Welcome to Kozmophotos!!!

Kozmophotos is all about travel and photography. When you think about it the two really go good together. Whenever you travel you also want to take some memorable photos.

We are here to help you out with that by given you some great ideas of photographs to take as well as giving you some insight on how to become a better photographer.

Living on the east coast of the United States, I have easy access to 3 major cities within a 3 hour drive (DC, Philly, NYC), and I usually hit up at least one every month.

Kozmophotos is also here to help with your travel related questions and problems too. Like how do you solve the bathroom problem when traveling solo with kids? What items to pack on any day trip or how to save money on your next adventure.

We are a new site but growing by the day. Each week offers new content related to travel and photography. I am currently working on guides to DC, Philly, and NYC along with WDW. These are all places I am very familiar with and have traveled solo to with and without my daughter.

We are focused on travelers with kids but our guides are also good for couples or the solo traveler out there. So grab a cup of coffee and your camera.


Just to sit back and enjoy the ride!!!

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