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20 Places to visit in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, PA, Keystone State, Road Trip,

Pennsylvania is an amazing state. Full of wonderful, unique, and amazing things to see and do. Pennsylvania is more than just Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. But they are definitely places you will want to visit in 2020 too.

Today we are going to list the top 20 places you need to visit when you come to Pennsylvania. No matter what time of year you come or which season of summer you visit (false summer, summer, summer again, summer one more time) you are bound to have a great time.

20. Ringing Rocks

What to visit a place that is surrounded by mystery? Look no further than Ringing Rocks County Park in Bucks County PA. Bring a hammer and some free time and start your very own rock concert.

rocks, park, pa, Forrest, hike, Pennsylvania, PA, Keystone State, Road Trip, ringing rocks county park, Bucks County,
Ringing Rocks County Park

The boulders take up around 7 acres of land. Giving you plenty of rocks to bang away at. You will also find a few hiking trails and the largest waterfall in Bucks County (not very impressive).

19. Gettysburg

Gettysburg is the site of one of the deadliest battles on US soil. It is also where Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous Gettysburg Address. There is just so much to see in and around the town of Gettysburg.

Pennsylvania, PA, Keystone State, Road Trip, cannon, Battlefield, Civil War, Gettysburg

Visit Little Round Top, David Wills House, the many battlefields and museums and so much more. Gettysburg is more of a weekend destination than a day trip. But you can do either or.


18. Erie

If you are looking to hit the beach but don’t want to leave the state. Head up to Erie, PA. Nestled on the shores of the Lake Erie one of the Great Lakes you will find an amazing fresh water beach.

Lake Erie, Pennsylvania, PA, Keystone State, Road Trip,

A visit to Presque Isle State Park is a must when you visit Erie. With 11 miles of trails and most coming in at under a mile. It makes it easy for anyone to take an easy hike.

Erie doesn’t just have a beach. There is a unique experience for you to check out. The Tall Ship U.S. Brig Niagara calls Erie home. For persons 12 and older you can get a 4 hour sail onboard the U.S. Niagara between May and September.

17. Crystal Cave

This is considered the first show cave in Pennsylvania. It is located in Kutztown which is between Allentown and Reading. It is also close by to Cabela’s which is a large outdoor store definitely worth checking out.

Pennsylvania, PA, Keystone State, Road Trip,

This is a great place for kids to visit. With many other attractions at Crystal Cave other than just visiting the cave. They have rock mining, mini golf, gift shop, hiking trial, Ice Cream Parlor and more.

16. Delaware Water Gap

The Delaware Water Gap is a large recreational area in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The Delaware river runs through this area and makes for a great location to go kayaking, rafting and boating in the warmer months.

This area is also full of trials and waterfalls to explore. Bushkill Falls and Dingman Falls are both located in this area. Just remember one is free, while the other you will have to pay a small entrance fee. 


15. Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, PA, Keystone State, Road Trip, three rivers,

Pittsburgh is the City of Bridges. It would take you longer than a day to visit all 446 bridges. That is just insane when you think about it. Other than seeing many of the amazing bridges that call Pittsburgh home you there is so much more for you to see and do.

Visit one of the many Carnegie Museums such as the National History Museum ranked as one of the 5 best in the US. There is also the Carnegie Museum of Art and Carnegie Science Center. Who could also forget the Andy Warhol Museum.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, PA, Keystone State, Road Trip,

But don’t worry there’s more than just Museums to visit in Pittsburgh. Watch a Pirates, Steelers or Penguins game or head over to the Pittsburgh Zoo. And let’s not forget, Pittsburgh in 2019 was named Food City by San Francisco based company af&co. 

14. Strasburg

train, Strasburg, Pennsylvania, PA, Keystone State, Road Trip,

Welcome to Train Town USA. Strasburg is home to many railroad attractions. Here you will find the Coo Coo Barn a yearly updated toy train display. The National Toy Train Museum and the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. If you love trains or have children who love trains you better put Strasburg on your list of places to stop. 

13. Lancaster

If you are around my age you may remember the song Amish Paradise by Weird Al. If you don’t know what I am talking about look it up. It’s a great song and describes a lot of what you will find in Lancaster County. 

Lancaster, Amish, Farm, Pennsylvania, PA, Keystone State, Road Trip, rural,

You can find many things to do all around Lancaster County from Amish Buggy rides, farm tours and even a Wolf Sanctuary. If you don’t pay attention you may think you have gone back in time. Just be mindful of where you are and slow down when passing the buggies. 


12. Shady Maple

I wasn’t sure if I was going to add this place to the list or not. Shady Maple Smorgasbord is a large 200 foot all you can eat buffet. This place is massive. Breakfast is amazing. Lunch and Dinner is amazing. The desserts are to die for. 

Shady Maple Smorgasbord, Amish, Pennsylvania, PA, Keystone State, Road Trip,

Sometimes I will make the drive out here just for this place. It is well worth it. Plan a stop here when visiting either Lancaster or heading to Hershey. 

11. Pocono Mountains

The Pocono Mountains are a great place to visit all year round and not just during winter (Ski Season). Of course Skiing, Snow Tubing and Snowboarding are some of the major draws to the Pocono Mountains. 

