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Six Flags Great Adventure Drive Thru Safari

Calling all animal lovers and everyone who is looking for something fun to do. Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ will soon be opening their Safari back up. That’s right starting May 30th, 2020 you will once again be able to drive through the safari in your own vehicle. Something that couldn’t be done since 2012.

However, they have made some changes and we can be sure that there will be plenty of employees monitoring them. For starters you must keep your windows up, doors and convertible tops closed. Also no feeding or touching the animals at any time. Will you take the trip and drive thru this amazing safari in New Jersey?


Did you know that Six Flags Great Adventure is the second-largest theme park in the world? It’s true. The only theme park larger is Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Fl. Six Flags is 475 acres but only the 350-acre safari area will be open to guests. That is a huge area filled with amazing animals from six different continents. 

The safari is filled with over 1,200 animals spread around the park. Don’t worry though. The predators won’t be roaming around freely. But you might encounter an elk on the road. The baboons are also behind a fence. No need to worry about them causing havoc. 


Below we will list some of the animals you can expect to see while you drive around. Remember that these are wild animals and to stop if they are walking on the road. DON’T try to go around them or NUDGE them out of the way.

The Americas

Here you will find animals from both North and South America. You will see Deer, Bison, and Elk. You may also see every little girls favorite animal the Llama.


This section is home to animals you would find in Africa. Animals like the mighty elephant. The amazing ostrich or the Endangered White Rhino. The black and white zebra can also be seen roaming freely around the area.

Wild Plains

Many of Six Flags Great Adventure animals call this area home. Expect to see the Blackbuck and Common Eland antelope species along with the beautiful Gazelle. Peacocks also roam the area. I suspect those guys will be clogging up the roads but we will see. And don’t be scared when you see an animal towering above them all. It’s only the Giraffe.

Do you know why Giraffes have such long necks?

It’s because their feet smell!

Twelve different species can be found in this area. Will you be able to spot them all? We sure hope so.

Serengeti Grasslands

Ever wanted to see a wildebeest? I know I have. You can find them at Six Flags. However, here you will hear them being called White Tail Gnu. But they are also known as the Black Wildebeest.

Be careful of the Addax as you travel through this area. Their horns can grow up to 3 1/2 feet long. I’m sure they can do some pretty interesting work to your car’s paint job.


In the Jungle the mighty Jungle the Lion sleeps tonight…. sing it with me now. I know you know the song. Well in this section of the Safari you will find the might lion the king of the jungle. There’s a good chance the lions will be sleeping when you drive through.

Did you know male lions sleep 18-20 hours and day while the females sleep 15-18 hours per day. Guess they aren’t afraid of anyone attacking them.

Don’t worry about getting attacked by them either. They are behind fences. It’s to keep them and you safe.

Black Bear Ridge

Any guess what you will find in this area? Did you say DUH…. black bears? If you did. You’d be correct.

Didgeridoo Pass

Throughout this area you will find Emu and the lovable Kangaroo.

Tigris Asiana

This area is home not only to two different species of Tiger the Siberian and Bengal tigers. You will also see Nilgai a type of Antelope and the Yak. While you are driving through just remember how threatened tigers are in the wild. But you probably already knew that from watching the Tiger King show.

Baboon Jungle

Here is the area where the Baboons call home. Not sure as of yet how much of the area is visible from your car but we will soon find out. We do know that they are behind a fence. No need to worry about them climbing all over your car.

Conservation Area

The Safari at Six Flags Great Adventure also has a conservation area. This area is untouched and is inhabited by many different species that call New Jersey home like the Bald Eagle, foxes and many birds. It’s nice to see that they are even trying to conserve the local area.

Things to Note

The Safari returns on May 30th, 2020 and will be open from 9am to 4pm daily. You will need to book in advance and no tickets will be sold at the gate. Tickets go on sale May 27th at 10am. The cost per ticket is :

  • General Weekend Admission (over 10) $20
  • General Weekday Admission (over 10) $15
  • Kids (10 and Under) Weekend $18
  • Kids (10 and Under) Weekday $13
  • Season Pass holders are free and Bring-A-Friend tickets are $10

Other things to pay attention too “include keeping all windows, doors, and convertible tops closed; not feeding or touching the animals; no smoking, littering, or stopping; cars, SUVs and consumer pickup trucks with empty beds only – no buses, campers, RVs, commercial vehicles or trucks larger than a consumer pickup truck; maximum speed of 5 mph and maintaining safe distance between other cars and animals.” You can read the full list and more from the Six Flags Great Adventure website.

How do you feel about Six Flags opening back up the Safari after being closed for the past 8 years? Are you going to take a drive around the safari? Let us know in the comments below. We plan on going the first couple of days it is open and will post more pictures and hopefully even a drive through.

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