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Day 9 Hollywood to the Kingdom

Today is our last day in the single digits. Tomorrow is day ten and it should be a bit more relaxing than the past 9 days. Today wasn’t going to be relaxing at all.

Hollywood Studios in the morning. Early dinner at Rainforest Café in Animal Kingdom, then off to Magic Kingdom. Today started early but later than the past couple of days.

I was able to sleep in till about 6. I woke up and got ready and my mom and I went to the food court to grab coffee. I also grabbed breakfast for my daughter and myself.

Neither one of us are really a fan of the food offering at Hollywood Studios. We would be better off getting breakfast at All Star Music. That is exactly what I ended up doing.

The coffee today was pretty bad. Not sure if it was left over from the day before or what it was. The food court didn’t open until 0630 and that is when we got there. The coffee just tasted burnt or old or both. I really don’t know how to describe it.

The breakfast platter on the other hand was pretty good. I just wanted to make sure I was done eating a couple of minutes before 7. Today we would be going to Hollywood Studios in the morning and I wanted to get a LL for Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad. I also wanted to purchase an individual Lightning Lane for Rise of the Resistance.

I was on right at 7 and went to get my Runaway Railroad LL for 0830. I clicked on it and something went wrong. I did it again and again and nothing. I tried it a couple of times and still nothing. I would flip back and forth between trying to get one for Runaway Railroad and buying two for Rise of the Resistance.

By 0703 I turned off the app and forced closed it. I reopened it again and made my way back to the selection area. The earliest for Mickey was at 0945. Rise wasn’t until 1230 now.

Which really stinks since we usually leave the parks between 12 and 1 to go back to the hotel for a little bit in the afternoons. Now I just hope nothing gets too screwed up. Just need to have my fingers crossed that it works better for the rest of the day.

At this point we all started to get ready. Hollywood Studios would open today at 0800 for resort guest and 0830 for everyone else. I was hoping to get at 8 to try and get a ride or two done.

We did end up arriving at Hollywood Studios a little before 8. It was around 0810 when we made it into the park and started heading towards Toy Story Land. We all wanted to go on Toy Story Mania.

The stand by line wait was listed at 15 minutes. However, it was closer to 45 minutes by the time we got up to the front. So much for trying to get a ride or two done before 0830.

The good thing was we didn’t have too much time to kill before our LL for Runaway Railroad would happen. But it wasn’t all good news. When we were walking around Galaxy’s Edge I noticed a lot of cast members standing by Rise of the Resistance.

I opened my app to see that the ride was down. I also overheard a cast member tell another guest that they are unsure how long it will be down for and were not having people stand in line just yet. My time for the ride was 1230 so I just hope they get the ride up soon.

Around 0940 we entered the LL for Runaway Railroad and found our spot in line. This was my first time riding it since it opened. The last two times we were here it had a really long wait and my daughter and I are not about waiting in lines.

I do have to say that it was a really fun ride. I don’t think I would wait more than 45 minutes to ride it but it was still a lot of fun. Plus it was nice seeing a ride at Walt Disney World feature Mickey and Minnie.

While we waited in line I ended up getting a LL for Star Tours which started in five minutes. Once the ride was over we headed to do that ride. I ended up doing the same thing while waiting in line for Star Tours.

I ended up scoring a LL for Toy Story Mania at 1105. While using Disney Genie + at 7 this morning was a bit rough. During the day it has been going flawlessly. But Rise of the Resistance was still down.

After Star Tours we headed back to Toy Story Land but made a stop at Rise of the Resistance to talk to a cast member. I wanted to make sure I could get my money back even if the ride ends up coming back up later on in the afternoon. There was also still no word on when or if the ride would be up and running today.

After that we headed to our next LL. We were a couple minutes early so we just hung out until we could go in. Once we had five minutes till our time we went up, scanned our bands and entered the Lightning Lane.

My daughter finished last out of the three of us last time. She wanted to sit with my mom again because she thinks that she could beat her this time. I got to sit by myself again. Hopefully, I can get the high score. I lost to another person by under a 1,000.

We loaded into our cars and we were off. I was ready to shot my way to victory. I just kept pulling back and pulling back. Aiming at every high point target I could find. We finished the bonus round and came around to see our total.

