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Saying bye to the Magic Kingdom: Pandemic Disney Trip Day 6

I was looking forward to this day all week. It was our last full day in Orlando and our last day visiting the theme parks. Tomorrow morning we would be getting on a plane and heading back to Philly. But before we could do that we had to catch a bus to the Magic Kingdom and walk over to our breakfast reservation at Chef Mickey’s.

Our reservation was for 08:55 so we headed to the bus around 07:30. I wanted to get on one of the first buses over to the Magic Kingdom when they started to run at 8 am. Well at 07:30 there was a huge line already. Must have been 50 plus people if not more. Good news though. The buses started arriving around 07:45.

Plus they were lined up one after another, after another. We were on a bus heading over to the Magic Kingdom before 8 am. Now by the time we got to the Magic Kingdom and went through temp check they still had everyone held up at the security check point. They didn’t start letting people thru until 08:30.

Disney's Contemporary Resort

Once we went thru security we headed right on over to the Contemporary Resort where Chef Mickey’s is located. I must say the food blew me away. I’ve never had a great breakfast when it was a character meal. It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t amazing either. I was a little worried eating here today since I didn’t want to be let down.

It’s one thing when the food is just ok and you have characters running around. It’s a completely different thing when you don’t have any characters around. Well the food did not disappoint at all. It was amazing. So hot, fresh, crispy, and delicious.

If you are looking for a good breakfast, than do yourself a favor and head on over to Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary. Your stomach will thank you.

Once breakfast was done we head back towards the Magic Kingdom. Back thru the temp check, security check, and ticket check. Once inside we took some photos of the empty looking Main Street USA. We grabbed a couple of castle shots as we headed over towards Tomorrowland.

First ride of the day…. The Tomorrowland Speedway. It is one of my daughters favorite rides. She has never told me why but I think it is because she can drive. Well she thinks she can drive.

Any of you parents know who many times your kids jerk that wheel back and forth as you bump side to side. I didn’t know we were doing bumper cars. But she really enjoys it and that’s what counts.

From there we headed towards Seven Dwarfs Mine Train but it had a decent line so we went back towards Dumbo. She rode Dumbo and the Barnstormer 4 times each. Each time it was a walk on for her. She was just loving it. Me I got a chance to just sit back and relax as she was running back and forth.

I really think that just made her day and her trip. She loves both of those rides and was able to ride them a ton of times. It won’t be much longer till she will no longer enjoy them as much as she does. Soon she will want more thrilling rides. She already does but she still enjoys the gentle rides as well.

I must say it is a little sad that big Top Souvenirs isn’t open. It is one of my favorite shops in all of Disney World. Plus I prefer bakery items here. Even if they open up soon I will not be able to visit for a while.

As we walked around Fantasyland we decided to ride Under the Sea one more time. We didn’t plan on come back this way for the rest of the day.

It was nice to get out of the heat and humidity for a little bit. Of course, the ride was a walk on but even on busy days the wait never seems that long. I think it takes more time just walking the queue.

From there we started heading over to Peter Pan. The app was showing a 10 minute wait so we wanted to get there quick before it increased. When we got there it was still showing 10 minutes and we waited about that long. Up next was the Haunted Mansion.

Let me just say that with the lack of people in line it felt even more creepy. It really gave that feel of the haunted attraction. Plus I always thought that in the stretching room you were going down a little bit. Turns out you are not. It was really cool seeing the attraction queue this way. If it wasn’t for the pandemic and social distancing. I don’t think I would have ever known.

After we rode the Haunted Mansion we headed over towards Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. On our way there we got stopped by one of the many parades that pop up throughout the day.

While these are no where near as good as the normal parade that Disney has when a Pandemic isn’t raging in the states. It was a nice little added thing. Plus you did get to see some characters which was a nice little touch.

Once the parade passed us we continued on over to Splash Mountain. Now I like most of Splash Mountain but that final drop can be a little much on my heart. Now I was going to do it anyway since it will be changing over to a Princess and the Frog theme. However, the wait time was over an hour and we didn’t take this trip to wait in long lines.

We ended up skipping it. It kind of stinks that we won’t ever get to see the theming again. Oh well, you win some and you lose some. Now Big Thunder Mountain only had a 15 minute wait posted. So we got in line to ride it one more time.

From there we headed for a ride on Pirates and Jungle Cruise. Both had under 30 minute waits but you could tell the wait times were increasing. The park felt much busier today than it did on Thursday our first day at Disney.

It was kind of strange. The park looked empty but the wait times were longer. I guess most people headed to the rides instead of hanging out around the castle.

By the end of the day most of the rides had 30 minute waits. Some of the more popular rides like Splash Mountain, 7DMT, even Jungle Cruise had hour waits. You could tell that more and more people were visiting the theme parks as my week went on.

