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Review of the Cape May Zoo and Park

Cape May NJ, New Jersey, Zoo, Park, Playground, shore

When you think of a zoo what is the first thing that comes to mind? I bet it is one of the “big” zoos in the city nearest you. Don’t count out the “smaller” zoos outside of major cities.

Cape May Zoo and Park is located off the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey between Cape May and Ocean City. It is about an hour and half from Philadelphia and two and half hours from New York City.

It is a fantastic location that is open year round. Price for admission….. Free! While it doesn’t cost anything to enter a donation is appreciated. By given a couple of bucks also helps keep the zoo up and running.

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The zoo is surrounded by a thick forest which provides excellent shade in the hot summer months. It really makes it easy to spent a couple of hours walking and viewing all the animals they do have.

Cape May County Zoo, New Jersey, African Savanna,

They have a Bald Eagle, Tamarin’s, river otters, Giraffe’s, red fox, camel’s, Alpaca’s. They also have African Lions, American Bison and Zebra’s. Also available is a reptile and bird houses.

Be sure to walk out to the African Savanna area of the Zoo. The way they have it set up is very nice. All of the animals that are kept out there have plenty of room to move.

Giraffe feeding, Cape May County Zoo, New Jersey, Jersey Shore, z00, animals

You are also able to book animal encounters and guided tours. Currently they have five different animal encounters available. The different encounters are Giraffe, Primate, Otter, Aviary, and Camel.

Each encounter is for up to 4 people ages 5 and up. The cost for the Primate, Otter, Aviary, and Camel is $140. They are a half hour long and need to be booked at least 10 days in advance.

The Giraffe encounter is for up to 10 people. You may be with other people if you do not have 10 people in your group for the Giraffe encounter. The encounter is also a half hour long and cost $35 per person.

If you have kids who love animals, this would probably make their day. You always see these beautiful animals from a distance. Seeing them up close and personal really shows their size. Who knows you may even be able to give them some food.

Speaking of food, have you ever wanted to feed a cow? Well you can do that at the Cape May County Zoo. They have a little barn yard area where you can feed Cows and Goats.

Cow, Feeding, Cape May County Zoo, New Jersey

Have you ever seen a goat close up? Is it just me or do they have some CRAZY eyes? I don’t know about you but they definitely have some very crazy eyes. Let me know in the comments if you agree. $99 or Less

Once you are done at the zoo be sure to check out the rest of the park. It is more than just a zoo. They also have a large playground, Aerial Obstacle Courses, carousel and train as well. You could spend your whole day here.

They do have two different playground areas. One is for children under 5, while the other is for kids over 5. The playground “floor” is made up of rubber chunks and not wood chips.

The Cape May County Zoo and Park can break up your week long vacation down at the shore. Maybe you like burning in the summer sun. Maybe you don’t. If you don’t care to become a lobster, take a break at the zoo. The trees around the park will keep you nice a cool on those hot summer days.

Do you think you’ll make a trip to the Cape May County Zoo and Park on your next trip to south Jersey? Let me know. If you want to stay in the know when we post our next post follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest @kozmophotos.


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