Not only did I get the best in the vehicle. I got the top score for the hour. I never did that before and probably never will again.

After my flawless victory, I started looking for our next LL. I got really lucky too. I ended up scoring one for Slinky Dog Dash and we only had to wait ten minutes before we could get in line.

Once the ten minutes passed we scanned our bands and made our way through the line. A couple from the regular line cut in front of us. Once we got close to the loading area they rescan your Magic Band. They had to go back to the end of the line since they didn’t have a LL for Slinky Dog. Luckily we did.

We ended up getting the last car. Slinky Dog Dash isn’t a very fast coaster at all. But sitting in the back makes it feel much faster and bumpier. We still had a fantastic time on the ride. I tried to score one more LL at Hollywood Studios but didn’t have any luck. So I got one for Magic Kingdom tonight.

Now it was time to get some food for my daughter and mother. We ended up going to Backlot and ABC Commissary. I didn’t get any food since I am not a fan of any of the places at Hollywood Studios. Plus in a few hours we would be getting an early dinner at Rainforest Café.

Now right before we were getting ready to leave I checked the app. Rise of the Resistance was up and running. Now we both love this ride so we decided to go over and hope the line wasn’t crazy yet.

You see the ride must have just come back up. It only took us five minutes till we got our debrief from Ray. Next thing you know we are smack dab in the middle of the war.

I do have to say I just love everything about this ride. It is amazing. While I hate that I had to pay for it to skip the line. It was still well worth it to me. This is probably the only ride I would be willing to do it for.

After the ride we headed to the parking lot to get the car and go back to the resort and hit the pool. Just like yesterday it was a hot one and the pool felt nice to jump into. Unlike yesterday we didn’t have as much time.

We had to make it to Animal Kingdom for a 1600 reservation at Rainforest Café. We really just spent enough time in the pool to cool off and have a little fun before it was time to change and head to the park. Over at All Star Music the sky was pretty nice.

It was a little cloudy but no dark clouds in the sky. As we got closer to Animal Kingdom the roadway was wet. Once in the parking lot the cars were wet too.

We must’ve just missed the rain by a couple of minutes. We arrived at the restaurant about 25 minutes early and checked in. Within ten minutes we were seated at our table.

Service was a little slow but not too bad. The place was busy but not like it has been in the past. There were plenty of open tables. I’m not sure if it is because of Disney’s rules or staffing or people just not booking it.

Either way it didn’t really matter to us. When my drink was empty our server was over and refilled it. That was a really good thing too. I was thirsty from the morning. It was hot and very humid.

After dinner we got back into the car and made our way to the Magic Kingdom. We ended up getting pretty close parking to the Ticket and Transportation Center. Thankfully the monorail was up and running and we grabbed one to the Magic Kingdom.

Once inside we headed back to Tomorrowland and Fantasyland. We rode a couple of rides and checked out all the new things they had for the 50th anniversary. Time really did seem to fly by when we were there too.

I was very happy to see that they had my Ice Cream back at Sunshine Tree Terrace. I just love the Citrus Swirl float. It is the best thing. I always get it at least once while I visit WDW.

After we had some Ice Cream we looked around a little more. Both of us wanted to ride Splash Mountain but the line was way too long. I kept checking Disney Genie to see if any LL came available but they didn’t. We did have one for Pirates and that was coming soon.

Once it was our time to enter Pirates with the LL we did. It is such a classic ride and we all love it. My mom even enjoys the little drop. It’s not too scary for her.

It was time for us to make a decision. Do we hang out and watch the fireworks? Or do we had back to the resort? We left it up to my daughter.

I was 50-50 on it. I love watching the fireworks. I just hate getting out of Magic Kingdom afterwards.

Today would be an insane day to get back to the TTC. Everywhere you went in Magic Kingdom it was crowded. Main Street was even crowded 15 minutes before showtime.

My daughter decided to go back to the hotel. It was an early morning for us all and we were moving all day. Tomorrow we would be able to sleep in a little since Breakfast wasn’t until 8 at the Beach Club.

We exited the park and hopped on the Express Monorail to the TTC. We made our way through the parking lot and were able to catch the fireworks going off. We didn’t really hear them but we could see them. It was still pretty cool either way. Plus we were not the only ones that had the idea to leave before the show. Plenty of other families were with us.

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