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10 Places to visit in New Jersey

Jersey, New Jersey, Garden State, Boardwalk, Shore, Beach, Pine barrens,

While New Jersey isn’t the biggest state. It’s not the smallest either. Jersey is ranked 47th by area and 11th by population. It’s a small state with a big attitude. Who can blame them?

After all, New Jersey is wedged right between New York City and Philadelphia. Just because this state is located between two populated and popular cities doesn’t mean that the state has nothing to offer. With 130 miles of coastline, there is a beach for anyone in Jersey. But we are not going to talk about the top beaches in New Jersey

Let’s take a look at the top ten places to visit in New Jersey. From North Jersey to South Jersey we have the 10 places you will want to see.


As I write this, most of the American Dream Mall in the Meadowlands isn’t even open yet. So far only Nickelodeon Universe, ice skating rink and indoor Ski slopes are open. The mall part isn’t scheduled to open until March of 2020.

When the American Dream Mall opens fully it will be the LARGEST mall in America. Inside you will find over 450 retail stores, 100 different places to grab a bite to eat. An indoor ski slope, theme park, ice skating rink and indoor water park. 


It is sure to be a hit. Plus this place is located right outside New York City in East Rutherford New Jersey. In case you didn’t know it is also where the New York Giants and Jets play their home games. 


There are 18 different Lighthouses in New Jersey with 11 being open to the public. If you have the chance you should go see all of them. The reason Barnegat Lighthouse is on this list and not one of the others is simply because of location. 

Barnegat Lighthouse, Jersey, New Jersey, Garden State, Boardwalk, Shore, Beach, Pine barrens, LBI, Long Beach Island,

Location, Location, Location as they say in real estate. Barnegat Lighthouse is located as close to the middle of the coastline than any other Jersey Lighthouse. If the lighthouse is open when you visit you can get some pretty great views of the surrounding area. 


Before the casinos started popping up all around the area. Atlantic City was the place to go. It was called the Las Vegas of the East Coast and it was true for a while. Once the casinos starting opening right across the river in PA. AC took a nosedive.

In recent years it really starting to bounce back. I remember visiting AC at least every other month from 2007 to 2010. Today Atlantic City is home to 9 casinos where you can find all types of slot machines, table games and sport books.

AC, Atlantic City, Jersey, New Jersey, Garden State, Boardwalk, Shore, Beach, Pine barrens,

Gambling is not the only thing you can do in AC. You can visit Lucy a Six Story Elephant and oldest surviving roadside attraction in the US. Or walk along the Atlantic City boardwalk. Maybe you too will find some of the roads and places from the board game Monopoly.   



It might be a part of the Philadelphia CityPass but Adventure Aquarium is located in Camden New Jersey. Here you will find all kinds of marine animals from sharks to sting rays and a lot in between. Check out the the 4 different areas where you can touch different sea creatures.Touch shanks, sting rays, star fish and even shrimp if they let you. 

Adventure Aquarium Camden NJ, Shark, Jersey, New Jersey, Garden State, Boardwalk, Shore, Beach, Pine barrens,

Adventure Aquarium is a fun filled day for the whole family. While there be sure to walk through the 40 foot shark tunnel. Here you will be surrounded by sharks as they swim along side and above you. 

Will you also have enough guts to cross the shark bridge? Don’t worry it’s not scary at all. But it does give you a nice aerial view of the sharks below. 


Lobster House, Cape May, New Jersey, South Jersey, Seafood, Jersey, Garden State, Boardwalk, Shore, Beach, Pine barrens,

One of my favorite restaurants anywhere has got to be the Lobster House at Fisherman’s Wharf in Cape May. The seafood is always fresh and delicious and the price can’t be beat. 

Depending on when you go you might even see the fisherman offloading the newest catch. If you are a fan of seafood, this place is for you. For an amazing meal hit up the Take Out area and get the Fried Lobster Diner. You can thank me later when you eat your 2 fried lobster tails, Fried scallops and fried shrimp. The crab cakes are amazing too.    

food, seafood, lobster tails, scallops, fries, lemon, delicious, mouthwatering,
Fried Lobster Dinner


Sandy Hook is a great location for photographers. This entire barrier island is an amazing location with many great shots waiting for you to take them. Just stay clear of Gunnison Beach.

Gunnison Beach is one of the only if not the only nude beach in New Jersey. Unless you really want to work on your no tan line tan. I would visit another beach and stick to the more “covered” areas.

Jersey, New Jersey, Garden State, Boardwalk, Shore, Beach, Pine barrens, Lighthouse,


Six Flags Great Adventure is the second largest theme park in America behind Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. Walking around the park you can definitely feel it’s massive size. When you get to the top of many of the taller rides and look around all you see is more rides. 

six flags great adventure, Jackson NJ, Theme Park, Jersey, New Jersey, Garden State, Boardwalk, Shore, Beach, Pine barrens,

Great Adventure is home to many roller coasters. Many held records at one point in time. Kingda Ka still holds the record for the tallest roller coaster at 456 feet. The newest roller coaster which will open in 2020 is called the Jersey Devil. This one claims to be the world’s tallest, fastest and longest single rail roller coaster. 

If you like thrill rides you will love your visit to Six Flags Great Adventure. But don’t forget to also go on the safari.  


Zoo, Free, Cape May, South Jersey, Jersey, New Jersey, Garden State, Boardwalk, Shore, Beach, Pine barrens,

The Cape May Zoo is another wonderful place to go to when you are in south Jersey. The best part is the zoo is free. While you will have better luck viewing animals spring, summer and fall. The zoo is open year round.

A visit to Cape May County Zoo and Park is a great way to escape the crowds on the beach and boardwalks in the middle of summer. If you aren’t a big fan of the sand but love being near the shore. This place is calling your name. 


Delaware Water Gap, Hiking, mountains, Jersey, New Jersey, Garden State, Boardwalk, Shore, Beach, Pine barrens,

The Delaware Water Gap is a great place to soak up a little nature. With miles upon miles of hiking trails it would take you a couple weeks to hike them all. For a state that is tiny and has so many people per square mile. It is amazing how much open space is available for everyone to enjoy. 



Liberty State Park, Statue of Liberty, Jersey, New Jersey, Garden State, Boardwalk, Shore, Beach, Pine barrens,

Liberty State Park is located in Jersey City right across the Hudson from New York City. You will not only find beautiful walking paths along the river. Liberty Park also offers ferry service to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

It’s wonderful to have a beautiful park so close to the Statue of Liberty. This also makes it a great location for some amazing photos. Both of Lady Liberty but of the NYC Skyline as well. This might be the most difficult location to get to on our list but it is worth it. 

Jersey City, Liberty state park, NYC

That was only 10 places that every visitor to New Jersey should visit. Just imagine if we put all the other lighthouses or the top beaches on this list. That would be one heck of list. 

Let us know in the comments below where your favorite place to visit in New Jersey is. I love going down and visiting Cape May. I can enjoy the free Cape May Zoo. Have my tasty seafood at the Lobster House and enjoy a wonderful sunset over the water at Sunset Beach.

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Jersey, New Jersey, Garden State, Boardwalk, Shore, Beach, Pine barrens,
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