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32 Disney World Rides with Video

Planing a Walt Disney World trip can be overwhelming. Should you book dining reservations 180 days in advance. Should you stay on-site. And even what rides do you FastPass.

Knowing that there are a lot of rides and attractions at Walt Disney World what rides are good for your family. Below I complied a list of the 32 point of view ride videos from YouTube. I do want to point out that I do not own any of these videos and I am just linking them from YouTube.

I have done all the hard work so you can have a better idea of what is involved with each ride. Is your little one going to be too scared of Haunted Mansion? Is your six year old ready for his/her first roller coaster. Is Everest too intense for you?

Saying that this page should help you decide if the rides may be too intense for you or your kids. It’s also a good idea for your kids to watch different ride videos just to get more hyped for Disney. I know, I know how are they not hyped already.

Some of the dark rides may be a little hard to see what is going on in the video. Don’t worry that’s just because of the video. When you go you will be able to see perfectly fine. If this is your first time going to Walt Disney World these videos should help give you a good idea what to expect.

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OK lets dive into them. Here are 32 POV ride videos showcasing the most of the rides at Walt Disney World Theme Parks in Orlando, Fl.

Flight of Passage

A 3D flight simulator set on the fictional world of Pandora in Animal Kingdom. Hardest FastPass+ to get right now

Slinky Dog Dash

A child friendly roller coaster located in Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios. Second hardest FastPass+ to get.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

A child friendly roller coaster located in Fantasy Land at Magic Kingdom. Not as hard as before to FP but still get your FP early.

Star Tours

A 3D motion simulator focused in the world of Star Wars. Each ride you take is different so you never know what story you are going to get. Will you be the rebel spy?


Frozen Ever After

A dark log flume ride located in the Norway Pavilion at EPCOT theme park. It is based off of the movie Frozen. This is one of the popular rides at EPCOT.

Splash Mountain

A log flume ride with a 50 foot main drop in Magic Kingdom.

Big Thunder Mountain

A mine train roller coaster located at Magic Kingdom. Sit in the front with young kids as the ride doesn’t feel as fast. The back seats will give you a more thrilling ride.


Space Mountain

An indoor dark roller coaster. (with lights on)

The real way with Lights off

Expedition Everest

Steel roller coaster at Animal Kingdom. Definitely not going to be your kids first roller coaster.

Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster

A launch style roller coaster at Hollywood Studios.

Test Track

A slot car attraction at EPCOT.


Mission Space

Motion simulator set aboard a space ship traveling to Mars. Located in EPCOT.

Kali River Rapids

White water raft ride at Animal Kingdom. A great way to cool off on a hot summer day.

Na’vi River Journey

Dark boat ride located in Pandora at Animal Kingdom.

Tower of Terror

Drop style ride at Hollywood Studios


Flight motion simulator that makes it feel like you are flying in a hang glider. Located in EPCOT


Peter Pan’s Flight

Rail suspended dark ride at Magic Kingdom. FastPass+ for this ride can go quick.

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It’s a Small World

Dark boat ride located in Magic Kingdom. Sorry if the song gets stuck in your head…… It’s a small world after all, It’s a small world after all….. darn it…

Journey of the Little Mermaid

Another Magic Kingdom dark boat ride.

Haunted Mansion

A “spooky” dark ride at Magic Kingdom.


Kids coaster at Magic Kingdom



A dark ride at Animal Kingdom where you travel back in time.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Classic dark ride at Magic Kingdom

People Mover

Urban mass transit ride in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom

Jungle Cruise

Cruise through the jungle in a boat at Magic Kingdom. Each Captain is different and makes each ride feel a little different.

Many adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Dark ride located in Magic Kingdom

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin

Interactive shooting dark ride located in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom.

The Seas with Nemo & Friends

Dark ride featuring the characters from Finding Nemo in EPCOT.

Journey into Imagination with Figment

Dark ride with the EPCOT Mascot Figment

Toy Story Mania

Interactive shooter ride at Hollywood Studios now apart of Toy Story Land.


A favorite of all kids. It is an aerial carousel-style ride

Living with the Land

Dark ride with a Green House tour at EPCOT

Rise of the Resistance

New Trackless Dark Ride at Hollywood Studios in Galaxy’s Edge

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway

Trackless Dark Ride at Hollywood Studios

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

Galaxy’s Edge Hollywood Studios

Did you find the 32 videos helpful? Be sure to check out all the different videos creators channels with other ride videos and help tips. Remember your experience may be different.

On Flight of Passage you will get hit in the face with mist. That just can’t happen why watching a video. Same thing goes with Soarin’ were you will be hit with different smells as you travel around the world.

Did it help you get a better feel for what you will be riding. Did any of these videos make you change your mind on what to FP? Are you more excited for one of the roller coasters or less excited. Also check out our Universal Studios and Islands Of Adventure Ride Videos.

Was there any ride you expected to seem a little different. Was Haunted Mansion scary? Let me know in the comments below.

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