Welcome to Kozmophotos!!!

Kozmophotos is all about our love for travel and photography. When you think about it the two really go good together. Throw in theme parks and everything is good in the world. It’s like the perfect triangle.

All three go incredible well with each other. Here at KozmoPhotos we are all about giving you helpful hints, tips, tricks and hacks when it comes to making the most out of your travels, photography and theme park visits.

Living on the east coast of the United States, I have easy access to 3 major cities within a 3 hour drive (DC, Philly, NYC), and I usually hit up at least one every month. Philadelphia would be considered my “home” city since I leave in the suburbs and Center City is only a 30 minute drive. There are also tons of theme parks to visit within a couple hours drive from each of these cities.

We are also HUGE Walt Disney World fans. So we have all kinds of tips on making the most out of your WDW vacation. Check out our Disney Section for the latest post. Some of our favorite post are 10 Essential Items for your park bag, Disney Dining Plan, Pros and Cons on the Park Hopper and How to Book FastPass using the App. These are great places to start when first thinking about a Disney Vacation.

Kozmophotos is also here to help with your travel related questions and problems too. Like how do you solve the bathroom problem when traveling solo with kids? What items to pack on any day trip or how to save money on your next adventure.

KozmoPhotos is a great spot to save and remember. We focus on many different things in the North East (Philly, DC, NYC), Orlando, Disney, and soon to come Six Flags.

We are a new site but are growing by the day. Each week offers new content related to travel and photography.


Now just to sit back and enjoy the ride!!!

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