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Minnie’s Beach Bash at Cape May Cafe

Cape May Cafe Character Breakfast buffet is one of the best, if not the best breakfast buffet in all of Disney World. It’s location at Disney’s Beach Club Resort makes it a little difficult for some guess to get to which might be one of the reasons why it never seems too busy for breakfast. 

Cape May Cafe as we stated is located at Disney’s Beach Club which is one of the EPCOT Resorts. 

You can get here from taking a Bus or Monorail to EPCOT and then walking through the park and exiting at the International Gateway (back entrance). Or by taking the new Disney Skyliner. Of course you could always use Uber or Lyft to get over to the Beach Club resort as well. 

On most days you will not be able to enter EPCOT and make your way back to the International Gateway until 9 unless they have AM extra magic hours. The Skyliner looks like it won’t start running most days until 8am. But trust me you will want to find a way to get here. 

I suspect that once the Ratatouille ride opens in the Summer of 2020 many people will try to get an early breakfast here to finish up early and be at the International Gateway way before opening. 

Now let’s grab a cup of coffee, fork and knife and see what’s Minnie’s Beach Bash Character Breakfast at Cape May Cafe is all about. 


The food here is amazing. Way better than the food you get over at Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary. This place just might have the best breakfast at any Walt Disney World Theme Park or Resort. I kid you not. 

You will find the normal items like Bacon, Sausage, Scrambled Eggs, and Mickey and Minnie Waffles. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t ever remember seeing Minnie Waffles anywhere else. But they have them here. 

At Minnie’s Beach Bash you will see an omelet station right when you walk in. These cooks make the perfect omelet every time. Not only do they look great but they taste delicious.

You can also find cereal, biscuits and gravy, fruit, cheeses, cured meats, yogurt and so much more. Everything we tried was so delicious. Makes us wish we had another day to go here. 

If you go and see a caramel banana sauce. GET IT. It is amazing and goes wonderfully with the french toast. It is what my French toast at home has been missing all along.   


Everything here is so delicious. This has got to be the best breakfast buffet in all of Disney World. Best thing about Cape May Cafe Character Breakfast? It’s at the Beach Club so you DON’T need a theme park ticket to enjoy.

Not needing a ticket makes this the perfect place to visit on a rest day, party day or the day you are leaving to head home.


With a name like Minnie’s Beach Bash you know you will see Minnie Mouse. But who else do you get to see. Goofy? Check. Donald? Check. Daisy? Check. Mickey?…… Nope. Sorry folks no Mickey at this Character breakfast. 

Out of the four characters that are here it seems like you get a little more time than at other character breakfast. At my most recent visit here back in August both Minnie and Donald came to our table twice before we left. 

The characters will dance with you. Take a couple of different poses with you. Overall just spend more time with you. It’s such a great way to start your day. 


They costumes they were are pretty neat as well. They all have a great beach vibe to them. Not surprising when this meal is called Minnie’s Beach Bash.


While Cape May Cafe isn’t the biggest restaurant it feels very roomy. At no time did we feel like there were people upon people on top of us like some other restaurants around Walt Disney World.

Going up to get food is easy. No maze to make your way through to get to the buffet area. Even getting to the omelet station is simple.

Don’t get me wrong some spots can be a little tight. But most of the restaurant gives you plenty of space to move around. Even if there are characters nearby.

Cape May Cafe is an amazing character breakfast. One of the best if not the best at Disney. This meal blows Chef Mickey’s out of the water. The food is so good and fresh.

While it is away from the theme parks and located at a resort (Beach Club) it makes this place like the perfect little hidden gem. This place may finally start to get noticed and a little busier with the opening of the skyliner.

Either way I don’t think the quality will go down. Over the years that I have come here it has always been good. That’s why I always come back. Great food and Great Characters.

Let us know in the comments below on what you think about Minnie’s Beach Bash at Cape May Cafe at Disney’s Beach Club Resort. Is it a must do every time like we think?

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