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Everything That Sucks about Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Studios Orlando is a theme park located in Orlando Florida not too far from Disney World and SeaWorld. But Universal is anything like the other two theme parks. Which really isn’t a good thing.

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 Universal Studios Florida opened on June 7, 1990. It opened about a year after Disney’s MGM Studios now known as Hollywood Studios. Both theme parks were a place for you to “ride the movies”. At one point one was clearly better than the other. As they stand now it is debatable which one is better than the other. 

Universal Studios is the 6th most visited theme park in the United States and 9th worldwide. It ranks behind all 4 Walt Disney World theme parks.

You might be thinking to yourself what could possibly suck at Universal Studios if it is ranked only behind Disney Theme Parks. Well here’s everything that sucks at Universal Studios Orlando.


Universal Studios Orlando current slogan is Vacation like you mean it. However, to me it will always be “Ride the Movies”. But unlike some of the classics that are no longer there that were great. Some of the newer rides have been anything but.

In 2017 and 2018 Universal Studios Orlando had two new rides open. Race through New York with Jimmy Fallon and Fast & Furious: Supercharged. One was clearly a cash grab on a popular movie franchise. The other was …….. Well I’m not sure what the other one was. 


I personally enjoyed Twister and Disaster much more. Maybe that is why both Fast & Furious and Jimmy Fallon are on the bottom of my list of Universal Studios Orlando attractions. For all the ride videos check out my post here.

Another attraction down at the bottom of my list would have to be Shrek 4D. Not only can this video be found on YouTube or on the Shrek DVD. The added effects don’t do enough for me to want to visit. Sure on a hot day once you get in the theater it’s nice and cool. But the line and preshow areas get very warm. 

Just think of all these people in a close space, after spending hours in the hot Florida sun. It is not a pleasant experience.

Another thing I think really sucks about Universal is how they will load some rides. I was just there back in late August, so it wasn’t too busy. Most rides had a wait of 30 minutes or less. 

Now we were a party of 2. Just my daughter and I. We went to ride the Simpson’s ride which holds 8 per car. Four in the front and four in the back. They loaded us up with two other families of 3. So for her first ride on the Simpson’s ride she had to sit by herself with another family. This is something you don’t see happen at Disney. 


Universal Express Pass Entrance for Men In Black ride at Universal Studios Orlando

This has got to be the thing I hate the most about Universal Studios Florida. Not only did I just have to sell my kidney for a 1 day ticket (tickets start at $115). If I want to skip the lines I need to spend even more money (Starting at $70) in order to skip MOST rides ONE time using the Universal Express ticket. 

To skip MOST of the Rides an UNLIMITED amount of times, starts off at $89 with the Universal Express Unlimited ticket. Now the dates I’ve looked at the cheapest I’ve found the was $89 for the express and $109 for the express unlimited. 

DON’T forget those prices are ON TOP of your ticket to get into the park. Now if you stay at a Universal Premier category hotel, you get Universal express included with your hotel stay. 

If you are reading this I am assuming you are like me and really can’t splurge on a Universal Premier Hotel. We are more likely to book a room in the Endless summer resort instead.  

Now I know most theme parks aside from Walt Disney World have some sort of pay to play kind of ticket. Hershey Park, Six Flags, Busch Gardens Tampa, Sesame Place all have an add-on ticket or pass for front of the line access. I’m just not a fan of it at all. 

Unlike Disney World or even Hershey Park where they will go back and forth between regular line and express line. Universal will keep letting the express line in. It feels like they would even break your family up to let in express pass guest.

Maybe it’s just me but I can’t see spending over $200 for a one day ticket with express pass to enjoy a theme park. I would rather see them do a paper fastpass system or a reservation system (like FastPass+) for only one ride. It seems like the express pass is only meant for the BELLATRIX LESTRANGE types of the muggle world. 



I can’t really saying anything bad about the food other than nothing really jumped out at me that I wanted to try. The Leaky Cauldron, Moe’s Tavern or Mel’s Drive-in have a cool atmosphere. 

But nothing jumps out at you that you have to try. Most of them just have burgers, chicken fingers and salads. The burgers are good but that’s about it. They are just good. I’d rather head over to Bubba Gump and grab something there. 

Bubba Gump's Seafood Company at CityWalk in Universal Resort in Orlando

Overall I really do enjoy this theme park. Of the 7 theme parks in Orlando I would rank this one number 6 just ahead of Hollywood Studios which would be in last place. Of course once I go to Galaxy’s Edge Hollywood Studios may jump up a spot or two.

  1. Magic Kingdom
  2. EPCOT
  3. Islands of Adventure
  4. Animal Kingdom
  5. SeaWorld
  6. Universal Studios
  7. Hollywood Studios

Some rides here at Universal Studios are epic. While others just completely suck, bringing down the rest of the park.

Food seems like an after thought and so does theming outside of the Simpson’s Area. Don’t get me wrong still a must visit park in Orlando. Just not a must visit every year kind of park.

What’s your opinion on Universal Studios Orlando? Do you agree with some of the reasons we say this park sucks? Let us know in the comments below. I am working on a what’s great about and what sucks about series on each of the 4 Walt Disney World theme Parks, Disney Springs, and Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.    

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