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I’m willing to bet when you think of some of the best food in Walt Disney World your mind immediately goes to EPCOT. I don’t blame you. With 11 different countries to explore you can find everything from Tacos to Fish and Chips and some pretty amazing BBQ. 

The biggest problem with EPCOT when it comes to quick-service restaurants is where to eat. Do you pick the Sichuan Spicy Chicken at Lotus Blossom Cafe in the China Pavilion? The Falafel Wrap in the Morocco Pavilion at the Tangierine Cafe? Or maybe you want to practice your French and order the Jambon Beurre at Boulagerie Patisserie Les Halles. The choices are simply amazing. 

EPCOT is my favorite park. Maybe it’s because I love food. Or maybe it’s because I love to explore different places and this is the closest I may get to visit some of these countries. When you are done reading our rankings on EPCOT quick-service locations check out our post on why EPCOT is great.  


Sad to say that you can get better Chinese food at your local take out than you will find at the Lotus Blossom Cafe in the China Pavilion. I know the first time I tried something there I wasn’t impressed. Figured maybe it was just because of the heat. 

Nope!! The second time I ate there had the same feeling. If you are snacking around the world, the egg rolls are pretty decent. For those of you drinking around the world try either the Plum Wine or Tsing Tao Beer. 


EPCOT, Disney Dining Plan, DDP, WDW, Walt Disney World, quick service, food, restaurants, world showcase, German pavilion

Great beer but what would you expect from the German Pavilion? Not too much to get here that is why it is so low on the list. The Bratwurst is good, just nothing special. The nudel gratin is tasty at times. The apple strudel is amazing. 

You could spend the day just trying different beers in Germany. Plus you can get them served in a souvenir stein. Who doesn’t want their own stein? I know I do. 


The food here is good. The only reason it’s not higher on the list is that it is located in EPCOT in the Land Pavilion. For me when I think of getting quick-service in EPCOT. It’s going to a different “country” and enjoying a meal. 

This place just reminds me of the food court back at my hotel. Plenty of different options and all are pretty delicious. I guess I am just looking for something a little more exotic when I go to EPCOT. If you are just visiting EPCOT for soarin’ and test track and don’t plan on visiting the World Showcase. Sunshine Seasons is a great location. Just when it comes to the different cuisines from around the world. I’d pick one of those any day.


Who out there doesn’t love a good taco? We here at DisneyByKoz love a great taco. Unfortunately at La Cantina De San Angel in the Mexico Pavilion, it is hit or miss. Sometimes you can get perfectly cooked empanadas. 

Other times you are getting soggy taco shells with the meat falling right out of the bottom. Depending on which way you decide to explore the world showcase will make this place your first or last stop. 

I’d say make it your first if you are planning on drinking and snacking around the world. You can find a couple of different margaritas to try and enjoy. For the snacking part, you can never go wrong with a churro. However, on those hot summer days, the Paletas (popsicles) really can hit the spot.  


A lot of guests will walk right by the Morocco Pavilion. Maybe they will stop and listen to music for a bit and try to find Jasmine. Maybe, just maybe you should stop off and grab a bite to eat at the Tangierine Cafe. You may not even realize that you like Mediterranean food.

My first taste of real Mediterranean food was way back in 02. Back when I spent some time over in the Mediterranean. While this food isn’t quite the same. It is pretty darn close. Try the Lamb Wrap. If you’re not that adventurous the chicken wrap is a good alternative.  

Dinking around the world? While not an alcoholic drink the Morocco Iced Mint Tea is great when you are thirsty. If you are trying to go all the way through with drinking the Tangierine daiquiri isn’t bad. You can also get a glass of Moroccan wine. For the people who are snacking around the world hit up Morocco coffee and pastries in the same area. If you never had baklava. You will be wondering where it has been all your life. 


Dying for some Sushi while vacationing at Walt Disney World? Check out Katsura Grill in the Japan Pavilion. It won’t be the best you’ve ever had in your life. But it will be the best you’ve had in a theme park outside of Japan. 

For those that don’t enjoy sushi, the Teriyaki combos are worth it as well. You can choose from chicken, beef, shrimp or any combo of the three. For my drinking around the world friends, grab the Sake. You just need to decide if you want it hot or cold. We say hot. 

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If I would have made this list a few years ago Kringla Bakeri in the Norway Pavilion might have been my number one choice. It is still up there just my top three just have that extra something. The sandwiches here are amazing. So tasty and filling. 

The snacks are also amazing. If we were just going by the snacks offered this would come in second. While the school bread is a favorite of many. I am more of a fan of the Troll Horn. It is Norway after all. And when in Norway you gotta do as the Vikings would’ve done. 

Speaking of Vikings. If you are drinking around the world and you started in Canada now is a great time for a Viking Coffee. Don’t worry if you just started your drinking tour around the world though. The Einstok White Ale is very refreshing.  


The Regal Eagle in the American Pavilion is the newest quick-service location in EPCOT. This place has been getting many high reviews before the world stopped and everything closed. When everything opens back up I am sure the locals will be flocking back to this place. 

For a great sandwich go with the Texas Brisket on Garlic toast. If you are looking for the best bang for your buck the American Platter is the way to go. (Check out our post of the best value on the DDP). No matter what you decide your taste buds will thank you.

Personally, I skip the American Pavilion when drinking or snacking around the world. After all, I live in America and don’t need to sample their snacks or drinks. However, you can never go wrong with a Tennessee Lemonade. 


If you are yearning for some fish and chips the United Kingdom Pavilion has got you covered. You won’t find anything other than some delicious fish and chips at the Yorkshire County Fish Shop. They are perfectly cooked and nice and crispy.

Enjoy them while having a fantastic view of the World Showcase Lagoon. If drinking around the world hit up the Rose and Crown Pub right next door. So many great choices to pick. For a great tasting cocktail with an amazing name grab a Leaping Leprechaun. If you’re coming towards the end of your tour that one might get your tongue-tied.  


I make it a point to stop here at least once each trip. My daughter is in love with Paris and France right now and loves this Pavilion. I have not had one disappointment from Boulangerie Patisserie Les Halles. Everything has been delicious. 

EPCOT, Disney Dining Plan, DDP, WDW, Walt Disney World, quick service, food, restaurants, world showcase, France Pavilion

From the Egg, Bacon and Cheese croissant which is great for breakfast or dinner. To the Poulet au Pistou. Just add a drink to make them a quick-service meal. 

You also won’t find a better selection of desserts than here. Sure the Main Street Bakery might have more. However, Boulangerie has them beat on flavor. Of course, if you are going to have some pastries what better to have with them than some French wine? What will you do?

Just looking for snacking and drinking around the world suggestions? Here you go:

NorwayViking CoffeeTroll Horn
ChinaPlum WineEgg Roll
African OutpostOld Elephant Foot IPA
GermanyBeer FlightApple Strudel
ItalyPeroni (Beer)Gelato
AmericaTennessee LemonadeFunnel Cake
JapanSakeGreen Tea Cheesecake
MoroccoTangierine DaiquiriBaklava
FranceBourgogne Red (Pinot Noir)Roule Lard & Fromage
United KingdomLeaping Leprechaun

Just remember if you are planning on drinking around the world to be responsible. There is no shame in trying everything over a few days or sharing as a group.

What do you think of our list? Do you agree with it? Let us know in the comments below. EPCOT has some amazing quick service locations to try from around the world. Don’t just go by our list. Make your own. 

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EPCOT, Disney Dining Plan, DDP, WDW, Walt Disney World, quick service, food, restaurants, world showcase, Drinking around the world


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