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13 Popular Disney World Quick Service Locations

Walt Disney World is full of locations to get a quick bite to eat. You can find everything from Hot Dogs and Hamburgers to BBQ and even sushi. Chances are if you are craving it, you can find it at one of the four theme parks, Disney Springs or at a resort. 

But what is a quick service location at Walt Disney World? Do you mean McDonalds or Chick-fil-A? While quick service is very similar to fast food, the quality is so much better…. At most locations. 

We want to give you 13 of the most popular Walt Disney World quick service restaurants. You will find at least one in each theme park, resort and at Disney Springs. Remember these are the most popular. Some are popular for the food while others are popular just because of location and theming.  


Be Our Guest (check out our full review) is located in Magic Kingdom and is an odd one on this list. For breakfast and lunch, Be Our Guest is considered a quick service location. However, for dinner it is a 2 credit table service location. 

This place is popular for a couple of different reasons. One: you get to eat in Beast Castle at a pretty cheap price (lunch only). Two: Everyone wants to try the grey stuff and some even want to ask the dishes. Three: If you time it right you can be one of the first on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.   

Be Our Guest

I enjoy both breakfast and lunch here. Now I usually always have the dining plan when I go. Using a quick service credit here is a great value, especially at breakfast. Breakfast is around $29 and is NOT worth the money if you are paying out of pocket. Lunch however, will cost you $6 for a soup up to $19 for a meal. Much better if paying out of pocket.


When you ask WDW fans what is the Best Quick service location at Magic Kingdom is, many will say Columbia Harbour House. Those people are not wrong. Columbia Harbour House has great food for fans of seafood. If on the other hand you are not a seafood fan you may not really care for this place. While they do have a chicken nugget platter (it is very good) that about the only choice.

WDW Quick Service location

Here you can get fried shrimp, fried fish, New England Clam Chowder, Lobster Rolls and more. The prices are pretty good when you consider how much food cost at Disney World. Plus if you get the trio platter it is big enough for many people to share and comes in at around $14. 


Casey’s Corner is located right at the end of Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. To me that is why this location is so popular. You are barely ever able to find a seat and the amount of people walking by is insane. 


The hot dogs here are not even that good so I don’t really get the appeal of this place. They do have some decent corn dog nuggets and they also come out with different kinds of Hot Dogs, like Bacon Mac and Cheese one or the Hot diggity dog. There hot dogs come in a standard size and foot long. So when you consider that the value here is good whether paying out of pocket or on the dining plan depending on what you order.  


La Cantina de San Angel is located at the Mexico Pavilion at EPCOT. This place is a popular stop for all the people who are trying to drink and/or snack around the world. It is usually pretty busy from when they open until they close. After all depending on where you start your World Showcase journey this will be your first stop.

While the food is nothing special it is good. Many of my friends who have eaten here and at San Angel Inn (Mexico Table Service location), prefer La Cantina. 


Yorkshire County Fish Shop is located in the England Pavilion at EPCOT. IF YOU EVER wanted to try fish and chips, this is the place to do it at.  While the long is never very long. You will always see someone in line here. 

It must be so popular since you can get a bite to eat quick and the food is hot, fresh and delicious. 


Is it really a surprise that Docking Bay 7 in Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios is on a list of the most popular quick service locations at WDW? This place is definitely worth a visit. 

It’s just not worth it for the food. The food is ok but not great. The atmosphere however, is amazing. Plus the desserts have a unique look to them that truly makes them feel like they are from another world. 


Hollywood Studios QS

Woody’s Lunch Box is located in Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios. It is one of those places that makes you wonder if the reason it’s so popular is because it’s newish or because the food is good. Here I think it is a little bit of both. The tart is really good for a quick breakfast item and the melts are very tasty.

I do have think out loud for  a second though. Why is Andy’s mom putting Grow Up Lemonade in his lunch box? On second thought I better not say anything we need that to help us get through the wait on Slinky Dog Dash.  


Animal Kingdom’s Flame Tree BBQ is one of those places that offers great food and amazing value. This place is popular for a couple of different reasons. One is the Pulled Pork Cheese Fries that are a snack credit. Yep a snack credit and one of the best uses for the snack credit outside of a festival at EPCOT.

Animal Kingdom QS

These meals here are also large enough to share. If you are trying to save money on food you can easily order the Ribs, Chicken and Pulled pork sampler and feed 2 maybe even 3 people for one price. It isn’t too hard to figure out why this place is popular among Disney World fans. 


You may find this one a bit surprising. Satu’li Canteen is located in Pandora at Animal Kingdom and has some very interesting options when it comes to their food selection. While a lot and I mean a lot of guest skip this place because of the more “healthier” choices. You should not.

Just because it is healthier than ribs or a burger doesn’t mean it is not good. Next time you go give this place a shot. You won’t be disappointed. 


When you think about all the different Resorts no quick service location jumps out at you like Landscape of Flavors over at Art of Animation. A popular rest day activity is to go and resort hop and one place many guests want to see is Art of Animation with the great theming this resort has.  

Surf and Surf Buger
Surf and Surf Buger

You will also find some pretty good food here too like the Surf and Surf Burger. Come for the giant nemo and skyliner. Stay for the wonderful food.


Capt Cooks is located at Disney’s Polynesian Resort which happens to be another resort many visit while resort hopping. It helps that the Polynesian is located on the monorail line. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all delicious here. 

Of course this is the place where you can get that famous Tonga Toast. If you have never had it make sure you head over to the Polynesian for breakfast before you head into Magic Kingdom. 


Raise your hand if you don’t like chicken fingers. Pretty sure not many people raised their hands cause who doesn’t like a good chicken finger with delicious dipping sauces. This place is not only cheap but has 22 different sauces to try.

This is one of those places that everyone in the family will love. Hence the reason it is so popular and it’s not just because it’s a  Guy Fieri restaurant. One of the most popular and cheapest quick service locations in Disney Springs. 


Disney Springs has been really upping their quick service game. With places like Blaze, Deluxe Burger, Wolfgang Puck Express and many others it is hard to say which ones are the most popular. Polite Pig does get the nod here though. 

Many people enjoy the options that they offer here. Plus the atmosphere feels more like a laid back table service location than a busy quick service location. It also helps that we haven’t found a better BBQ joint in Orlando. 

While some of these locations aren’t considered the best food wise. They are some of the more popular quick service locations around Walt Disney World. If this is your first time planning a trip check out one or all of these locations. Sometimes just the atmosphere along makes it worth it. Plus if you are on the Disney Dining Plan (more info here) you don’t want to leave any credit behind. 

Do you think there is a quick service location that we missed that is more popular? Tell us know in the comments below. 

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