The rest of our day was fill with walking around and checking out the few shops that were open. Riding a couple more rides like the Little Mermaid, the speedway, Buzz. Of course, I also tried to get a bunch of pictures so I can use them here when I write different post.

We also got some ice cream and just sat and people watched. Well I people watched. My daughter was too busy trying NOT to get ice cream all over here. I don’t know what it is about the ice cream at Disney World but it seems to melt a lot quicker than anywhere else. And yes even in other places in Florida. Of course, I never timed it or anything but it feels that way.

We had a pretty good day at the Magic Kingdom. Breakfast was amazing over at Chef Mickey’s. It kept us full for most of the day. We just grabbed a small snack here or there. That’s one of the reasons why I love going to breakfast buffets when I am at Disney. Especially when I don’t have a dining plan.

I don’t need to worry about lunch and sometimes even dinner. Just grab a snack here or there throughout the day.

Before we left for the day I wanted to pick up something small for a friend back home. I wanted to get something from the bakery on Main Street since the one in Fantasyland was closed. I went with two Mickey rice crispy treats. They are easy to pack and travel well. There was no problem finding room for them in the suitcase.

We exited the Magic Kingdom and waved goodbye. I have no clue when I will be back again. I am hoping it will be 2021 but if the restrictions are still in place I don’t think I will be going.

Once back at POP we changed into our bathing suits and went for a swim. The pool wasn’t too busy. Today was the only day it didn’t look or feel too busy. Other days during the week the main pool would be packed due to the restrictions. Today, at least when we went it wasn’t bad. Plenty of open seats.

After our swim we went back to pack up and change. It was time to get some dinner and we decided just to stay at the resort and not get on a bus. We had a long week and it was almost time for us to go home. We had to be up early to grab the Magical Express back to MCO. Our pick up time was 07:15.

Day 7

The morning came very quick. I closed my eyes the night before and BAM its morning time. We got our stuff together and triple checked the room to make sure we didn’t forget anything. Than it was off to wait for the bus.

As it always does the Magical Express came on time and we were loaded before you knew it. The loading this time was much different than when we first arrived. Now we just had to get on the bus and find a seat.

The drive to the airport was uneventful as they usually are. Once we got off the bus we headed towards security. We decided to get breakfast at the terminal than before. Not sure if that was a mistake or not.

However, getting through security wasn’t a problem at all. It was much faster than at Philly and we were at the airport at a later time. We were at Philly before 5am and here were are at MCO around 8.

Once through security we got our breakfast and some drinks and snacks for the plane. It sucks that they aren’t even giving you a little grab bag or anything on the flight. Oh well, better luck next time.

We made it to were our flight would be boarding from. We were super early so we just relaxed, watched videos, Netflix, and people watched. Two other planes boarded before it was our time. The flight that was an hour before ours was also heading to Philadelphia. Maybe 20 people boarded that flight.

I almost wanted to go up and see if I could get on that flight instead but decided to just wait it out. Boarding time came for our flight and we were on in no time. This flight also only had about 2 dozen people board. It was much less crowded than our flight down.

But just like our flight down we made it back to Philly early. The flight was a nice and smooth flight with now issues.

However, there was much to see on the way back. No cool clouds. No incoming storms. Just normal puffy clouds high in the sky.

Now like I said we made it back to Philadelphia early. I was able to get off the plane and locate my car. I couldn’t remember which floor I parked on. We got in the car and paid the fee and were on I95 in no time. I was near Center City by the time our flight was scheduled to land. I couldn’t have asked for better flights.

Plus I am glad I decided to drive myself instead of having someone pick me up. Sure it cost me a little more money but it wasn’t bad at all. Next time I will have to remember the floor and not just the spot number.

So the big question was it worth it going to Disney World during the Covid-19 Pandemic. I am going to say no. Was it great having low wait times for most of the rides? Yes, yes it was. But I could see the wait times increasing and the crowds somewhat returning.

Now I did have a great time but as most of you know Walt Disney World is very expensive. Right now it is just not worth the money. There are no Fireworks at night. No real parades during the day. No character meet and greets. No dining plans. No character meals. Many different shops and restaurants are not open yet.

If I could go back in time I would not have gone. Like I said it’s not because I didn’t have fun. We had a great time. Lots of new lasting memories of our Daddy and Daughter trip. Just too much was lacking for me to say yes it was worth it.

If you have gone a bunch of times before and just want to ride rides it is well worth it. But first timers or second timers should skip it for now. It’s just not the same.

Be sure to check out the other 5 days of our trip. It was a lot of fun but a little too over priced for what you are currently getting. Maybe when they add more and open up more resorts it might be a little better.

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