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When to visit Walt Disney World

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One of the biggest and toughest questions on everyone’s mind when considering booking a Walt Disney World vacation is when should you go. Some people wait for the perfect weather. Others wait for low crowds. While others go whenever the kids are out of school. 

If you are having a tough time trying to decide on when to go. Our guide here will help. Don’t pick a week based off an old out of date crowd calendar. Crowds are pretty much heavy no matter when you go. Sure some weeks are lighter or heavier than normal but Disney World is normally very busy compared to other places you might vacation at.

Below you will find a month by month break down that will give you the average high and low for that month. Amount of rainfall. We will even give you some of the more heavier weekends that you may want to avoid if you don’t feel like waiting 45 minutes or longer on almost EVERY ride.


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What month did you think we were going to start with? There’s no better month to start with than January. It is the first month of the Year after all. 

The average high in the beginning of January is 70 with a low of 50. By the end of the month the average high is 72 with a low of 51. The weather in January is very comfortable with low humidity compared to the summer months. This should also be perfect temps for anyone visiting from the Midwest, North and Northeast. 


The month of January has an average rainfall amount of 2.3 inches. You should still have your rain gear with you but there’s a good chance you may get little to no rain when you visit.

As for crowds you will want to stay away from New Years Day till the first Sunday of the month. Martin Luther King weekend and any weekend a run or cheer event is going on will be a little more crowded. Usually the last weekend will have a big cheer competition going on.  


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Come the End of February the average high will climb to around 75 and the low will sit at 55. That’s a pretty decent change from the end of January. Since January is typical the coldest month of the year in Orlando it is not a surprise that the temperature will keep on rising until September.  

The rainfall in February also increases from that of January. The average rainfall amount in February is 2.47 inches. Still nowhere near the amount you will get in the summer. So just like any other time of the year, make sure you have the rain gear packed in your bag or at least in the suitcase for the days it does rain. 

February might be the best month to visit when you are considering crowd level. Just like January the busiest times will be  the holiday weekend (President’s Day) and any run or cheer weekend. 


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Come the end of March the average high in Orlando will be around 80 and the low will be around 59. While it is starting to get warm it still isn’t very humid yet. You still have another month or two till the humidity picks up.

The average rainfall in March also jumps up from February. The average rainfall is around 3.77 inches but is nowhere near the almost 8 inches you will find in the middle of summer. 


Early March usually has pretty low crowds. While they are slightly higher than the crowds found in February, you will still have an enjoyable time with low wait times. However, once spring break starts the crowds will start to increase. It will usually stay that way until Easter. Of course that all depends on when Easter is.   


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Surprisingly April sees a dip in the Average rainfall amount. April gets on average 2.68 inches of rain compared to the 3.77 inches in March. Good thing Orlando’s May Flowers don’t need the April Showers. 

The temperature is still on the rise with the average high at the end of April being 85 and low coming in around 64. April is one of the best months to come in my opinion. The temperature is just right with low humidity and a low chance of rain. 

Once Easter passes you will enjoy low crowds for the remainder of the month and into early May. 


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Early May is another great time to visit WDW and Orlando. Like the end of April, the beginning of May sees temps around 85 for the high and 64 for the low. By the end of May the temperature jumps up to an average high of 90 and low of 71. The end of May also starts to get very humid. 

Average rainfall for the month of May is 3.45 inches. You have a better chance in May for an afternoon pop up shower than the first four months of the year. Once the humidity picks up you start having a greater chance of afternoon thunderstorms in Florida. 


Most of the month has fairly light crowds. However, that all changes once you come up to Memorial Day. Once you have Memorial Day weekend crowds will get increasingly heavier as the summer gets closer and schools are out for summer break. 


Rain, Flower, WDW in June

The average low for June continues to get higher but the high stays around the same at 90. The average low at the end of the month is 74. June starts the really hot and humid months for visiting Walt Disney World and will last until September. If you have never visited Florida in the summer, you’re in for a treat. Some days even at 6 in the morning before the sun is even up you step outside and start to sweat. If this is not your idea of fun (who’s idea of fun is it anyway) the summer months you might want to skip.

The average rainfall amounts also jump up a lot for June. You are looking at an average rainfall amount for the month at around 7.54 inches making it the rainiest month of the year. Don’t get caught leaving your resort without the rain gear. There is a good chance for spotty showers and thunderstorms everyday for the next 90 (yes 90) days. 

