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Franklin Institute overview

The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA is one of the best attractions the City of Brotherly Love has to offer. After all, It is the most visited museum in Philly. This amazing attraction has something to offer for everyone.

Learn about the human body, the solar system, sports, and so much more. Walk through the human heart. See what is going on in the night sky tonight. Or just see how the brain works. With so many interactive exhibits to experience, you will want to come back time and time again. 

The Franklin Institute is one of the oldest museums in the US. It first opened in 1825 and moved to its current building in 1934. Generations upon generations have visited this beloved Philadelphia location. 


Within the Franklin Institute you will find 14 different exhibits to explore. Like we said it has something that will interest everyone in your family. If for some reason something doesn’t peak your interest. Every couple of months/years a special exhibit comes around. Currently (2022) a Harry Potter exhibit is available.


It’s hard to pinpoint which area of the Franklin Institute has the most interesting things to see and do. The Electricity area is up on that list of some of the coolest interactive activities for you to do. Plus you can see one of the real Ben Franklin lightning rods. 

Your Brain

The Brain exhibit is the latest one at the Franklin Institute. The highlight here is a two story tall neural network that you can climb on. Plus it has amazing sounds and dynamic lighting.

Learn all about the brain and how it works. Go face to face with your family to see who can tell if one is lying or not.

Changing Earth

Ever wanted to be just like your local news weather person? Well in the changing earth exhibit you can do just that. Plus you will see if the structure you build could withstand an earthquake. 

Giant Heart

I remember the giant heart from field trips to the Franklin Institute when I was a kid. Today it is a little bit smaller to me but just as cool. Today as you walk through you will hear the sounds of a real beating heart. 

Did you know the heart at the Franklin Institute is the correct size for a person who is 220 feet tall?

Franklin Airshow

If you had wings would you fly or fall? Why not find out in the Franklin Airshow exhibit while you stand in front of a giant fan with wings on.


The Now/Next exhibit is always changing and is based on things from emerging technology and science trends and pop culture. Currently, it is all about Jellyfish. 

Amazing Machine

Do you wonder who things work? Ever wanted to see the inside of everyday machines? In this exhibit you can have those questions answered.

Space Command

Perhaps my personal favorite exhibit at the Franklin Institute. I am a big space nerd. I just love looking up at the night sky. 

If you are in luck, you might even get a chance to watch a show on what is happening in the night sky above us on that night.


Who would win in a race, You or the Phillie Phanatic? Guess what! In the Sportzone you will finally have the answer to that question. 

Sir Issac’s Loft

No the picture is not moving

If you are a fan of optical illusions , Sir Issac’s Loft is the place for you.  

Train Factory

All aboard!!!! The Train Factory has an impressive 350 ton steam locomotive for you to explore.  

Holt & Miller Observatory

The Observatory is only open on the weekends and is currently closed due to the pandemic. When it is open you can get a chance to see some of our closest neighbors when viewed through the  10-inch Zeiss Refracting telescope.

Tech Studio

Check out a collection of 3D printers and see how technology is changing how we do everyday things.

Special Exhibits 

The Franklin Institute is home to some amazing Special Exhibits. Currently, it is based off of Harry Potter. In the past they have hosted special exhibits based on Marvel, Body Works, Titanic, Tutankhamun, Storms, and more.

The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia is an amazing place to take the family or even a date. There are so many interactive exhibits that will amaze you. Just remember to take your time and enjoy everything they have to offer.

Have you ever visited the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia? What is your favorite thing to do while visiting? Let us know in the comments below.

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