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A Day at Gettysburg

Is there any better way to spend the day than outdoors? I would so no. Spending the day outdoors is one of the best things we can do. From going to the beach or mountains getting out and getting some sunshine and fresh air is a good thing. 

Gettysburg, PA, Battlefield, history, union, confederate, civil war,

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Gettysburg, PA is the perfect spot for everyone. From kids to adults it’s a wonderful time in and around the battlefields. That’s right Gettysburg is home to the famous Civil War battle that took place from July 1-3 1863. 

You can tour the battlefield learning about everything that happened there. Take a stroll through the town and hit up some amazing shops and get some good eats. Or just walk the miles of hiking trails exploring the great Pennsylvanian outdoors. No matter what you choose you can’t go wrong. 

Only 950,000 people visited Gettysburg National Military Park in 2018 according to the National Park Service. This is a shame. Not only is this area beautiful. You never want to forget your own history. We are starting to forget that. 2020 and beyond is the perfect time to visit this amazing Battlefield and location. 

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The area the battlefield takes up is massive. Sure you can walk it but it will take you hours upon hours. However, you will see a lot of monuments that most of the car riders will not. 

For the car riders out there you can follow an audio tour. It is easy to follow and fills you with a lot of information. You can fly through the whole thing in about 90 minutes or take as long as you like

You will drive by places like the Pennsylvania Monument. 

Gettysburg, PA, Battlefield, history, union, confederate, civil war, Pennsylvania

Devils Den

gettysburg, battle, battlefield, history, civil war, union, confederate, devil's den,

Big Round Top and Little Round Top

Gettysburg, PA, Battlefield, history, union, confederate, civil war, Pennsylvania, little round top, rocks
Little Round Top

Plus so many more amazing places. The tour is easily marked and there are plenty of places to pull over and get out to look around.

One of our favorite places to go and explore is Devils Den. This place is pretty amazing. Hugh boulders all around for you to walk (climb) on. You will find many families spending hours trying to get their kids to not climb on the rocks. 


I remember spending hours climbing around here when I was little and now my daughter has done the same. Just imagine being a Civil War Soldier having to fight in this area. 

Across from Devils Den is Big Round Top. This is a great place to go for a hike. You can park your car at the top and walk down to Devils Den. Or park at Devils Den and take the hike up. I’d park at the bottom of the hill. It’s easier to go up the hill when you first start then do it after you finished exploring Devils Den. 

Gettysburg, PA, Battlefield, history, union, confederate, civil war, Pennsylvania, canon

Next to Big Round Top is Little Round Top. While it is not as high (hence the name Little), it gives you a great view of the surrounding area. This is another popular spot with families. The terrain is amazing and would have been truly terrifying back during the battle. 

Be on the lookout with you are exploring the battlefield for all the monuments. There are so many out there. You can’t see all of them in one day. There are just that many. 

Gettysburg, PA, Battlefield, history, union, confederate, civil war, Pennsylvania, grave, 18th Mass. Inf'y
You will find markers like this all around the Battlefield

Any time of year is a good time to visit. Of course, if you visit in the warmer months you can get to experience the battlefield for how it may have looked like in the summer of 1863.

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Ghost of the Battle of Gettysburg

It should come to no surprise to anyone that some people claim the Battlefield and town are haunted by ghosts. With so much death in a short period of time. Places like this around the world are a draw for the supernatural. 

Over 5,000 horses and around 10,000 men died at the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863. If you are a ghost hunter or just want to see if ghosts are real. Gettysburg is the place for you. 

haunted, historical, hotel, Gettysburg, PA, Battlefield, history, union, confederate, civil war, Pennsylvania, ghost
Gettysburg Hotel

You can book a room at the Gettysburg Hotel. There are tales of a woman dancing in the ballroom or of a Union Soldier walking the halls. 

Another reportedly haunted location is the Daniel Lady Farm. This was the site of a Confederate field hospital. Many Confederate soldiers had limbs amputated where they would later die from their wounds. This is just one of the many field hospitals in the area. Almost all of them have some stories of ghostly interactions. 

