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Everything Great about EPCOT

Why does this park get so much hate? I love EPCOT. For me it’s second only to Magic Kingdom. Did you know that EPCOT is more than twice, YES TWICE the size of Magic Kingdom.

So many people consider skipping EPCOT if they are short on time or rushing through everything to make it a half day park. I say EPCOT should get two days just like most people consider giving Magic Kingdom two days.

Sure it doesn’t have the amount of rides Magic Kingdom has. But it does have 2 of the most popular and best rides in all of Walt Disney World.

EPCOT opened on October 1, 1982 and was the second theme park in Walt Disney World. While it wasn’t completed the way Walt Disney had envisioned it. It was inspired by his ideas.

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As most of you know EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Now lets see why this park is so EPIC and found out Everything that is Great about EPCOT.


Soarin', EPCOT, Theme Park, WDW, Walt Disney World

As I stated before, EPCOT has two of the best and most popular ride in all of Walt Disney World. Of course I am talking about Soarin’ and Test Track. They are both completely different rides but are loved by so many people.

Soarin’ or Soarin’ around the World as it is official known will be turning 15 in May 2020. It is still just as popular now as it was back in 2005. Sadly my popularity has gone done since than.


While the queue for the ride is very boring. Reminds you of being at an airport waiting to board a plane (great for paying attention to detail, horrible for waiting in long lines). The ride itself is amazing.

You get hoisted into the air and are looking at a giant screen. The chairs tilt a little up and down so it really makes it feel like you are really flying in the air. Add in the wind and you really might think that you are.

Smell the lavender while you are flying towards the Taj Mahal. Or the dirt while in Africa. Just be glad it is the smell of dirt and not something else from the elephants.

Test Track, EPCOT, WDW

Now Test Track doesn’t make it seem like you are really moving. You are Really moving. In fact Test Track is currently the FASTEST ride at any of the 4 Walt Disney World theme parks. It is faster than any of the roller coasters, Splash Mountain and Yes even the People Mover.

The highlight to many, myself included, is the speed test at the end of the ride. Buckle up as you go 88 miles per…. wait that’s not right. Buckle up as you go 64.9 miles per hour. Make sure you smile. This is where your picture is taken.

EPCOT is also home to one of the most famous Park Icons in the World. Right behind the Castle in Magic Kingdom. Of course we are talking about the Spaceship Earth the Geodesic Sphere (Golf Ball).

Spaceship Earth, Geodesic Sphere, WDW, EPCOT

There is a ride in there, that many people are unaware of. It’s a neat little ride that takes you through the history of communication. It is one of my daughters favorite rides. I enjoy it since it is a longer ride and keeps you cool on those hot Florida summer Days.

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Now I just love the World Showcase. I think I fell in love with it back when I came here on my Senior Class Trip in High School. I just like being about to go “around” the world in a few short hours.

Go around and grab different food and drinks from the 11 different pavilions. It’s a great way to try new things. Each country has unique food and drinks.

The France pavilion is a favorite among many guest. So many delicious pastries to try. While some of the names are hard to get out of your mouth. They taste so good going in.

Snack Credit at the France Pavilion at EPCOT in Walt Disney World

Other great eats throughout the World Showcase are the Fish and Chips in England. Gelato in Italy or shaved ice in Japan. School Bread or the Troll Horn in Norway.

Traditional Poutine, EPCOT, WDW
Traditional Poutine

My favorite snack in all of EPCOT has to be the Traditional Poutine at Refreshment Port which is on your way towards Canada. While not really in World Showcase. Poutine is a Canadian Dish so I put it here. This is also a GREAT use of your Disney Dining Plan snack credit.

And who can forget about wanting to drink around the world. The popular adult activity many people TRY but never finish. Don’t feel bad if you don’t finish. Remember it is very hot in Florida and that can really take a toll on your drinking ability.

TIP: Take a friend or 3 and split the drinks

Don’t forget about all the shopping that can be done around the World Showcase. So many unique gifts for your friends and family back home. Your kids will love looking in all the different shops. Just keep an eye on them. Lot’s of glass in these shops.

But fear not. There really are things for kids to do around the World Showcase. Not only could they try different Ice Cream or Water Ice from the different Countries. They can go into KidsCot.


Get a stamp at each country and have a cast member from that country write a short saying in there language. It is usually just “Hello”, but sometimes they will write a more touching hello.

Who could forget all the entertainment held in each country. Watch drummers in Japan. See a Juggler in Italy. Live music in America, Canada, UK and many others.

Dance the Polka in Germany. Or enjoy the high flying thrilling act of the The Jeweled Dragon Acrobats in China. As you can see you could spend a whole day just in the World Showcase.



EPCOT is home to many festivals through out the year. If you are visiting in late winter into spring you can visit The Flower and Garden Festival. If visiting in Fall you can go to the Food and Wine Festival.

Each are amazing to go to. In the spring it is so colorful and in the Fall there is just so much food.

EPCOT Food and Wine festival Africa food booth
Food and Wine Booth

Both festivals have food booths set up all around EPCOT. The great thing about that is most of the food items are snack credit eligible. These festivals are a great time to get excellent value on your snack credits.

At the Smokehouse during Flower and Garden.
Flower and Garden SmokeHouse food booth


Boy oh Boy the stuff coming to EPCOT in the next few years look EPIC. It looks like a complete overhaul of the front of the park. I for one am really liking what is planned.

From the new space themed restaurant Space 220 to the new rides coming soon. There is just so many things to get excited about. I just hope they keep the lights in the ground.

We just love walking around Future World at night and watching these lights, light up. It just adds something special to EPCOT that you don’t see in the other parks.

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So what is everything great about EPCOT for you? Or are you one of those people who hate EPCOT? Let us know in the comments below. If you are not a fan of EPCOT check out my post about Everything that Sucks about EPCOT.

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