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Top Philadelphia Attractions

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Many people overlook Philadelphia when planning a weekend getaway or even a day trip. It is easy to understand when you figure that Philly is located between both New York City and Washington, DC. Two destinations that are on a lot of people’s bucket list of places to go. 

But don’t discount the City of Brotherly Love. Philadelphia is a great city to visit for families, friends, couples and even singles. There’s just about something for everyone. 

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 Philadelphia is full of history and home to many firsts. Like the first Zoo or Library. Plus Philadelphia is the birthplace of two of the most important things in the US and World. The Declaration of Independence and the United States Marine Corps were both started in Philadelphia. Only a couple of blocks away from each other.

Now come and explore what this city has to offer. No matter who comes to visit you will find something to fall in love with.


Philadelphia Zoo

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The Philadelphia Zoo is the first zoo ever chartered in the United States. It was chartered back in 1859 but did not open until 1874 because of the American Civil War. Being the first zoo in the country isn’t it’s only claim to fame. The Philadelphia Zoo also had the WORLD’s first Children’s zoo.

The zoo is a great place to spend your day with the family. While here be sure to look up. You can find many different animals roaming around. Anything from Tigers to Lemurs and so much more. It’s like something you’ve never seen before. Chances are you haven’t either. Zoo360 is another Philadelphia Zoo first.   

Zoo360, Philadelphia, zoo, wild, animals, first

While you are here, make sure to bring the kids over to KidsZooU. Not only can they pet sheep, mini horses and more. There is a play area for them to run around and get out some of that extra energy. 


The Philadelphia Zoo is a part of the Philadelphia CityPASS. You can pick either 3,4,or 5 attractions out of 12 for one low price. Save up to 44% over the regular cost of the attractions.


Philly, Philadelphia, Franklin Square, fountain, city, park

Franklin Square is one of five public squares laid out by Founder William Penn’s original vision for Philadelphia. The Square is now named in honor of Ben Franklin. 

Franklin Square is a great place to bring the Family in Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall. Play a round of Mini Golf while playing in iconic Philadelphia Landmarks like the Art Museum or Boathouse Row. There’s even one that pays homage to the Liberty Bell. Or your kids could hop on a horse that looks like Smarty Jones and take a ride around there All American Style Carousel. 

During May and June you can come down and check out the Chinese Lantern Festival. In November and December Franklin Square host the Electric Spectacle Holiday Light Show. Both festivals are a sight to see. Just like the fountain shows during the warmer months.

DID YOU KNOW: that the Franklin Fountain is thought to be the oldest surviving fountain out of the five public squares in Philly?  


The Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, while not the oldest in the nation. It is one of the premier children’s museum in the country. There are things for both young and older children to enjoy. Parents you will even have a blast explore this wonderful museum.

This is a place where you WON’T have to tell your kids not to touch. Here you want them to touch, explore and play. After all hands on is one of the best ways for a young mind to learn.  

The Please Touch Museum is a part of the Philadelphia CityPASS. You can pick either 3,4,or 5 attractions out of 12 for one low price. Save up to 44% over the regular cost of the attractions.


Penns Landing

Farris Wheel, Penns Landing, Family, Philadelphia, Philly, Center City, City of Brotherly Love,

Such a great place for the whole family. From the roller skating rink in the summer to Ice Skating in the winter. Penns Landing and Spruce Street Harbor Park is the place to be. Spend the afternoon walking along the Delaware River. Than grab some ice cream and swing in a hamock as the sun sets and the neon lights, light up the park.

Than hope on over and try your luck at a few games. Or grab some grab fries while you wait to get on the colorful Farris Wheel. Your family will never want to leave. Trust me. When my daughter and I go down here, she never wants to go back home. Who could blame her. This place is amazing.

Spruce Street Harbor Park, Penn's Landing, Philly, Philadelphia, Center City, City of Brotherly love, Families, Couples, Friends, nightlife,


The Franklin Institute is not only the most visited Museum in Pennsylvania. It is one of the country’s oldest science museums. No student from the Philadelphia region will forget visiting the Franklin Institute in elementary school. Every kid remembers running through the Giant Heart. Not only is it fun for kids but if they stop and read while in there they may even learn a thing or two. 

Franklin Institute, Science Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Philly, Giant Heart

DID YOU KNOW: The heart in the Franklin Institute is the right size of a person who is 220 feet tall. 

You could easily spend the whole day exploring this wonderful science museum. There is just so much to see and do that you will want to take your time. 

The Franklin Institute is a part of the Philadelphia CityPASS. You can pick either 3,4,or 5 attractions out of 12 for one low price. Save up to 44% over the regular cost of the attractions. 


friends, men and women,


A hot spot for many out of town guest is the one and only Philadelphia Art Museum Steps. Not sure what or why that is? Have you ever heard of or seen any of the Rocky Movies? 

If you have you will know these steps. The steps that Rocky ran up in the movies are the steps leading up to the Philadelphia Art Museum.

