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10 Places to visit in the North East

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When you think about visiting the North Eastern United States you probably think of going to Boston, New York City or Philadelphia. While they are all definitely worth a visit, we are going to list 10 places worth visiting that are NOT one of those major cities. With over 41 million people living in the North East, you will find all kinds of crazy, unique and amazing things to see and do.

The North East is commonly made up of nine states: Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We will focus on these nine states and give you the 10 must see places worth visiting.


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One of the best National Parks in the county can be found in Maine and the best way to get to  Acadia National Park is through Bar Harbor. Plus you will need a place to stay and eat and there is no better or closer place than this beautiful coastal town. 

This place is a lobster lover’s dream. It also helps that the views all around this island are pretty stunning. Let’s also not forget that Acadia National Park is close by. 


For a place known for its maple syrup, Vermont is also home to some other tasty treats. Come to Waterbury Vermont  to get a guided tour of the Ben & Jerry’s factory. You may even see your favorite flavor being made. 


This place is fun for both children and adults. After all you scream, I scream, we all scream for Ice Cream. 


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Looking for something slightly crazy that you can do in your car? Who hasn’t wanted to climb a Mountain? I know I have and unless there are well marked trails I could do it. But like most of us, we will never get that chance.

Well head on over to the auto trail at Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Just make sure your car is in good working order. You have to remember you are driving up a mountain so it is steep heading up and down. Your breaks NEED to be in peak working condition. Plus as you can see from the picture their are no guard rails.


I bet when you think of visiting Connecticut, much like the other New England States, that it’s in the fall. While you can get some magnificent colors in all the foliage. Spring is a great time to come a hike around the waterfalls.

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When the winter snow starts to melt these waterfalls really come to life. There are a few you can visit at the different state parks like Enders Falls State Park or Kent State Park.

Connecticut like most New England States are not very big. You can easily visit a few of the different State Parks in one day or less. Of course you wouldn’t be spending a lot of time at each.



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Massachusetts is full of wonderful places to visit for those that love Halloween. Visit Salem to get your Halloween on all year long or even the Sleepy Hallow Cemetery for a creepy vibe. But not everyone is into the creepy and supernatural. Massachusetts still has something for you that doesn’t include a visit to Boston.

While Boston is located on the coast there are many, many other small and beautiful locations. Cape Cod is probably the best known outside of Boston. This area of Massachusetts is a nature and beach lovers dream.

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A visit to the Cape Cod National Seashore is a must do when visiting Massachusetts or New England. With it’s miles upon miles of shore lines, hiking and biking trails you will easily spend a day here and wonder were all the time went. Simply breathtaking.


When you think of Rhode Island what comes to mind? I’ll wait it will probably take you a minute or more if you don’t live near by. I mean you can get from the Southwestern part of the state to the Northeastern part in a little over an hour. It’s not a big state at all but that doesn’t mean they don’t have anything interesting to offer. The opposite is true.

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Take a look at Newport Rhode Island for example. This place is a photographers dream. So many beautiful, unique places. From miles of coastline to Mansions and tons of Colonial architecture. Newport is the one place you want to stop at while passing thru Rhode Island.


If I were to choose only one place to visit in New York. Niagara Falls would have to be that place. I still remember visiting here as a kid back when all you needed was a birth certificate to cross the boarder into Canada.

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While you DO get better views of the falls on the Canada side. The New York side still overs stunning views. I would avoid this area in the winter. I remember seeing a video by Peter McKinnon when he was taking photos in this area in the winter time.


Everything was covered in ice and was really beautiful but also pretty dangerous with the ice everywhere. Unless you are skilled (who really is when it comes to ice) I would only visit in late spring, summer and early fall.

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Pennsylvania is my home state. I left for a few years while serving in the Military but came back after my tour of duty was done. There are just so many things to do in PA that it would be hard to pick just one. But only one are we going to do.

Covered Bridge, Pennsylvania, PA, Bucks County, East Coast USA, America, Travel, United States, Holiday, Vacation,

Pennsylvania is home to many covered bridges all throughout the state. Some are in state parks while others are on local roads and still used to this day by vehicles. You can find around 200 covered bridges all around PA.

Lancaster County has the most of any county in the State. Twenty-nine of the States 200 covered bridges call Lancaster County home. While over half of the remaining 66 counties have at least one covered bridge.

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Cape May, New Jersey is one of those quite little Jersey shore towns that pack a big punch. Not just in the summer months either. Cape May has lots to enjoy year long. Plus it is one of the only places I can think of where you can catch a sunset over water and see nothing but water.

You just need to head over towards the Lighthouse and go to Sunset Beach. It’s a great spot to check out. While it is packed in the summer months. The spring and fall over lower crowds and better sunsets.

Cape May, Sunset, New Jersey, East Coast USA, America, Travel, United States, Holiday, Vacation,

One of my favorite seafood places anywhere in the US is also at Cape May. The Cape May Lobster House is a delicious place to go. And if you have kids they will love the FREE Cape May County Zoo and Park. While you will be able to see more of the animals when it’s warmer. The zoo is still open in the winter months.



A road trip up along route 9 along the banks of the Hudson River will offer you spectacular views of the river and the New York country side. There are many towns along the way that offer unique and exciting things to see, do and eat.

Hudson River, New York, Road Trip, East Coast USA, America, Travel, United States, Holiday, Vacation,

On your travels be sure to check out the Walkway Over the Hudson in Highland New York. Take in the beautiful views of the surrounding around along the Hudson River on this old railroad bridge now converted into the longest elevated pedestrian span in the world.

While the Northeast has some amazing major cities like Boston, NYC and Philly. There are plenty of other amazing places to visit. This is just a very tiny sample of what you will find. There is a wide variety of sites to visit and each state has it’s own unique feel.

Have you ever visited the Northeast? Do you live in the Northeast? Tell us in the comments what’s your favorite place to visit in the Northeast. If you haven’t already follow us on social media to stay up to date with all our latest news, posts, and photos.

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