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12 things you will regret NOT doing at Walt Disney World

A trip to Walt Disney World is something many people around the world dream about doing one day. From seeing all the commercials on TV to hearing that famous “You Just won the Super Bowl where are you going to go now” line. We just need to face it and realize it is a part of us as a whole.

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No matter how you do Disney. You will have a great time. No matter if you just spend a week resort hopping. Visiting Disney Springs all week long trying different foods from the many restaurants. Eating and Drinking around the world in EPCOT. The possibilities are endless. 

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While there is no way to have a truly bad day at Walt Disney World. You can have some regrets. We have put together a list of things that you will regret not trying at least once on your Walt Disney World Vacation. You might not have known about these till now but you will want to make sure you do them on your next trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth.  

Not Going

I know it’s kind of weird putting the first regret of Walt Disney World as Not Going. Think about it though. Many adults that have never been to Disney World or Disneyland think it’s only for kids or crazy obsessive adults. 

However, that’s not the case at all. Walt Disney World is a place for everyone. Young and old, boy or girl. Your BIGGEST regret will be the fact that you never once went. Many people the world over enjoy just going to walk around and maybe doing a few rides. Others want nothing but the biggest and fastest rides. There is a place for both of them. 

Ride the Monorail

Disney World, Walt, WDW, thrills, rides, food, tips, tricks, monorail

Who has never wanted to ride the Monorail before? That wonderful train in the sky. It is such a fun time just riding around to the Magic Kingdom from EPCOT or right from the Ticket and Transportation Center. I’m willing to bet that the monorail is one of the first things you think about when you think of Walt Disney World.

This thing is a classic. It has been around for many years and will hopefully be around for many more. You will regret it when you get home if you didn’t ride it. 

Having a character meal

This one holds especially true if you are visiting with kids. I would suggest breakfast as the meal is a little cheaper. Plus who doesn’t love breakfast food? However, any meal is pretty good when you are doing the character buffets. 

Everyone always wants to go to Chef Mickey’s and I get it. You get to see the fab five. However, the food really isn’t worth it here. It is decent just not worth all the extra money.

I say instead go to Cape May Cafe for Breakfast (see a review here). You will see Minnie, Daisy, Donald, and Goofy. The only character you will not see is Mickey. 

Character Meals are great for two reasons. One they get you to see characters while enjoying a meal so you are not wasting time in lines in the theme parks. Two you can eat food while you wait for a park to open for the day or cool off midday. Once you do a character meal you will probably book at least one on every trip from there on out. 

Ride the Three Mountains

Many people end up regretting not riding the three mountains (Big Thunder, Splash, Space). All three are iconic rides that you have to experience at least once in your life. If this is your one and only trip. You will forever regret not riding them. 

Each ride does have a little thrill factor to it but kids both young and old enjoy them. Space Mountain is in the dark and you never know what is coming next. Big Thunder Mountain has you racing around trying to escape the blast. Trying riding it in the dark for a completely different experience altogether. 

Then you have Splash Mountain.

Disney World, Walt, WDW, thrills, rides, food, tips, tricks, splash mountain

“Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, Zip-a-dee-ay!

Wonderful feeling, wonderful day!”

Not only will you get that song stuck in your head. You’ll get soaking wet in the process. Fun times all around. 

Little nervous to ride the Mountains? Watch the ride videos here to help ease your mind. 

Getting a Castle Picture

Disney World, Walt, WDW, thrills, rides, food, tips, tricks, magic kingdom, castle

It’s really hard to get an empty Castle shot nowadays. However, it can still be done. Well kinda. You just have to arrive really early (like an hour before park opening) and find a spot that isn’t too crowded. Having an early morning reservation for Be Our Guest or Crystal Palace may also help you grab that park icon with very little people in it. 

Also, don’t forget to find a photo pass photographer on Main Street to take a photo of you and your family with the Castle as the background. Any time of the day is a good time for a photo. However, if you go early enough you will have two advantages. You will get better lighting for photos and fewer people in the background. 

You won’t want to go home to realize you never got a photo of Cinderella’s Castle.   

Ride the People Mover

This is one of those rides that looks dumb and boring. However, that is just not the case. Sure it’s not a thrill ride. You won’t be flying around the park at speeds of 50 mph or more. 

