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Wyndham Gettysburg

Hotel, Wyndham, Gettysburg, PA,

Wyndham Gettysburg is located 2 miles from downtown Gettysburg, PA. It’s a beautiful 6 story 3 star hotel that has everything you could be looking for when visiting Gettysburg (well maybe not everything, we didn’t see any ghost). This hotel is also dog friendly so if you are traveling with your furry friend he is welcomed here.

Besides being dog friendly, it also has a great restaurant, pool, fitness center and location. You really can’t beat this location. Right off of US 30 and 15. Ten minutes from Gettysburg National Military Park or 8 minutes to the center of Gettysburg. 

I recently stayed here over the long Presidents Day weekend. We had a wonderful time. Now let’s get to it and see the good, the bad and the ugly about Wyndham Gettysburg.


This hotel is made up of 237 rooms and 11 suites. There is so much more to this hotel than just the rooms though. There is a great indoor pool which we took advantage of in the middle of February.

While I found the water in the pool a little chilly (what do you expect it was only 25 outside). My daughter said the water was nice and warm. Not sure we were in the same place.

Hotel, Wyndham, Gettysburg, PA, pool,

Now the water was a little chilly to me starting off but after a minute or two I adjusted just fine. The pool goes from around 3 feet deep to 5 feet deep and is in a T shape. There was plenty of room in the pool too. While we were enjoying the pool there was about 15 people in there (12 kids, 3 adults) and could still have room for more. No worries of being on top of each other.


Wyndham Gettysburg also has a small fitness center with treadmills, elliptical, bike and even some dumbbells. It’s a great little place to get a quick workout in while travel. Of course you could always get out onto the battlefield and do a little hiking to get a decent workout on the hilly landscape of Gettysburg.

Hotel, Wyndham, Gettysburg, PA,

If you are just looking to relax, there are plenty of spots around the lobby to do just that. Plus the space is really beautiful. It had a nice “old” charm to me but nothing looked old at all. Everything seems to be kept very nice.

Every common area we checked out was picture worthy. From the carpets in the lobby to each floors hallway. You can find something worthy of your wall or IG story.

Hotel, Wyndham, Gettysburg, PA, carpet,

This hotel really is something else. Just make sure you take your time walking around and taking in all the fine little details.

Hotel, Wyndham, Gettysburg, PA,


Attached to the hotel is the 1863 Restaurant and Lounge. This place looked a little too fancy for me for dinner so we ended up skipping on that. For one they didn’t really have anything my daughter would eat. The other reason was the restaurant was booked solid for the rest of the night.

Wyndham Gettysburg, 1863 restaurant, 1863 Lounge, fancy, dining room, hotel, breakfast, lunch, dinner, steak, eggs, pancakes, fries
1863 Dining Room

Now the restaurant did call me on Wednesday (check in was Saturday) to see if I wanted to make a reservation. That was very nice of them and if I would’ve know I was going to received a $75 credit, I would have booked it.

We did however, go here for breakfast. The day we went they had a buffet set up or you could order of the menu. The breakfast menu had all your favorites like 3 egg omelets, egg Benedict, pancakes and much more.

Hotel, Wyndham, Gettysburg, PA,

We decided to grab the breakfast buffet. I just like having a variety for breakfast. They didn’t have a huge selection but it was still very nice and delicious. There was scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, bacon, sausage, french toast, cereal, muffins, danishes, yogurt and more.

buffet, Hotel, Wyndham, Gettysburg, PA,
1863 Breakfast Buffet

If you are just looking for a drink. You should check out the lounge. Grab a whiskey sour or Mexican Mule or whatever is on tap. They also have a few small bites to eat like tacos or onion rings.

Hotel, Wyndham, Gettysburg, PA,
1863 Lounge


While I’ve stayed in bigger rooms, the King bedroom at Wyndham Gettysburg was good for the two of us (my daughter and I). With just the king size bed, chair and desk, it gave us plenty of room to move around. However, I could see 2 queen beds being a little tight.

Hotel, Wyndham, Gettysburg, PA,

Now while there was plenty of room in the main area of the room. The bathroom felt a little tight. Now I am a bigger guy (5’11 250+) and it felt very small to me. However, my daughter had plenty of room to move around in so it really depends on your size.


Since we are already in the bathroom, let’s talk about what is good about it. The water temp and pressure in the tub and shower was great. The water pressure was probably some of the strongest pressure I have ever gotten in a hotel. Maybe it was because we were on the second floor. Either way it was outstanding.

Hotel, Wyndham, Gettysburg, PA,

The temperate was easy to find that Goldilocks zone. You didn’t have to play around much to get to the perfect mixture of hot and cold. Let me tell you, it stayed that way the whole time. Never once did I have to keep adjust the temperate to keep it warm.

Now the room was very clean and neat. The king bed we had was soft. A little too soft for my liking as I prefer a really firm bed. The pillows (4 of them) were also very soft. Again I prefer ones that are a little firmer but overall I had a good night of sleep.

Hotel, Wyndham, Gettysburg, PA,

There was plenty of lighting in the room. Two lamps in the corners and one on each night stand. This helped light up the room perfectly. They were also easy to turn off and on.

The desk was a great size if you are the type of traveler that needs to do a little work while in your room. I had no problem charging my phone and using my laptop on this desk. Plus I still had plenty of room to put two more laptops if I wanted or needed to.

Hotel, Wyndham, Gettysburg, PA,

Now this room had plenty of outlets to plug all of your stuff in. However, the main thing they were missing was USB ports. I am still surprised by the amount of hotels that have not replaced their outlets with the ones that have the USB with them.

If I had one complaint with the rooms that would be the one. Not the smallish bathroom. The lack of USB outlets. I know it is my fault always forgetting a wall charger but in 2020 I don’t think we should have to remember that. Plus all of my battery chargers for my cameras are USB chargers.

Other than the no USB outlets the King Bedroom at the Wyndham Gettysburg was outstanding. We got a good nights sleep after a long day of exploring the Battlefields. Good thing too as we were tired from all the walking we did.


We briefly touched the great location of the Wyndham Gettysburg. Like we said it is only 3 miles to the center of Gettysburg or 10 miles to the furthest areas of the battlefield. It’s also right off of US 30 that travels much of the state.

Now within this area you will find the R/C Gateway movie theater that has 8 screens and the Appalachian Brewing Company. The movie theater plays movies as you would expect.

Appalachian Brewing Company serves many craft beers and has a great menu full of burgers, soups, salads, fish and chips and so much more. If you cannot get into 1863 just take the short walk over to the Appalachian Brewing Company. It’s much more kid friendly than you would think.


If you are planning a weekend getaway to Gettysburg make sure to book at the Wyndham. It’s a great place for a romantic weekend or a weekend with the kids. We had a really great time here and are planning on returning when the weather starts to warm up.

Let us know in the comments below if you are considering a stay here or if you ever have. The Wyndham Gettysburg is a fabulous hotel in a great location with many wonderful things to offer.

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Hotel, Wyndham, Gettysburg, PA,


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