Skiing, Pennsylvania, PA, Keystone State, Road Trip, winter sports,

You will also find indoor water parks, casinos, an old jail museum, Pocono Raceway, and so much more. If you are a photographer you will love the great trials and beautiful views.

10. Yuengling Plant Pottsville

Yuengling, beer, Pennsylvania, PA, Keystone State, Road Trip,

Pennsylvania is known for its beer brewing. Why not visit the oldest brewery in American which was found in 1829. Take a tour and see how it is made. Adults 21 and older with valid ID can have a taste at the end of the tour. Those under 21 or who don’t/won’t drink beer will receive a soda. 


09. Centralia  Abandoned Turnpike Tunnel

A visit to Centralia is an eerie one. Underground has been on fire for over 50 years. The town is all but abandoned and very few people remain. If you want some interesting pictures to bring back home to show your friends. YOU NEED to visit Centralia and the Graffiti Highway.   Sadly they just recently covered the road with dirt. You are no longer going to be able to see this wonderful site.

Centralia, graffiti Highway, abandoned, Pennsylvania, PA, Keystone State, Road Trip,
Old Graffiti Highway that is now buried under dirt.

The abandoned turnpike tunnel is still around for you to check out. It is a bit of a hike out to it but boy is it worth it. Just something interesting and creepy about this place.

Abandoned, Turnpike tunnel, Pennsylvania, PA, Keystone State, Road Trip,

08. Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania

The Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania also known as Pine Creek Gorge is a 47 mile long gorge that is more than 800 feet deep. This is another great photography location in PA. Come out in the fall for some really stunning colors. 

07. Hershey

Hershey Chocolate World, Tour, chocolate factory, candy, Hershey, Pennsylvania, PA, Keystone State, Road Trip,

Hershey, PA AKA Chocolate Town USA is home to some amazingly awesome places to visit. You can spend the day riding roller coasters and water slides over at Hershey Park. Visit a unique zoo that connects to the theme park. 

Have an overload of chocolate at Hershey Chocolate World. Seriously there is so much Hershey chocolate you won’t know what to do. Remember to take the free tour of how Hershey Chocolate is made.

06.  Harrisburg

Not only is Harrisburg the Capital of Pennsylvania it is home to some pretty amazing sites. The State Museum of Pennsylvania and the National Civil War Museum call Harrisburg home. Both of these Museums are worth a visit to anyone north or south of the Mason Dixon Line. 

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, PA, Keystone State, Road Trip,

Harrisburg is a beautiful city both day and night. Wonderful activities can be found for any age and at any time of year.  


05. Knoebels Grove

You can go anywhere around the US and won’t find anything like Knoebels. This is the LARGEST FREE amusement park in the country. Admission to the theme park is free and so is parking. Rides on the other hand will cost you but not an arm and a leg. Most rides are under $3 each with only a few costing a little more per person.

If grandma loves to walk around the theme parks but doesn’t really ride any rides what’s the sense of spending $75 plus on a ticket. Knoebels has you covered. She can enjoy the time with the grandkids and not get ripped off. 

04. Fallingwater (Frank Lloyd Wright)

Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright, masterpiece, Pennsylvania, PA, Keystone State, Road Trip, UNESCO World Heritage Site,

Fallingwater is on the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage list. There are only 23 UNESCO World Heritage sites in the US and there is only one other one in Pennsylvania. 

Fallingwater is one of those places that is a unique bucket list type of place. Most of your friends and family won’t know what it is but will be asking where and what is that once you post your epic photos of it.


03. Intercourse

Yes that really is the name of the town. Yes I kind of add this place to the list because of the name. While you are in Intercourse you should check out Kitchen Kettle Village. There are 42 shops with many interesting and unique items. 

Nothing like getting a key chain for those back home with Intercourse, Bird-in-Hand and Blue Ball all written on it. Yes they are all real town names in Pennsylvania and they are all close to each other. 

02. King of Prussia Mall

Did you know King of Prussia Mall (KOP) is bigger than Mall of America. That’s right, many people think Mall of America in Minnesota is bigger but it’s not. King of Prussia Mall is 400,000 square feet BIGGER than it. Up until very recently KOP was the largest mall in America. Now that claim goes to American Dream Meadowlands outside of NYC. 

KOP, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, PA, Keystone State, Road Trip,

While KOP is just a mall it is a huge mall with over 400 stores. Go for a visit and tell everyone you’ve visited the 2nd largest mall in America.  

Valley Forge National Historical Park is also located very close to KOP. Check out our post on Valley Forge. I always visit both when I am out in this area. 

01. Philadelphia

How can any list of must see places in Pennsylvania not include Philly? With so many things to see, do and eat a visit to Philadelphia is a must for anyone. Who doesn’t want a Philly pretzel and Cheesesteak? 

Philly, Center City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, PA, Keystone State, Road Trip,

We put together a list of some of the top attractions in Philly to check out so you can spend the day, weekend or week. The City of Brotherly Love has you covered with anything that you enjoy doing. 

 All 50 states are worth visiting. Some more than others. Make sure to put Pennsylvania on the top of you list with all the amazing places you can see and visit in PA. Of course there are more than 20 great places to visit but we figured 20 was a good starting point. 

Every visit PA? Do you live here? Tell us about your favorite places to go and if your favorite place made our list. Be sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date when our latest post go live and any interesting photos and stories we post.

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Pennsylvania, PA, Keystone State, Road Trip,
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