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Day 10 Relaxing day off

Day ten was upon us and it would be a nice relaxing day. We had some dining reservations today but no parks. Today we would just eat, shop, and relax. I feel that every Disney vacation needs to have one built in relaxing day. A day when you can feel like you are actually on vacation.

Even though I didn’t have to be up early. I was still up early. It is just what I do. My mother was up early as well. My daughter was still sleeping.

She would’ve slept past 9 if we let her. Unfortunately for her she wasn’t going to sleep past 7. We had an early morning reservation for breakfast at Cape May Café.

However, before we woke her up we both took a walk to the food court to grab a cup of coffee. Today the coffee was very good. I was very happy with it. It tasted fresh and not burnt.

When we returned to the room we started to wake my daughter up. It was a bit of a challenge this morning but I got the job done. After we all got ready and hit the car to drive over the the Beach Club.

I am so happy that I have my car with me in Disney. Trying to get to other resorts at Walt Disney World can be a bit of a pain. It is almost impossible to do it for early morning reservations without taking an Uber.

However, we didn’t have that problem. It was only about a 10 minute drive from All Star Music. I pulled up to the gate and told the security guard I had a reservation. They scanned my magic band and we went to park.

I always liked the look of Disney’s Beach Club Resort. However, I would never fit in here. It is much too fancy for myself or my family. Years ago on my daughter’s first visit we walked through Beach Club after a day at EPCOT.

All of us felt out of place. It was a hot day and we were dressed very comfortably for the hot, humid, September weather. Everyone we passed were dressed all preppy. Even the little kids. If we didn’t know EPCOT was only a short distance away. We would have thought we were in a completely different place.

Not much has changed from 2015. We still felt a little out of place in our shorts and t-shirts but we didn’t care. My daughter and I loved Cape May Café for breakfast. It is one of our favorites at WDW.

We ended up being one of the first couple of groups to be seated in the restaurant when they opened. We ordered our drinks. Coffee for my mom and myself. Milk for my daughter.

Next up, the omelet station for me and the buffet line for my daughter and mother. I just love that I can get a nice omelet here. I am not a big scrambled egg fan so getting a nice western omelet is perfect for me.

Once my omelet was done I hit up the buffet line too. Cape May Café has all your breakfast favorites. Things like bacon, sausage, potatoes, French toast, biscuits and gravy, and of course, Mickey and Minnie waffles.

So many different choices. If you eat breakfast here you can just skip lunch and wait for dinner. No one in your family should be leaving hungry. We definitely didn’t.

The restaurant was probably about half full. Sometimes you would have to wait behind another family to get to the food. Most of the time it was pretty empty at the buffet. It was nice for once to not have to wait in a huge line.

After breakfast we headed back to the resort for a little bit. Our next stop was Disney Springs but they were not open just yet. Once at the resort my daughter went in the room to relax while my mother and I cleaned out the car.

After 10 days on vacation. A car can get a little messy. We picked up anything that happened to fall on the floor and rearranged some of the bags that were still in the car.

The next thing you know, it was time to head over to Disney Springs. We arrived right when they opened and got a great spot in the parking garage. We passed security and made our way over to the Lego store.

Once we got to the Lego Store we saw a huge line of people waiting outside. I thought all of the stores got ride of the outside lines but I guess I was wrong. Since there was a line outside the Lego Store we hit up the Disney Store.

I was glad to see that you could enter the Disney Store from any of the doors. We didn’t have to walk around to find the right door to enter or exit. We were able to use any of them.

I know it sounds petty but that really annoyed me the last couple of times I visited. It was nice to see it getting back to normal. At least somewhat.

We spent a good amount of time in the Disney Store too. We looked around at all the different 50th anniversary stuff they had plus all the other merchandise that was available. We could have easily spent over and hour or two inside.

We didn’t spend that long but long enough. Once we paid for our stuff we headed out to explore more of Disney Springs. The next stop was the pin store. If you can’t find a pin in the theme parks there is a good chance you will find it here.

I like to get a pin at all the different hotels we stay at. In the gift shop at All Star Music I did see one for the resort. I did find it in Disney Springs though. We also grabbed a couple more to add to our collection.

Some people collect shot glasses. Others collect post cards. We collect pins.

We checked out a couple of more stores before we headed back to the Lego Store. Once we got back to the Lego Store there was still a long line. It was really too bad. We wanted to check it out but we will just go to the one near Philly when we get home.

We shopped at a couple of more stores before it was time to go back to the resort. We were going to go swimming in the main pool today before it was time to going to our dinner reservation at Cape May Café. Yes we had breakfast and dinner at the same restaurant today.

We got back to the resort and changed into our swimming gear. My mother and daughter went to the pool while I went to refill our mugs. It was really hot this afternoon and a refreshing drink and a dunk into the pool was just what the doctor ordered.

We spent well over an hour at the pool. My mom got in a couple of times and so did I. My daughter on the other hand never got out of the pool once she got in.

I was surprised that she didn’t give me too much trouble when I told her it was time to go. The sky was getting a little dark at this point so that could have been why. She knows just how bad the storms can get around here.

The three of us went back to the room to get ready to leave for dinner. This was the one meal my mother was looking forward to the most. I too was looking forward to it since I never had dinner at Cape May Café.

We arrived at the resort and restaurant a little early. Instead of sitting inside to wait we walked out to the “beach”. It is a really nice little area it was just too bad it started to drizzle on us and we had to head back inside.

The only good thing was we were only inside for about 5 minutes before they called us to go in. We got seated at our table and headed to the buffet. They did have a really good selection of seafood and non-seafood to pick from.

Everything we had was very good. I wish I could have tried everything since it all looked and smelled amazing but I just couldn’t. I had to save room for the dessert.

Trust me when I say you want to save room for the dessert. All of it might be small but it packs a delicious punch. The Oreo bonbons were amazing and so too was the bread pudding.

I would probably go back just for the dessert bar. It was that good. I have had some pretty awesome desserts at Walt Disney World but the dessert here was just that good. I am still thinking about the dessert.

When we got done dinner we were all stuffed. Everything was very good. If you like seafood, you should give Cape May Café a shot. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

We were going to walk around the boardwalk after dinner but we all just wanted to go back to the resort and relax. The last 10 days have been non stop so we could use a little more time kicking back and relaxing. It really was the right idea after all.

Before we headed back to the resort I stopped to grab some cheap snacks at the gas station. The prices are what you would expect from any gas station even though it is smack dab in the middle of WDW. You won’t be paying $4 for a soda here.

Next stop was the resort. Once back my daughter hit the pool why my mother and I sat back and relaxed. Tomorrow would be yet another early day. First stop is Ohana for breakfast than we are off to the Magic Kingdom.

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