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Cape May Lobster House

For years, anytime I head down to south Jersey I have to stop at The Lobster House on Fisherman’s Wharf in Cape May, NJ for some great, fresh seafood. This place has anything you can dream of, when it comes to seafood.

Cape May, NJ, Jersey Shore, Jersey, Lobster House, seafood, fresh,

Raw oysters? Got em. Fried Shrimp and crab cakes? They have both. Whole Lobster? Of course they do. The Lobster House would be a horrible name if they didn’t have whole lobster.

What about Stone Crab claws? Yes they do and you could even get Blue Crab Claws too. You could even get Mako, Swordfish and even tuna. With so many different choices, what are you waiting for.

The Lobster House is made up of 5 different areas: The Restaurant, The Raw Bar, The Takeout Shop, Schooner America, and the Fish Market. Each area offers a different selection of fresh seafood.

Fish Market at the Fisherman's Wharf at the Lobster House in Cape May, NJ
Fish Market

You may even get lucky enough and watch them unload the newest catch on the back dock. I must admit it is pretty fun for kids and adults to watch the fisherman working to unloading the fish from the deck of the ships. You can even watch it while you enjoy your meal. It’s like a dinner and a show.

If you order from the Raw Bar or Takeout Shop you can sit on the back dock. There is a lot of seating out back but it does fill up quickly around lunch and dinner times.

Water View, peaceful, relaxing, boats

The dock offers some spectacular views the surrounding area. Watch boats and kayaks go up and down the water way while eating fantastic food.

Cape May, NJ, Jersey Shore, Jersey, Lobster House, seafood, fresh, fries, lobster tails, scallops, shrimp, fried food,

I will usually go and get the Fried Lobster Dinner. It is two 4-5 oz lobster tails, 3-4 sea scallops, and about 5 fried shrimp. It also comes with coleslaw and your choice of french fries or a baked potato.

On this day I took a friend of mine who never has really had seafood. She said she had shrimp when she was younger but didn’t like it found that it was too chewy. She does however, enjoy Salmon.

Salmon Filet at the Lobster House, Cape May, NJ, Jersey Shore, Jersey, Lobster House, seafood, fresh,

As you would guess it she ordered the Broiled Salmon Filet Platter. I did also have her try a few other things for her “Summer of Trying new things: Part 2”. Last year she said she tried ONE new thing. We already have that beat with 4 new things just on this trip.

She ended up liking 2 of the items (Fried Lobster tail and shrimp), wasn’t a fan of the fried clams and a little unsure of the crab cake.

The Crab Cakes at the Lobster House are not small thin cakes. These are fat suckers loaded with crab meat and very little filler. I dare to say the best crab cakes you will find anywhere outside of the Chesapeake bay area. They probably even beat out a bunch from that area.

Each meal as you can see from the photos comes with a lemon, cocktail and tartar sauce. And don’t worry they even have a kids menu with fried flounder, chicken fingers, shrimp, or grilled cheese.

My daughter usually just gets the fried clams. She loves the little “crunches”. But her favorite thing has to be the dessert.

Peanut Butter Explosion Dessert at the Lobster House Takeout Shop in Cape May, NJ

They have a great selection of dessert to choose from. Many different tarts, cakes and cheesecakes. You really cannot go wrong with any that you pick. They are all very flavorful and rich. I personally go for the peanut butter explosion. My daughter loves to get a slice of the Dark Side of the Moon cake.

Dessert Case, Cakes, and pies, Cape May, NJ, Jersey Shore, Jersey, Lobster House, seafood, fresh,

Whether you are down around Cape May, NJ for just a day trip or spending the week near by at Wildwood or Ocean City. The Lobster House is a must stop destination. Enjoy a great lunch or dinner and even pick up some fresh fish for the rental you are staying at or for when you get home.

Just take the Garden State Parkway all the way south to Cape May. Go over the bridge and you can’t miss the sign on your left. This place offers great food and stunning views.

I go at least 4 times a year. Twice in the summer, and once in the Spring and Winter. It’s a great place to get some food after visiting the Cape May Zoo. Or after taking a morning ride on the WildWood Boardwalk. If you listen closely enough in the morning you may even hear the sound of reveille.

Did you know that the US Coast Guard Training Center is located right across the Harbor? That is one of the areas new recruits for the Coast Guard go. You will probably even see some Coast Guard vessels out and about while you are here.

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The Lobster House sign in Cape May, NJ.


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