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Top ten things to see and do in Bucks County PA

Bucks County, PA, Pennsylvania, vacation, fun, Delaware Valley,

Bucks County PA is an amazing place to visit. It is in the perfect location (outside of Philly). Has some unique one of a kind places to see. Some amazing food and there is something to do no matter what time of year it is.

You can go tubing down the Delaware River in the Summer. Watch a reenactment of Washington Crossing the Delaware in the Winter. Visit one of the five state parks in the Spring. Or taking a lovely drive exploring the 12 covered bridges in the Fall. 

There are so many things to do in Bucks County the only question is what do you do first. While there are way more than 10 things to do we are just going to pick what I think is the top ten. 


Bucks County, PA, Pennsylvania, vacation, fun, Delaware Valley, Sesame Place, Theme Park, rides, kids park, family friendly,

If you have young kids this is probably the number 1 place for you to check out. Until the Sesame Place in California is completed this is the only one in the US. While it is a small park it is a lot of fun for kids. My daughter has been going here since she was 2 and loves it. 

Only in the last year or so has she been able to ride some of the water slides (which she loves). They are closed from January till around mid April and the water rides are open from late May until early September. They do have some great first time roller coasters for kids. Don’t worry Mom and Dad they are big enough for you too. 


Bucks County, PA, Pennsylvania, vacation, fun, Delaware Valley, stone, tower, view, old, history,

Bowman Hill Tower is a 125 foot stone tower that offers spectacular views of the Bucks County countryside. The best time to visit would be in the fall when the trees are in full color and you have a clear day. On a clear day you can see up to 14 miles away. 

While the tower looks old and is only a few miles away from where General Washington crossed the Delaware. It was NOT built until 1929. However, it is believed that a lookout was placed on top of Bowman Hill back in 1776 to help with watching English troop movement. 


A small but beautiful town along the Delaware River is the perfect spot to be. With some fantastic local owned shops and restaurants you can get lost for hours. While the main strip of shops is only half a mile long. There are so many you won’t know where to start. 

Spring and Fall are both perfect times to walk around browsing the stores. Or come up and check out the Bucks County Playhouse. While it doesn’t hold the level it once did it is still an amazing place to visit and take in some of its history. Actors like Dick Van Dyke and Grace Kelly performed here.

If theater plays aren’t your thing, head up the street to the Logan Inn. It is one of the many places in Bucks County that is supposedly haunted. Maybe you will spot a ghost peeking out at you.


main street USA, Bucks County, PA, Pennsylvania, vacation, fun, Delaware Valley, shop, shoppes, small town USA,

Bristol is located right along the banks of the Delaware river and is a great place to visit. Take a walk down Mill Street to see all the amazing and interesting shops. Stop in the Mill Street Cantina for some Delicious tacos. Or check out the King George Inn II for something a little fancier.

Come at the right time and you will be treated with a lovely festival. There are festival’s happening thru May to December. Some notable ones are the Celtic Festival in June, Doo Wop Concert or the Historic Bristol Borough Day in October.


Bucks County, PA, Pennsylvania, vacation, fun, Delaware Valley, scenic, state park, High Rocks, Ralph Stover,

High Rocks is amazing location within Ralph Stover State Park. If you have any rock climbing experience this one of the only locations in Bucks County. While it wouldn’t be very challenging for rock climbers. Travelers who have NO experience should NOT try.

The area is very beautiful and makes for a great little hike. The walk around the top is very easy. While the hike down and back up from the creek can be a little more challenging but is very fun. A visit to high rocks vista should always be a stop when visiting bucks county. A visit in the fall can leave you with some spectacular views of the fall colors.


Bucks County, PA, Pennsylvania, vacation, fun, Delaware Valley, rocks, Ringing Rocks County Park

Quite possibly one of the most interesting places on earth. Bring a hammer and start smacking some rocks. You won’t hear a “thud” but a nice ring.

Ringing Rocks County Park is a unique place to visit. It’s not just a giant rock field. Ringing Rocks is also home to the largest waterfall in Bucks County. But don’t go for the waterfall it isn’t that spectacular but still interesting.


Covered Bridge, Bucks County, PA, Pennsylvania, vacation, fun, Delaware Valley, road trip, old, wooden, haunted,

There are 12 covered bridges in Bucks County. Most you are able to drive through and one you can even walk across since it is closed to vehicle traffic.

The state has around 200 covered bridges and each one is unique. You can make a fun day driving around the county visiting all 12. Maybe even pack a picnic style lunch and enjoy one of the many parks located by these beautiful bridges.


Bucks County, PA, Pennsylvania, vacation, fun, Delaware Valley, Tyler State Park, Outdoor, Nature,

Tyler State Park is over 1,700 acres and can be enjoyed year round. The Neshaminy creek that flows throughout the park is stocked in the spring with trout. Boat rentals are offered in the summer.

The miles of hiking trails can be enjoyed year round. Of course Tyler State Park is also home to the longest covered bridge in Bucks County. Get out and enjoy nature at one of the nicest parks in all of Bucks County.

covered bridge, tyler state park, pa state park, bucks county


Doylestown in where the County Government calls home. It is also the location of many interesting museums and points of interest. You will find Fonthill Castle, James A. Michener Art Museum, Pearl S. Buck House and so much more.

Another fun activity for the whole family to get involved with is too look for the painted Mules. There are a bunch of them all around the county and can be a fun little scavenger hunt.

painted mules, art, Bucks County, PA, Pennsylvania, vacation, fun, Delaware Valley

01. PARX

This is the only location on our list that isn’t family friendly but hey sometimes mom and dad need to have a nice enjoyable time too. Parx casino is the largest casino in Pennsylvania.

casino, gamble, adult only,

With slots, poker tables, table games and sports betting it has it all. You will also find great dining options and they get some pretty big named artist to play at the Xcite center. Parks is also home to Smarty Jones the winner of the 2004 Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes.

Bucks County, PA is a great place to escape the city for a day or even the weekend. With tons of things to do for the whole family, you won’t miss the busyness with the city.

If you are looking for the perfect little day trip you found it. Now let us know how it went in the comments below. Have your own personal favorite location in Bucks County, PA? Share it with us.

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