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Best Quick Service restaurants on the Disney Dining Plan

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You either hate the Dining Plans or love them. Some people feel that you are better off paying out of pocket instead of getting the dining plan. While others feel that it saves them tons of money on their Disney Vacation. 

While it is true if you really want to save hundreds of dollars by using the Dining Plans (all you need to know about the Dining Plans). You MUST order the top 2 or 3 most expensive items at each quick service or table service location. If you are just planning on getting a salad at each meal and a bottle of water. The Dining Plans are not for you. 

However, if you want the BBQ platter at Flame Tree BBQ at Animal Kingdom. Breakfast at Be Our Guest. Or would just like a cold beer or non- alcoholic specialty beverage. The different dining plans might be for you. 

Today we are going to help you out by finding some of the best uses for those Quick Service credits. You might even be surprised where you can find some of the best values. One last thing before we jump in. We are looking for the total price between meal and drink to be $17 or more. Now let’s begin:


Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn

Disney Dining Plan, DDP, WDW, Walt Disney World, quick service, restautants, taco, peppers, black beans, rice, pecos bill tall tale inn

Pecos Bill is one of my all-time favorite quick-service locations in all of Walt Disney World. This place is a great value if you are paying out of pocket since some of the meals are big enough for two adults to share. Plus they have an excellent toppings bar. 

The two best values here are the Fajita Platter ($15) and Angus Bacon Cheeseburger ($13). The Pork, Beef, or Chicken nachos are also a good choice at $12.50 as long as you get the strawberry lemonade slushy ($6). A regular soda will run you $3.99 just like everywhere else on Disney property.  


Be Our Guest

Now if you have read any of my other posts you probably know how much I love breakfast. The breakfast at Be Our Guest, while nothing to rave about. It is a great use for your Quick Service dining credit since this one will set you back $29. That price alone makes it not worth paying out of pocket for breakfast. 

Be Our Guest, Disney Dining Plan, DDP, WDW, Walt Disney World, quick service, restautants, breakfast, lunch

Anything you decide to get for lunch here is a great qs credit use. The cheapest meal here is the Chicken Salad and that is still over $14. At Be Our Guest you can also order a glass of wine, beer or even a mimosa. Just remember that Be Our Guest is only a quick service location for breakfast and lunch. For dinner, it is a two table service credit location.


Galaxy's Edge, Disney Dining Plan, DDP, WDW, Walt Disney World, quick service, restautants, star wars land, Hollywood Studios

Docking Bay 7

Any of the nonplant based entrees are a good use of the quick service dining credit at Docking Bay 7. Not only is this one of the newest quick service locations at Walt Disney World. It is also one of the more popular ones (Check out 13 of the most popular Quick Service locations at WDW).

To add on to the value you can also get some delicious specialty non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages here. It’s just another way to make the dining plan a much better value.  



La Cantina De San Angel

EPCOT, Mexico pavilion, Disney Dining Plan, DDP, WDW, Walt Disney World, quick service, restautants,

Who among us doesn’t enjoy a good taco? I know my friends and I love a good taco and at La Cantina De San Angel we can get that. Most of the meals here are a good use of your quick service dining credit. 

Don’t forget to get that cocktail. How can you start your snacking and drinking around the world without it? You either start in Mexico or Canada. 

Regal Eagle Smokehouse

This is currently the newest quick service location to open up at Walt Disney World. It’s another BBQ place but EPCOT was lacking in that area. Most anything you order here will be of good value. 

Pulled Pork, Chicken, or Ribs by themselves are a great value. Put them together in the combo and that’s even better. Here you can try out different BBQ sauces which is great. Who doesn’t love being about to try new sauces? 

Katsura Grill

Japan pavilion, EPCOT, Disney Dining Plan, DDP, WDW, Walt Disney World, quick service, restautants, katsura grill

What more could you ask for than a little sushi while eating and drinking around the world? It’s little enough that it won’t fill you up. The sushi combo at Katsura Grill is a great little meal that is an excellent value on the dining plan.

