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Having a Magical Day at Magic Kingdom with restrictions

We don’t yet know of all the details about how the parks will look when they open in July. We do know that fireworks, parades, meet and greets and some experiences will NOT be happening. However, that doesn’t mean you still can’t have a magical day at the theme park. 

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You don’t have to watch the fireworks every night to have a good time. Sure they are amazing and you should see them at least once on your trip. Sadly for the foreseeable future, we won’t be able to enjoy them.

The same thing goes with parades and character interactions. While they are amazing and no one does it better than Disney. It’s not a deal-breaker for those who have done it before. 

Now if you are planning on doing your first ever trip. I’d skip this year. It’s just not worth the money, time, and effort right now. Just plan a trip for 2021 and keep your fingers crossed that next year we are closer to normal. 

However, if you still plan on going this year. We have some tips to make it the most magical time ever. For Disney veterans, this might actually be a perfect time. Fewer crowds mean shorter wait times right? Plus you’ve already seen all the fireworks, hugged all the characters, and skipped most of the parades.

No FastPass+

I know what you are thinking but just hear me out. While I love the FastPass system. I think it is one of the greatest “free” things you can get at any theme park. Right now in the first few months there won’t be a need for it.

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Have you ever gone to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party? Sure the past few years it has been super crowded when you consider it to prior years. However, most rides were shorter than a 30-minute wait. I suspect (Disney hasn’t confirmed the number of guests allowed in at the time of this writing) they will only be letting in 25% or less of their max capacity. 

MNSSHP is estimated to sell around 30,000 tickets for their max capacity while the Magic Kingdom holds somewhere between 80,000 and 100,000 guests when they hit max capacity. So you are talking the first month or so they may only be letting in 15,000 to 25,000 guests. 

While it seems like a lot. For a park like the Magic Kingdom that spreads you out pretty good. It will allow for plenty of social distancing and short wait times on most rides. 

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Rides like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Big Thunder Mountain, Jungle Crusie, and Pirates might take a little longer since they won’t be able to use every car or smush you in with other parties. But hey, it’s the Magic Kingdom and we are already prepared for long lines. I just have a feeling it will be much shorter wait periods than any other time in recent history.

The no FastPass+ temporary change sure does stink. However, I think it will actually be a good thing and help make your day more Magical. 

No Dining Plan

Let’s face it. The Magic Kingdom has some of the WORSE table service restaurants in all of Walt Disney World. Sure Cinderellas Castle is ICONIC and you have to eat in there at least once. But for two Disney Dining credits, it’s not worth it. Plus it’s not worth it to pay out of pocket either the food just isn’t that good. 

However, without the Dining Plans, it will be easier to get a reservation to the Castle so you can eat there if you really enjoy the atmosphere. All the Dining Plan people won’t be taking all the reservations up. I love the Dining Plan but unlike many people, I WILL NOT use 2 credits at any of the restaurants in WDW. 

I am expecting that there will be plenty of reservations to grab in the theme park. Even with the limited seating that we expect them to have. Most people won’t spend their hard-earned money on some of the food at those Magic Kingdom table service locations. 

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I feel the same way about the quick-service locations too. While they are a better value and usually have better food compared to the table-service locations. They can still be overpriced. Looking at you Be Our Guest breakfast. 

Most of this doesn’t matter for the quick-service locations anyway. You can still get your meal with little to no wait just by using mobile order. Who knows you might be able to find a table at Casey’s instead of having to sit on the ground or using a trash can. 

If you are thinking of ordering from the different quick-service locations at Magic Kingdom. Check out our rankings of the Magic Kingdom quick-service locations.  

Take your time

You won’t have to rush through the park and can instead enjoy all the sights, sounds, and smells that are throughout the Magic Kingdom. Go on a hunt for all the hidden Mickey’s. Follow the brown trail through Liberty Square. Take a boat over to Tom Sawyer Island.

Magic Kingdom, theme park, wdw, Walt Disney World, fun, vacation, family friendly, crowds, hub, guest, cast member

You can really sit back and relax. No need to run back and forth between lands to get to your next FastPass or dining reservation. No need to duck in and out of people that are walking to slow. You can be that slow walker. You can be that person that stops and looks at the little details that are hidden around. You can finally play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. 

You won’t have to (for the time being) plan out every waking second of your Walt Disney World Vacation or your Magic Kingdom Day. You can take your time in the shops and wonder how they make certain things. You might even be able to get a Castle shot with little to no people in front of it.

If you do go to Magic Kingdom and Walt Disney World this year it is important to remember that you are still here. Even with the limited capacity and missing attractions, it is still the happiest place on earth. Your day will always be magical at the Magic Kingdom. 

Some important things to remember as we move forward. Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom will open starting on July 11th, 2020. There will be a reservation system that you will have to do BEFORE you can go to the park. We expect these reservations to go fast. Like really fast. About as fast as Rise of the Resistance passes go, if not faster. 

You will also have to wear a mask for the whole day you are in the park. They may (as they have stated) have “relaxation” areas where you can safely remove your mask. You will have to maintain a safe distance from cast members, characters (if they have any), and other guests. You will also have to get your temperature checked before you enter the park. If your temp is too high 100.4 you will be asked to wait a couple of minutes for a recheck. If it is still too high, ALL members of your party will not be allowed to enter for the day. 

This is a strange and challenging time. If you CAN NOT follow these simple rules. Stay home and wait till these are lifted. It will take some time but they will eventually be lifted.   


  • Magic Kingdom- 09:00am to 07:00pm
  • Animal Kingdom- 08:00am to 06:00pm
  • Hollywood Studios- 010:00am to 08:00pm
  • EPCOT- 11:00am to 09:00pm

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Magic Kingdom, theme park, wdw, Walt Disney World, fun, vacation, family friendly,

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