A visit to the battlefield is a must for anyone trying to “catch” a ghost. After all, Gettysburg is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the US. Will you hear footsteps or the sounds of cannon fire on your visit? You never will know unless you go. 


Gettysburg, PA, Battlefield, history, union, confederate, civil war, Pennsylvania
Downtown Gettysburg

Gettysburg is a small town located in Adams County PA around 15 miles north of the Maryland border. All around you will find that small-town feel. Tons of locally-owned shops selling everything you could think of. Most of it is made locally to or in the US. 


Make sure you get out and explore the town. Maybe stop in a couple of the shops out and help out the local economy. We always stop in at Codori’s Gifts which is right in the center of town. Another favorite of ours in the center of town in Gallery 30. You can tell which one this is by the gourd birdhouses out front. Trust us when we say it’s more than just birdhouses. They have some interesting one of a kind items you won’t find anywhere else.  

Gettysburg, PA, Battlefield, history, union, confederate, civil war, Pennsylvania, shop

Sweeet! THE Candy Store is another great place to hop into for a sweet treat. If you are looking for something a little colder stop off at Mr. G’s Ice Cream. You will always find a line here when the weather is warm. 

Gettysburg Eddies is another delicious place to check out. They have some unique eats like the Crab Pretzel, Spicy Fried Pickle spears, Cali Cheesesteak, or the Haddock Fish Hoagie. You will also find more friendly options for the picky eaters out there. Pasta, Steak, Hot Dogs, Chicken and more. Of course, you will also find some pretty delicious burgers. But if you are looking for the best burger in town you have to go to…..


Blue and Gray Bar and Grill

Gettysburg, Tavern, downtown, burger, civil war, food, restaurant,

The Blue & Gray Bar & Grill is one of those places you just have to try. They have an amazing lineup of burgers. The meat is delicious and perfectly cooked every time. The only bad thing about this place. Deciding if you want a Confederate or Union Burger. 

The burgers here are named after Union and Confederate Generals. Grab a General Longstreet Burger which has bacon, caramelized onions, and peanut butter on a ciabatta roll. It sounds weird I know but it has amazing flavor. Or the General Armistead burger which is pulled pork, coleslaw on a ciabatta roll. 

burger, cheese, fries, peanut butter, beef, bacon,
General Longstreet Burger- Peanut Butter, Caramelized Onions, Bacon on a Ciabatta Roll
Burger, peanut butter, juicy, delicious, blue & gray bar & grill
Big Round Top Style General Longstreet Burger

On the Union side of things they too have many delicious options. The General Warren burger has beef brisket, smoked gouda on a pretzel. Or grab the General Webb burger which is a garlic and pepper rub, jalapeno & bacon cream cheese on a pretzel roll. 

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sweet potato fries, burger, beef, blue and gray bar and grill, gettysburg, pa
Little Round Top Style General Webb Burger with Sweet Potato Fries

Go with the little round top style which is one 8oz burger patty. Or step it up a little and get the big round top style which is two patties and double toppings. Just note that the big round top style is a big burger. Like really big. 

The rest of the menu is pretty good too. The hand-breaded chicken fingers are much different than what you are used to. It kind of reminds me of fried chicken. Plus they are big pieces of chicken. They are like a meal themselves.

Blue & Gray bar & grill, chicken tenders, food, tavern, bar food

As you can see a visit to Gettysburg doesn’t have to be educational. It can be but it doesn’t have to be. From shopping at local shops to eating a locally-owned restaurant and hiking the miles of trails. You can find just about anything you would want to do in Gettysburg. 

menu, Gettysburg, tavern, bar


Want to know more about visiting Gettysburg with children? Check out our post here all about that. Looking for the perfect hotel to stay at while you visit? We got you covered there too. Check out the Wyndham Gettysburg which is only 2 miles from downtown. Or maybe you can stay in the haunted Gettysburg Hotel? 

Have you visited Gettysburg recently? Are you planning a trip now to get out and explore? Are you going to look for ghost or grab a bite to eat? Let us know in the comments below.   

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Gettysburg, PA, Battlefield, history, union, confederate, civil war, Pennsylvania


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