Of course, if you are paying out of pocket I would skip this place unless you really need your sushi fix. 

Sunshine Seasons

While EPCOT is full of food from all over the world. Sunshine Seasons has some great food for both children and adults. Nothing is too adventurous here with many great choices to choose from.

The pork loin is the best value for the dining plans. Remember like everywhere else to get a beer or glass of wine to get you as close to $20 as possible. 



Flame Tree BBQ

Disney Dining Plan, DDP, WDW, Walt Disney World, quick service, restautants, Animal Kingdom, Flame Tree Barbecue, bbq,

Except for the Pulled Pork Macaroni & Cheese and Pulled Pork Sandwich (which are delicious), everything is of great value here. Flame Tree BBQ is a popular location for good reason. The food is outstanding. It might be the best BBQ at Walt Disney World. 

Plus the amount you get can feed a group of teenagers with no problem. If I am ever visiting Disney World WITHOUT a meal plan I still make it a point to go here. Most of the meals can easily feed two adults. 

Flame Tree BBQ also has one of the best uses of the snack credit. If you are on the new Disney Dining Plan Plus and just looking for a snack to hold you over for dinner the French Fries with Pulled Pork is an amazing use. At $7 it is one of the more expansive uses of the snack credit. Well over the $5 minimum you want your snacks for.  

Satu’li Canteen

Satu’li Canteen in Pandora is another wonderful place to eat. The atmosphere is amazing and the food is delicious. The food here is on the healthier side of things which isn’t a bad thing.

Pandora, Avatar, Animal Kingdom, Disney Dining Plan, DDP, WDW, Walt Disney World, quick service, restautants,

You will enjoy the refreshing taste of the different bowls offered here. The beef bowl and the combination bowl are my favorites. Remember there are many quick-service locations at Walt Disney World but not many offer light and healthy dishes. 


You can even find great values and amazing food at the resort’s food courts. All the different food courts have some type of burger to order. Just remember that not all Disney World burgers are created equal. While I like the burgers over at Art of Animation. I find the burgers at POP to be bland and not very good. 

Spyglass Grill over at Caribbean Beach Resort has an amazing chorizo burger. Also at Caribbean Beach at Centertown Market, the lasagna Pasticcio and Jerk Chicken are both very good and are a great use of the quick service credit. 


You can always find a good deal at the different resort quick service locations. You just need to look for something that is at least $13 or more and get a beer or glass of wine. 


Morimoto Street Food

If you are walking around Disney Springs and are just dying for some Asian food you need to head over to Morimoto Street Food. Grab yourself a drink and any of the rice or ramen bowls. 

If you are a fan of ramen you won’t be disappointed. Get the spicy Dan Dan bowl. It’s like a party in your mouth.

Polite Pig

Disney Dining Plan, DDP, WDW, Walt Disney World, quick service, restautants, Disney Springs, Polite Pig, BBQ

Just about anything you get here will be a good use of those beloved quick service meal credits. The BBQ here is amazing. Plus they have a nice selection of different sauces to try. 

I like to visit this place when I first arrive at Disney World. It’s a must-eat place for me on every trip I take. You should do the same.  

D-Luxe Burger

Disney Dining Plan, DDP, WDW, Walt Disney World, quick service, restautants, deluxe burger, hamburger, cheese burger,

So now fries with your burger here unless you use a snack credit which is kind of a bummer. However, the burger is so filling you don’t even really need them. Plus the shakes here are amazing. 

Forget about getting a hard soda or a beer. The shakes are the only way to go. After one sip you won’t even remember that you didn’t get fries. You will fall in love. 

With so many quick-service locations to choose from it is hard to figure out which ones offer the best value. Just remember you are looking to have your entree cost over $13 and it’s best to pair it with a specialty beverage or alcohol were available. 

Most places you can’t go wrong with. The quick-service locations have all increased their game on the quality of food. While you most likely won’t save much if any money on the quick service dining plan. It is still great to have that peace of mind when doing a Walt Disney World Vacation.

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Disney Dining Plan, DDP, WDW, Walt Disney World, quick service, restautants,


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