This use to be one of the busiest times of year from June thru mid August. The past couple of years have seen lighter than normal crowds for this time of year. While by no means will you find wait times for Flight of Passage or Slinky Dog Dash under 1 hour. You could see them at around 90 to 120 minute wait times. Not bad when you consider Flight of Passage had wait times close to 300 minutes a few days before Christmas. 


Melting Ice Cream in summer, Disney in July

July much like June the temps hang around 91 for a high and 76 for a low on average. The thick soupy air is hanging around still and you will not get much relief for another two months. I spent a few months in the Iraqi desert in 03 and would rather deal with that 100+ degree temperature than 90 something with high humidity. 

It’s so humid that the sky wants to cry everyday. It’s like ringing out a soaking wet towel between 1 and 3 pm everyday. Maybe you will be in the path of a thunderstorm. Maybe you won’t. Just grab some dice and try your luck. The average rainfall for July in 7.27 inches. Not much less than June but still a little less. 


Like we said, it use to be one of the busiest times to visit Walt Disney World behind Christmas. Now not so much. There is even a chance that you can find a room discount or free dining offer during this period of time.  


Back to School, School Bus

August is another hot month with the high in the middle of the month being around 92 on average. However, the temperature starts to head towards the upper 80s by the end of August. It is still very hot and humid for the whole month. Again, if you don’t like high humidity go either in late fall, early spring or winter.

August much like June and July is very wet. You will see rain forecasted for every day. It will mostly be afternoon pop up showers but you might have to worry about a hurricane as well. Disney has closed because of hurricanes. They have closed in the months of August, September and October. While it is rare for the parks to close, it does happen and is one thing you have to think about when traveling this late into hurricane season. 

Average rainfall for the month of August comes in at 7.13 inches. It is mostly from pop up afternoon thunderstorms and showers. Most of these storms are fast moving and the sun usually returns an hour later and the ground is dry within a half hour of the last rain drop. 

Mid August usually sees a drop from the crowd levels. Most of the southern schools head back around the 15th of the month so weekday crowds are lower. Weekend crowds may be a little higher but still not too bad. 


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Come the end of September the average high is around 87 and the average low is 72. Again it is still very humid but you won’t have to deal with as many people so it may feel a little better.

Average rainfall amounts are still over 6 inches for September. You will still get the same pop up thunderstorms that you would experience in June, July and August. Also if the park is going to close for a hurricane. You have better odds it will be in September than any other month. 


September is a good month to visit if you have young kids who are not yet in school. The crowds are much lighter than the other summer months and it is still warm enough to really enjoy the pool. The day’s are also getting shorter so it will be easier to experience the parks at night with younger kids.  


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Your average high for October starts off around 87 and drops all the way to 81 by months end. The average low by the end of the month is 63. Fall is in the air at Walt Disney World. At least a Florida fall. It is still way too hot for people from the northern states. We are use to temps in the 50s and 60s in October. 

You will see a big drop in the average rainfall amount too. October’s average rainfall is only 3.31 inches. Almost 3 inches less than September. The humidity is also nowhere near what it is in the summer months. You will still get some humid days but it won’t be too bad.

Crowds for October are typical light. The closer you get to Halloween the busier Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is but the rest of the parks have light crowds. 


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Come the end of November you will be enjoying an average high of 75 and a low of 57. You also shouldn’t have many or any humid days. It is a really enjoyable time of year with the temperature and humidity. 

Average rainfall amounts are low too. The average rainfall amount for November is only a little over 2 inches. There is a good chance you could see little to no rain for your week vacation. 


Crowds are pretty light from the beginning of the month all the way till you hit the week of Thanksgiving. The week of Thanksgiving will be heavy crowds. If you are not a crowd person or don’t like waiting in line for everything you do (and we mean everything) DO NOT go the week of Thanksgiving. Go at least a week before or after. 


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Closing out the 12 months is December with an average high of 73 and a low of 52 making this the second coldest month to visit Walt Disney World. No humidity to speak of in December but of course it could still happen. 

Rainfall comes in around 2.5 inches for the month on Average. The is a little more on average than both November and January. You shouldn’t have to worry about a complete wash out but it could still happen. 

Crowds in early December will be heavier than what you could expect in early November. Once the week of Christmas comes the crowds will be insane. Much like Thanksgiving week but worse. Much, much worse. You could easily see wait times of 3 hours or more from one of the most popular rides in all of Orlando, Flight of Passage. There is something special about visiting Disney World around Christmas. Just be prepared for very heavy crowds.



Throughout the year many special events are held around Walt Disney World. These can be great times to visit since you get to see the parks decorated for different seasons or holidays. 

