like a lot of fun.

Before we entered Space Mountain the Peoplemover stopped. We were sitting there for a couple of minutes before it started to move again. Now I am just glad we were outside. We got “stuck” before on one of the inside spots and it took a couple of minutes before the lights came on.

Once we started moving again we were in for a treat. Now Space Mountain wasn’t open yet too either. When we got into the section of the Peoplemover going through Space Mountain the lights were on.

I have never seen this area with the lights one. It is always pretty dark and all you hear are the “space” cars going around the track and people screaming. Today we got to see the inner workings with the lights on. I must say it was really cool seeing that. Something I have always wanted to see but never got the chance too.

The rest of the trip was normal and before you knew it we were unloading and heading to our next area. I checked the app to see if Splash Mountain was up yet and it wasn’t. So we decided to get on the Riverboat and take a trip around.

I was hoping to at least see them testing Splash Mountain but there were not. At this point I figured we wouldn’t even get a chance to ride it. We did get a replacement LL to use since our time had past. But I was also able to book another since it had been three hours already.

I got a LL for Haunted Mansion at 1130. The line for the ride was insane. But it was like that for almost every ride today. The park was very crowded.

It really makes me wonder if they really do have a limit on how many guest they let in. It also makes me wonder why they are still doing a reservation system. Guess we will never know.

Once the riverboat ride was over we started to walk around. We had a little time to kill before our Lightning Lane for Haunted Mansion started. As we were walking around one of the little character parades popped up.

They are quick. Blink and you might miss it kind of quick. Still it’s a nice little touch to see.

After some time walking around it was time to enter the line for Haunted Mansion. Once we scanned our bands I was on the app looking for the next thing to book. Dumbo was available right now so I booked it.

Now as we were going through the Haunted Mansion it too got “stuck”. So far two rides today we got “stuck” on. It was only a couple of minutes before we started to move again.

We exited the ride and headed over to Dumbo. Again once the bands were scanned I started to look for our next LL. The rides we wanted to do in Magic Kingdom didn’t have any availability till after 2 today. At 2 we wouldn’t be at the park so I looked to see what was available at EPCOT.

I was lucky enough to score a Fast Track LL for the three of us. Now I wasn’t sure if my mom was going to go on it but time will tell. While on the app I also noticed Splash Mountain was back up. The wait time was already 45 minutes but it didn’t matter. We had our “bonus” LL that we could use.

After Dumbo we started heading over to Frontierland. But first we got on the Little Mermaid since it was a walk on. There is no better ride to ride at Magic Kingdom than the Little Mermaid on a hot and humid Florida day.

It was now finally time for us to ride Splash Mountain. Both of us wanted to ride it before they change it over to the Princess and the Frog. We got in line and made our way to the log flume. We were in line for about 15 minutes before we got seated.

Once seated we were off. However, we didn’t get too far. The ride stopped right at the first lift hill. There was another log flume right at the beginning of the hill. We were right behind them.

After about 5 minutes I pulled out my phone and checked the app. Splash Mountain was listed as down. We ended up sitting here for another 20 minutes or so before a cast member came over to get us out of the log flumes.

This was our third ride today that we got stuck on. It was the first and so far only time we ever had to be “evacuated” from a ride. My daughter was thrilled. She was watching YouTube videos of this very thing before we left for Florida.

It definitely was a different and unique experience. Not many people can say that they have been evacuated from a ride. We can now be added to that list. It just sucks because we wanted to ride Splash Mountain. Hopefully, tomorrow we will have better luck.

As we exited the ride we were given “free” LL to use on almost any ride. When I asked a cast member if we could use them at any park she said yes. However, we were not able to use them anywhere. They had to be used at Magic Kingdom and we were leaving the park for the day.

We exited the park and jumped on the Monorail back to Polynesian resort. From there we got back into the car and headed back to All Star Music Resort. We wouldn’t be back at our resort for too long before we were off again.

Our next stop was EPCOT. We pulled into the parking lot and parked far, far way. I don’t think I have ever parked this far away before. We would definitely be getting our steps in today.

As we were walking in the sky was very cloudy. It wasn’t dark clouds just a very cloudy sky. I checked the weather and storms were popping up all around Orlando. I figured at some point today we would be getting soaked.

We walked past Spaceship Earth on our way back to Soarin and Living with the land. We rode both rides and than were off to ride nemo. After nemo we walked around the aquarium.

All of the fish, stingrays, sharks, dolphins, and manatee’s were very active today. The manatee’s were coming close to the glass and spinning around. The Dolphins were jumping and racing around. Even the sharks and stingrays were getting close to the glass on there “swim” bys.

Afterwards we headed to the Butterfly garden. It would only be up for another week or so and we didn’t see too many different species of butterflies. However, there were a lot of the ones that were in there. I had one land on my backpack but that was about it.

My daughter tried to get one to land on her but she didn’t have any luck. The Flower and Garden Festival was coming to an end but it was still very nice. Everything was in full bloom.

From here we had to check out the new club cool. My daughter just had to try all the different flavors of soda. She really wanted my mom to try Beverly.

Now she has had it before but that was a couple of years ago. Obviously she didn’t remember trying in before. Before she did not like it from one little sip. Today my mom wasn’t too sure. She didn’t hate it like before. She just wasn’t sure what the flavor was.

The new Club Cool is much smaller than the one before. However, it is really nice inside. I also feel like they have better flavors now. I just would like to see them rotate them from time to time.

We still had some time to kill before our LL for Test Track so we decided to go find something to eat. I wanted to get food from the food booths and my mother wanted her Fish and Chips from England.

We ended up eating and started to walk around World Showcase on our way to Test Track. We did some shopping and also stopped by a food booth or two. We just took our time and enjoyed all the sights to see.

It also looked like we lucked out on the weather too. It ended up not raining at EPCOT today but my friend who was at Universal wasn’t so lucky. She said that they got soaked. Thankfully, we didn’t.

Once we got to Test Track my mother decided that she was going to ride it with us. I wasn’t sure how she would do since she doesn’t even like going on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Magic Kingdom. Boy was she going to be in for a surprise.

We got loaded into our car and were off. The ride felt much more bumpier than I remember and also faster while on the inside part. Once it was time for the speed test I was ready. How would my mom like this part.

I could already tell she wasn’t too thrilled with the inside part. The next part she really wouldn’t like. Oh her face was something.

Once we got off she said “never again”. That wasn’t surprising. She is not much of a ride person anyway. You could just see it in her face.

The sun was starting to set on our 11th day. It was a great day too even if we got stuck on a couple of rides. Tomorrow would be our last day at Walt Disney World. On Wednesday we would be driving back home.

Tomorrow we have some big plans I would like to accomplish. Who knows if it will happen or not. Tomorrow we also start our day off at EPCOT. Will we be able to do everything we set out to do on our last day? Maybe we will, maybe we won’t. Guess you will have to come back tomorrow and find out.

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