Year round you will find people of all ages running up the steps and hoisting their hands high in the air. At the bottom of the steps and to the right is the bronze statue of Rocky from Rocky III. 


In the fall, this is one of the nation’s top rated haunted attractions. While the rest of the year it is still creepy. It was once the most famous prison in the world. Today it is in ruins but a spooky place to visit even in daylight. 

Philly, Philadelphia, Phila, City of Brotherly love, Center City, History, old, historical, independence, Eastern State Penitentiary, Prison, old, haunted,

Come walk the halls that once housed some of America’s most violent and notorious criminals. See where they ate. See where they slept. See how they lived their lives in this historic prison.

Eastern State Penitentiary is a part of the Philadelphia CityPASS. You can pick either 3,4,or 5 attractions out of 12 for one low price. Save up to 44% over the regular cost of the attractions.


The Franklin Institute isn’t just a science museum for the Family. They also have one of the best escape rooms in the Philadelphia Area. Choose from one of the two different escape rooms.


Intergalactic Escape has a High difficulty level. Island Escape is a little easier. Both have their challenges. And both are a fun time for a group of friends.    


If you and your buds are down to watch the latest eagles game and looking for the perfect place to pregame. XFINITY Live! Is the place to be. Whether before, during or after the game you can enjoy good eats and drinks. 

Come and celebrate the rise or fall of your team with hundreds of other fans. Watch the game on one of the many tvs all over XFINITY Live!. Crack open that beer and let the good times roll.



Beer, bar, drinks,

There are so many great bars in Philadelphia it is hard to choose which one is the best. Decide for yourself and check out one or all of these bars. Paddy Whacks Irish Sports Bar, City Tap House, Cavanaugh’s, Ladder 15 and so many more. Each place has its own unique atmosphere with great specials and only that special feeling you can find in Philly. 

cheesesteak, Philly, meat, onions, wiz,

No you ask 5 people in and around the city for where you can find the best cheesesteak you will get five different answers. Gino’s, Pats, Tony’s, Steve’s are among some of the favorite answers. But are they the best? Guess you will have to try them for yourself. Personally I like Steves but that’s mainly because it was one of the closer ones to me. There is really no right or wrong answer to the question of who has the best cheesesteak. 


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If you are looking for a fun, unique, romantic night in Philly check out Spruce Street Harbor Park. When the weather warms this is the place to be. Cuddle up on a hammock while enjoying a craft beer or some crab fries. Enjoy the ambience of hundreds of colorful lights that hang from the trees.

Delaware water front, Spruce Street Harbor Park, lights, fun, couple, Philly, Philadelphia, SSHP,

Sneak a kiss while walking along the Delaware river enjoying fantastic views everywhere you look. If you are lucky the giant connect four or bean bag games will be available to play. Spruce Street Harbor Park is a great place for you and that someone special to spend the night out in Philadelphia.  


If you are looking for a place to get out on the dance floor and show your sick moves. Philly has a place for you to go. In a city as large as Philadelphia there is more than one spot to check out. If you are looking for a trendy spot with an upscale dress code checkout one of the newer spots called NOTO. This place will give you a Vegas vibe.

Night Club, Dancing,

The Barbary is a more laid back place with no dress code. This place is more for the Punk, Goth or Emo types. Just check out what’s happening each night to find out if it’s your thing.


Rivers Casino, Gamble, poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, slots,

Rivers Casino, formerly Sugarhouse Casino, is located along the Delaware River. This is the first casino in the City of Philadelphia. While here try your luck on one of the 1,891 slot machines. Play a hand or ten on one of the 28 tables in the Poker room.

Try your best at picking the spread in the sports book area. Or try you luck at one of the 103 table games from blackjack, roulette, craps or others.   



How could we talk about the top attractions in Philadelphia without talking about some of the biggest draws to the City. Of course we could only be talking about Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. However, there are more than two dozen other historical sites around Independence National Historical Park.

Did you know Presidents George Washington and John Adams both lived in Philadelphia when they were President? Well they did and you can see the site where the house once stood. 

Philadelphia, President House, Historic, Philly, Independence Hall

Not too far from Independence Hall you can find the grave of Benjamin Franklin. Make sure you bring a penny or two with you to toss on Franklin’s grave. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned.  

Other historical sites to visit include The National Constitution Center, Museum of the American Revolution, Betsy Ross House, Graff House, Quaker Meeting House and so many more. Most of these sites are free to visit or cost a small fee. 

We could really go on and on about all the different things you could do while visiting Philly. This city shouldn’t just be a pitstop on your way to DC or NYC. Philadelphia deserves a weekend all to itself. Trust me you will wonder why you ever thought about skipping it in the first place. 

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Philly, Philadelphia, Phila, City of Brotherly love, Center City, History, old, historical, independence,
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Philly, Philadelphia, Phila, City of Brotherly love, Center City, History, old, historical, independence,


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