Festival of the Arts at EPCOT usually runs for the months of January and February. If you are a fan of art or just love Disney you may want to plan a trip in mid January to late February to take in this new festival over at EPCOT. This festival is free with your admission to EPCOT. 

Flower and Garden at EPCOT has quickly become a new mini food and wine just with flowers. Walking around EPCOT you will find many food booths (less than Food and Wine) and over 100 topiaries of all your favorite Disney characters. Flower and Garden runs from March until just before June. This festival is free with your admission to EPCOT.   


Disney After Hours at Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom are special ticketed events to the park after the park had closed to regular guest. You can enjoy much shorter wait times on all the popular rides. Pop Corn, select drinks and ice cream are usually included with your after hours ticket. If you are planning a short trip. A ticket for one of the After Hour events may very well be worth it. After Hour events usually run from January till June.

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party runs from mid August to Halloween at Magic Kingdom Theme Park. This is a special ticketed event. You can experience a unique night time parade and fireworks show along with the Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular in front of the Castle. To me it seems like the parties have been much busier now than in the past making it almost not worth it. But I did say almost. You can still meet some special characters like Jack and Sally, the Seven Dwarfs and others that you wouldn’t normally see around Disney World. Trick or Treating is also a thing at the party. It’s for both the young and young at heart. 

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If you are visiting around this time of year you should go at least once to check it out on your own. Even if you can’t attend a party the Magic Kingdom is still all dressed up for Halloween on the other days and nights the party isn’t happening.  

EPCOT’s Food & Wine Festival is one festival everyone wants to attend. This festival takes place at Disney’s EPCOT theme park from late August to early November. Try food and drinks from around the world. Best part about Food and Wine…. many of the food at the booths are only a snack credit when using the Disney Dining Plan. 


Holiday Celebrations are happening in November and December at Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT and Disney Springs. Each has its own unique feel and decorations going on. Hollywood Studios has a special firework show called Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM. Walk around the World Showcase in EPCOT to hear stories of how the holidays are celebrated in each country showcased at EPCOT. 

lights, Christmas,

Disney Resorts even get into the spirit by decorating huge christmas trees in the lobbies. Some people like to just resort hop and see all the different decorations in all of the Walt Disney World Resort hotels. 

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is held on select nights in November and December at Magic Kingdom. Unlike the celebrations going on at the other 3 theme parks this one is a special event ticket which you will need to purchase. There is a special parade and fireworks show for guest attending the party. You can also get your feel of cookies and hot cocoa. 

Don’t worry the Magic Kingdom is still decorated even if you are not attending the party.

JANUARY71°/49°2.35 inchesFestival of the Arts & After Hours
FEBRUARY74°/52°2.47 inchesFestival of the Arts & After Hours
MARCH78/°56°3.77 inchesFlower & Garden/ After Hours
APRIL83°/60°2.68 inchesFlower & Garden/ After Hours
MAY88°/66°3.45 inchesFlower & Garden/ After Hours
JUNE91°/72°7.58 inchesAfter Hours
JULY92°/74°7.27 inchesNONE
AUGUST92°/74°7.13MNSSHP/ Food & Wine
SEPTEMBER90°/73°6 inchesMNSSHP/ Food & Wine
OCTOBER85°/66°3.31 inchesMNSSHP/ Food & Wine
NOVEMBER79°/59°2 inchesFood & Wine/ Holiday Celebrations/ MVMCP
DECEMBER73°/52°2.5 inchesHoliday Celebrations/ MVMCP

Summer used to be the second busiest time to visit behind Christmas. Now that doesn’t appear to be the case. It appears now that no matter when you go it will be busy just sometimes are a little busier than others and summer no long has the massive crowds they once did.

No matter what time of year you visit Walt Disney World you will be waiting in line after line after line. Having a good plan can help cut your time with all the waiting. Having knowledge like what events are happening when and how hot or cold is it going to be can help you make a better decision on when to visit. Do your homework and check out as much information as you can to help make the best plan for your WDW Vacation. 

What has the biggest impact for you when deciding when to visit? Is it a special event like Flower & Garden or Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party? Are you more worried about how hot and humid it will be? Let us know in the comments below.  

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WDW, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Summer, Fall, Spring, Winter, Theme Park, Disney,


  1. Thanks for a great post! 😊 We went in November last year and found it to be the perfect time! We went in the two weeks after half-term in the UK and before Thanksgiving in the US, so the crowds were pretty low. We only had two occasions of rain, and the weather hit 75-80 each day. As a Welsh person used to the cold, it was a welcome difference 🙂


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