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Best Beaches to Visit in New Jersey This Summer

If you live in most areas of the country other than the Northeast, when you think of the Beach I doubt the Jersey Shore pops into your head. That is unless you are thinking of the MTV show. While the beaches in New Jersey are nowhere near as popular as the ones in Florida or California, there are still great times to be had.

With close to 130 miles of coastline, New Jersey has a beach for just about anybody. Beaches for epic sunrises or sunsets (yes even on the east coast). Some damn good surf fishing areas. Also beaches for fans of the one arm bandit.

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Jersey even has ones that will transport you back to mid-18th century, or peering out overlooking the big apple. There are also miles upon miles of boardwalk that have just about everything to offer everyone.

So get your flip-flops, bathing suit, and towels ready. Here is a list of the best beaches to visit in New Jersey this summer.

Cape May

We are going to start at the southernmost point of Jersey. All around Cape May you will find colorful Victorian mansions. They can really help set up an amazing photo with their distinct design and vibrant colors.

You can also visit one of the 18 lighthouses New Jersey has to offer. Don’t forget to also visit the free Cape May Zoo. After your long day visiting all the sights of Cape May stop off at the Lobster House for some amazing food. To finish off your day catch a sunset at Sunset beach.


The Wildwoods is a combination of three towns (Wildwood Crest, North Wildwood and Wildwood). It’s at this beach were you can get on for free. Most of the other beaches you need a beach tag or pay an entrance fee. Just know that it is quite a hike out to the water.

Most people I know don’t come to Wildwood for the beach though. They come for the boardwalk. This is tied for the best boardwalk in all of Jersey. The boardwalk is about a mile and a half long with numerous shops and food spots. It is also home to three piers with rides for kids both big and small.

Ocean City

Not to be mistaken for Ocean City, Maryland. Ocean City, New Jersey is hands down the best place for families with kids. The town is a “dry” town so you won’t have to worry about drunk college kids causing a scene. Just make sure everyone is drinking plenty of water. Having this Brita filtered water bottle is a life saver while spending time down at the shore.

Ocean City also has a huge boardwalk with water and amusement parks. At the southernmost point of town is Corson’s Inlet State Park. It is a great spot to fish or hike.


Atlantic City

I am sure when you think of Jersey beaches, AC doesn’t pop up in your mind. But it should. AC has really turned around the past few years and can be a great weekend getaway for you and your spouse (leave the kids at home on this one).

It can also be a cheaper option than going to Vegas. Bonus: Unlike Vegas where they have too much sand and not enough water, AC is the exact opposite.

Long Beach Island (LBI)

LBI is one of those places that has it all. This 18 mile long barrier island has a beautiful lighthouse at its northern most part. Miles of great fishing areas both along the coast and in the bay.

It also is home to a wildlife refuge at the southernmost tip which is a great spot for some bird watching.

Island Beach State Park

On the other side of LBI across from the Barnegat Inlet sits Island Beach State Park. Here is nothing but beach. This is the perfect area for swimming, sunbathing, and even boogie boarding.

Travel past the bath houses to find miles of beach dedicated to surf fishing. This is even a good spot to launch a kayak. If you meet the requirements and get a pass you can even drive on the beach.

Seaside Heights

Probably best known from the MTV show Jersey Shore. Seaside Heights has a couple of things to offer. If you go around to the bay they have some pretty good crabbing and fishing spots.

Be sure to also check out the iconic boardwalk. Grab a t-shirt at one of the many stores and a slice of pizza and enjoy the people watching.

I like to go to Island Beach State Park to go swimming. Then at night we hit up Seaside Heights for the boardwalk and those amazing fries.


This town and beach has a much more laid back vibe to it than the others. What does this one offer that puts it on the list? Well they have movies on the beach.

Be sure to check out one of the charter boats heading out into the ocean for some deep sea fishing.

Asbury Park

If you love music a stop at Asbury Park is a must. John Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen (both from New Jersey) have played here at the iconic Stone Pony.

There is something here for everyone in the family to enjoy. If you are going with little kids check out the Asbury Splash Park.

Sandy Hook

Rounding out the list of best beaches to visit in New Jersey is Sandy Hook. Located across the bay from New York. It is a nice place to visit. If you are lucky and the conditions are right you can see the New York City skyline off in the distance.

For me that is the best part. I love to come up here and relax watching the incoming and outgoing flights and getting a peek at the beautiful skyline.

So do you agree that these are the 10 best beaches to visit in New Jersey? What would you add to the list? Would you take anything away?


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