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Quick Guide to: Adventure Aquarium

Adventure Aquarium, Marine Life, Sea Life, Sharks, Fish, Philadelphia, NJ, Camden

Adventure Aquarium is located in Camden, NJ right across the river from Philadelphia. It is easy to get to from car, train or even boat when visiting Philly. Adventure Aquarium is even apart of the Philadelphia CityPass.

Adventure Aquarium has the largest collection of sharks on the east coast. They also have a shark viewing tunnel and a shark bridge. There are a whole lot of shark relate exhibits to view.

If you are brave enough you can even touch a shark. There is a large tank with about a dozen sharks swimming that you can catch a feel for how they feel? Are they rubbery? How about tough and scaly? Maybe even a little slimy? You won’t be able to find out unless you touch one for yourself.

touch a shark, Bamboo shark, water, Marine Life, Sea Life
Touch a Bamboo Shark

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You could easy spend 2 hours just looking at sharks. There are two large viewing windows into the tanks that house the sharks. There are about 8 different shark species including the Great Hammerhead and Sand Tiger Sharks.

Be sure to check out the shark realm for some great opportunities to see some of these beautiful creatures up close. Walk through the 40 foot long shark tunnel as nearly 20 sharks swim by in the 550,000 gallon tank that houses them.

Shark Tunnel, Sharks, Underwater viewing, Camden, Adventure Aquarium, NJ, Philadelphia, Marine Life, Sea Life

After your stroll underwater, do you dare cross the shark bridge? The shark bridge cross over the massive tank where the sharks are lurking below. It is the longest bridge of it’s kind at 81 feet long.

While you cross the bridge be sure to look around and not only down. You can sometimes catch a peak of the staff feeding the sharks or just general check ups of the animals. Of course looking down and spotting a fin rising up above the water is also pretty cool.

Adventure Aquarium, shark bridge, sand shark, reef shark,
Shark Bridge Adventure Aquarium

Of course there is more to do here than see sharks. On the main floor check out the large viewing window into the huge 760,000 gallon tank. This tank houses many types of fish as well as sea turtles, sting rays and the Hammerhead Sharks.

Take a walk around the tank to learn some interesting things about the creatures that call the ocean home. Explore and see what animals live in and around piers. Or deep in the ocean. You can even try to find the octopus.

octopus, Adventure Aquarium, Camden New Jersey, water, Marine Life, Sea Life

Did you find him? He blends in very nicely with the rock wall. If you haven’t found him look for the yellow eye. Sometimes he is very hard to spot in his tank.

Take a look around at all the other colorful fish that are around. On the third floor you can even see a 1 in a million BLUE Lobster. They have a genetic defect that cause them to produce too much protein.

fish, tropical, aquarium, Camden, New Jersey, Marine Life, Sea Life

You and your kids will also be able to find Nemo and Dory swimming together in a tank. It is fun watching kids and parents alike pointing out and saying “Hey, I found Nemo. Oh and look theirs Dory”.

Also up in the kids zone you can touch some starfish. They also can also touch a shrimp. Well you won’t really touch one. The second you go near one of the shrimp they run away. You just have to keep your hand still and they may come over and touch you.

Speaking of touching things. Have you ever touched a string ray before? If you haven’t or even if you have Adventure Aquarium also has a large string ray area where you can touch one.

sting ray, adventure aquarium, Camden, New Jersey, water, touch

Stick you hand in the water and these beautiful animals swim by. Watch out cause these guys can move pretty fast. You may even get splashed by one as they swim by. $99 or Less

There is just so many different species to explore and learn about. Find out how plastic can effect sea turtles. Would you be surprised to know that some sea turtles eat jellyfish? A clear plastic bags floating in the ocean can be mistaken for a jellyfish.

jellyfish, Adventure Aquarium, NJ, Camden, Philadelphia, Marine Life, Sea Life

Adventure Aquarium is a very nice place to learn about how we have an impact on marine life. Instead of letting that bag fly away on the beach. Maybe we should get up and run after it.

You can easily spend a few hours here on your next trip to Philadelphia. If you live in the area it’s even better. Just drive down to Penn’s Landing and take the ferry over to Camden. On your way back check out Penn’s Landing. I have a review on Penn’s Landing you can read about it here.

Have you ever been to Adventure Aquarium? Do you think you will grab a Philly CityPass and explore the many exhibits offered here? Let me know in the comments below. f you haven’t already be sure follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest at KozmoPhotos. It will help you stay up to date with all the latest post, news and photos.

Adventure Aquarium, NJ, Philadelphia, Camden, Marine Life, Sea Life


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