It’s just a nice relaxing classic ride that will show you some “backstage” areas and interesting views of Tomorrowland and Cinderella’s Castle. Plus this is a great ride in the summer months. While the line is outside, most of the time it is moving (it’s called the people mover after all) and the wait times are low. Plus the whole area is covered so you will be out of the sun and rain. 

Visit Disney Springs

Disney World, Walt, WDW, thrills, rides, food, tips, tricks, disney springs, world of disney

When time is tight on your Disney Vacation many people tend to skip Disney Springs. This is a mistake and many people end up regretting this. While it is true it’s mostly shops and restaurants. It really is so much more.

The atmosphere here is amazing. The food is amazing. The shops are amazing. I like to save a night in the middle of my trip for a Disney Springs night. Of course, a visit to Disney Springs is also a great idea for your check-in day. Just don’t skip this place. You will end up regretting it. 

Rope Drop

Disney World, Walt, WDW, thrills, rides, food, tips, tricks, hollywood studios, rope drop

Don’t be that family that sleeps in every day and decides on their second to last day to hit the parks right when they open. You will instantly regret not doing it for your entire vacation. Doing rope drop (going right before the park opens) is an easy way to get many rides and attractions done before noon. 

A lot and I mean A lot of people like to sleep in on their vacation. Who can blame them? A Disney vacation can be exhausting. If you are going to sleep in every day. Sleep in every day. You don’t want to wake up early on one of your last days to see how much simpler things could have been. 

You will regret not doing rope drop but you will really regret it if, you do, do it on one of your last days.

Walking around the Tree of Life

Did you know you can walk around the Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom? Yes, there is an attraction in the base of the tree. But you don’t need to stand in line for It’s tough to be a Bug! to walk around the tree. 

Well, this wouldn’t make or break your vacation. Walking around and seeing all the amazing details that went into the Tree of Life is amazing. Try to look for your favorite animal. It might be carved within the tree. 

Walking around the World

Disney World, Walt, WDW, thrills, rides, food, tips, tricks, magic kingdom

Some people say to skip EPCOT. That would be the second biggest mistake and regret on this list. Sure a lot of the front of the park is under construction but the really fun and unique things are around the World Showcase. 

There is nothing like eating, drinking, and shopping around the world. Go and check out all the different countries. Get a pearl from Japan. A stein from Germany. Fish and Chips from England. Just so many wonderful things to see and do in the World Showcase you really will regret not at least checking it out once. Remember if you have young kids to do the passport. They can go around to different countries and get a cute little card with their name written on it with the word hello written in that country’s language. 

Seeing a Night Time Firework show

I can’t think of any better way to end my night at Walt Disney World than watching the Firework show at Magic Kingdom. Sure the fireworks might be put on hold right now but they will come back. Seeing the fireworks at any of the theme parks is just amazing.

It really does bring the kid out in you. Just don’t be that person. Who runs up last minute and stands in front of a little kid to see the fireworks. Remember some people wait an hour or more in that spot. How fair is it for you to run up in the last minute and STEAL that spot. 

Not staying on Property

Disney World, Walt, WDW, thrills, rides, food, tips, tricks, magic kingdom, hotel, deluxe

Many people often think that you will save so much more money but NOT staying on Disney Property. However, that may not be true. If you are a family of 4 or less. The savings are very minimal. For the larger families the savings can be much bigger. Many resorts that can accommodate larger groups, the price can often be HALF of what Disney is Charging.

When you factor in the time it takes you to drive to the parks in the morning . How long it takes you to get back in the evenings. Plus all the time you are sitting in Orlando traffic. Staying on Property is the way to go. Not only will you get more time in the parks. You don’t have to drive to the parks if you don’t want to.

If you are a family of four you would be crazy not to stay on property. Plus once you finally do stay at a Disney Owned Resort you will regret never doing it before. Still want to know more about staying on property vs staying off property? Check out our post right here. Also, check out our post on Five reasons to stay on WDW property.

Have you made any of these regrets? I know I have in the past. Skipping EPCOT thinking it is too educational. Thinking Disney Springs is just one big outdoor mall. Sleeping in every day. It is easy to do and not to do any of these. Just don’t make one of them your biggest regret.

Most of these won’t make or break your vacation. Some of them, many people are unaware of them. The regret comes in when you finally do them. Then you regret all the times you’ve visited and skipped them. 

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Disney World, Walt, WDW, thrills, rides, food, tips, tricks,
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