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Rocks that Ring? Ringing Rocks County Park

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Have you ever hit a rock and heard it ring? If not, boy do I have a place for you to check out. It is called Ringing Rocks County Park located in Upper Black Eddy, Bucks County, PA.

It is somewhat of a mystery why the rocks ring like a bell when stuck. Geologist and mineralogist have been trying to figure that out for years. There are all kinds of theories from the higher than usual content of iron found in the rocks to aliens made them.

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No matter how you believe they ring, make sure to bring a hammer. While striking a “ringing” rock with another will make it ring. A hammer is the only way to go.

Make sure you also have a good pair of shoes. The ringing rock boulder field sits on about 7 acres. Which is surrounding by an 129 acre park. You will need to do a little lite hiking to get to the field. Just follow the bell like sounds and you will find it.


Seven acres of rocks to climb is both fun and challenging. Be sure to watch your footing so you don’t twist an ankle. It will take you a while to get across the field. Mainly because you will be stopping to swing your hammer (it will make you feel like a kid again).


It is pretty easy to spot the rocks that are “live”. They will have easily visible marks from other visitors. Most of the rocks make a different tone when struck. Watch the video below to see that in action.

While it may not seem like much you could spend a good deal of time whacking away with your hammer. If you take the challenge of crossing the field that will take some time too. Most of the rocks are pretty well in place with little to no movement. Again just watch your step and your children’s step.

If you choose to cross the field you will stumble upon the loop trail. As you would guess it the loop trail “loops” the boulder field. The hike is fairly easy with a slight incline and rocks all around. At areas where the route branches off their are signs that are very easy to follow.

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The largest Waterfall in Bucks County is also at Ringing Rocks County Park. Some places you come for the hike and stay for the waterfalls. Well at ringing rocks you can skip the waterfall altogether if you wanted.

waterfall, bucks county, PA, Ringing Rocks
Largest Waterfall in Bucks County, PA

Maybe there is more too it after a good rain. The area is pretty neat that is around the waterfall so it could be worth the stop. After all it is located right along the loop trail. I have also seen pictures in the colder months of the waterfall frozen. That does make a pretty cool picture.

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Ringing Rocks County Park in Bucks County, PA is a little tough to describe. It is one of those places you have to check out for yourself. Good news, its no more than an hour and a half from both Philadelphia or New York City.

Making it the perfect location to get out of the bustling city and spend a little time outdoors. Go and enjoy the sounds of nature…. and people smashing rocks. Have you ever been to Ringing Rocks? Let us know in the comments. Remember to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest at KozmoPhotos. It will help you stay up to date with all the latest post and photos.


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