Disney Disney World Restaurant review

Chef Mickey’s Breakfast Review 2020

My favorite meal in Walt Disney World is breakfast. Heck, it’s my favorite meal even when I’m not at Disney. Just like at Disney I don’t always eat breakfast. Normally a coffee will just do.

My two favorite restaurants at Walt Disney World has got to be Cape May Cafe and Tusker House for breakfast. I love the chance to fill up for the day and get some character interaction since I don’t normally get my photo with them in the parks. But I will take a selfie with them at breakfast. 

I just recently visited Chef Mickey’s during the pandemic (late August). I usually skip going here when I visit. I love seeing all the characters and I think the breakfast is OK. However, I do find it to be way overpriced. On the dining plan it’s a great deal but I can get a better breakfast at the two I listed above or at Crystal Palace. I’d rather use my table service credit at one of them. 

Currently, the price for breakfast is half. Twenty-five dollars for adults and fifteen for children. Since I really wanted to experience at least one sit down meal during my visit. Plus I really wanted to have some Mickey waffles. Come on, who doesn’t love them? Who doesn’t love waffles? 

Disney Transportation Bus at Magic Kingdom

Originally I had booked my meal for Sunday at 07:55. However, Magic Kingdom didn’t open till 9 am so buses wouldn’t start running till 8 am. I didn’t have my car this time since I flew so I would have to get a ride. It was just another expense I didn’t want on this trip. So I changed my date from Sunday to Tuesday and booked a reservation for 08:55. It gave me more time to get there and to take Disney transportation. 

Due to the current environment Chef Mickey’s is not a character meal (the reason why it is half-priced) and is not a buffet. However, it is a family-style all you care to enjoy. Let me tell you they bring out a lot of food and you can ask for more of whatever you like. 

We arrived about 20 minutes before our reservation time. The hostess took our number down and did a temperature check on us. He told us we would receive a text when it was our time to come up and be seated. We started to walk away and my phone was alerting me that my table was ready. 

We waited to be seated and I started to look around. It was just before 9 am and Chef Mickey’s might have been 20 % full. If that. Where we ended being seating we only had a single person at a table across from us. There was no one next to us the entire time we had breakfast.

Open tables at Chef Mickey's At Walt Disney World

We got seated and only waited a minute until our server came out. She was a nice older lady who filled us in on how everything would work. She talked to us about how our trip was going. If there was anything we liked or didn’t like. 

It was just that little touch that makes Walt Disney World that special place. I just wish I remembered her name. After we had our little chat and she told us how everything would work we ordered drinks. 

I got a coffee and water and my daughter got a chocolate milk. Our drinks come out quickly. I didn’t even have time to fix my coffee before the first things started to come to the table. 

Fruit bowl, bread basket, assorted meats and cheese at Chef Mickey's

We received a bowl of fruit that had pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe, and I think honeydew in it. I had a piece of watermelon and cantaloupe and both were as you would expect. A yogurt parfait also came out and that was very delicious and creamy. 

Fruit in a bowl

A small bowl of 2 different cheese and meat also came out with what I can only call the first course. Nothing was knocking my socks off but it was very good. I would have asked for more but it was still too early in the meal and I know the heavy hitters (bacon, waffles, sausage) would be coming soon.

Assorted meats and chesses

We also received a small bread basket (if that’s what you can call this). For this first course, I think that was my favorite part. It had a small muffin, croissant, roll, and cinnamon roll. I also think I remember a small danish in there as well.

Bread basket

Everything in that basket was fresh and tasty. My daughter loved the cinnamon roll. But come on now what kid doesn’t like warm cinnamon rolls?

Now before we could even really start to enjoy the first course the main course was rolling in. My god was there so much food for just the two of us. Eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausage, pancakes, waffles and so much more. It all looked and smelled amazing. Now in the past, while the food was good at Chef Mickey’s for breakfast. It wasn’t great.

Today that just wasn’t the case. Maybe it was because they were not cooking as much. Or maybe it’s because the cooks cared a little bit more and weren’t so overwhelmed by the amount of food they had to cook. 

With this course, they brought out three different metal bowls with the food in. The first one had a ton of scrambled eggs. It was enough for the two of us. My daughter is a huge fan of other people’s scrambled eggs. She’s just not a fan of mine. She had two big spoonfuls.

Breakfast eggs, tater tots, cheesy hash browns at Chef Mickey's

I only had one since I prefer my eggs over easy. The eggs were cooked perfectly. They were light and fluffy and were not under or overcooked. Like Goldilocks would say they were just right. 

Also in this dish was a small quiche. I forget what kind it was but it was pretty good. It wasn’t too dense and the flavor was delicious. But my favorite thing in this bowl was the cheesy hashbrowns. 

Oh my god, they were delicious. They were so cheesy and creamy. I really should have asked for more. They were that good. The tater tots were also good. Nice and crispy just like you would want them. Don’t worry they weren’t too crispy. You wouldn’t break a tooth on them. They just had the right amount of crisp to them. 

Mickey Waffles

The next bowl that was set on the table was the waffle bowl. It had 2 Mickey waffles, 2 pancakes, and 2 pieces of french toast. The french toast pieces were amazing. Another item I should have gotten more of. They were so tasty. I don’t know what it was about them. 

The Mickey Waffles were also good. Not as good as the french toast but could have definitely had more than one. I just wish they put four of them in there. The pancakes were pancakes. Nice and fluffy and not at all dense. I am just not a back fan of pancakes. 

The last bowl that was brought to our table was the meat bowl. It had ham, bacon, sausage, and kielbasa. All the things you would expect. The ham was very flavorful and was one of my daughters favorite things. 

Breakfast meats including ham, sausage and bacon

The bacon was cooked perfectly to my liking. Not overdone but not flabby. Just had the right amount of crisp to them. 

The sausage was just sausage. They were cooked perfectly. A surprising favorite was the kielbasa. Now I love me some kielbasa. I don’t know what it was about the kielbasa at Chef Mickey’s. But it had me hooked. 

Buffet area at Chef Mickey's

By the time we ate most of the stuff on the table we were both too full. Our server came out two different times to see if we needed any refills or for her to bring any of the food out. Other than a coffee refill and milk we were good. The meal was very filling and tasty. I definitely didn’t make a mistake booking a reservation at Chef Mickey’s during the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

All the servers and cooks that I saw did have mask on and most of them also had face shields on as well. Of course, you do need a mask to enter. Once you get to the table you can remove your mask. It really wasn’t a big deal.

Was it sad to be in there with it being only half full? Yes, it was. Was it sad not to see Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, or Pluto? Of course, it was. The lower cost and quality of the food did make up for it a little bit. 

While I don’t know what the future holds. I do know that if the quality of food I had today continues I will be back. It may not be for a while but I will return on my next visit. 

Are you currently planning on visiting Walt Disney World during the Pandemic? Are you planning on doing any table service meals? Be sure to let us know in the comments below. Also, let us know if you have been to Chef Mickey’s since they reopened and what you thought.

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