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Everything that sucks about EPCOT

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EPCOT was the second park to open at Walt Disney World resort in Orlando Florida. It opened on October 1, 1982. The park use to be split up into two different lands. Future World and World Showcase.

In the past few months and for the next few years EPCOT will be completely overhauled into something new. We don’t know yet if it will make it a better park or not. But it will be interesting to see how it all turns out.

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EPCOT is the fourth most visited park in North America and seventh in the World. It had 13.4 million visitors in 2018. Kinda odd when you consider that most people claim this is their least favorite park in Walt Disney World.

Let’s take a look at everything that sucks about EPCOT.


One of the biggest things that suck about EPCOT is the rides. Or should we say lack of rides. Currently EPCOT has only 10 rides. For a theme park that is twice as big as Magic Kingdom. It is a surprise that the ride count is so low.

The seas with nemo & friends at EPCOT in the Land Pavilion

Three rides are considered tier one rides. As you would guess it, those are the most popular rides. Not the best rides (looking at your frozen) just the most popular.

In the next few years EPCOT will be added a few more new rides. But till than you have a few rides to hit up. Only three of the rides I would consider must ride, rides at Walt Disney World.

The others you could take them or leave them. I can get why many people consider skipping this park when they visit. Other than the Seas with Nemo & Friends and possible the Frozen ride over in Norway. There isn’t much for kids to do or enjoy.

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This is one that many people might not even think of when thinking of things that suck at EPCOT. Mainly because there are just so many places to grab a bite to eat. But everything is in each countries language to order and it should be.

But how do you pronounce Cafe Liegeois in France. Or Bistecca in Italy. Now of course these are some extremes but it can be a little hard when ordering.

On my last trip we went to Boulangerie Patisserie les Halles in the France Pavilion a couple of times. My daughter is a HUGE Paris fan right now. So of course we went to get some great desserts.

The food here didn’t suck. It was great. Just trying to order the right thing was a little tough. That’s the part that made the food here suck. Most of the cast members had a thick French accent.


It was neat for my daughter to hear. But when trying to order, even just pointing in the glass it was tough for both of us to understand the other. They did speak English. Just with the accent made it difficult to understand.

World Showcase in EPCOT

You may also find it difficult to find somewhere to eat if you have picky eaters. The world showcase has 11 different counties to explore. With that each has their own unique style of food.

It can be a challenge to find something for a picky eater to eat. It may be a long time walking about the world showcase till you find something they would be willing to try. This can be a problem for both adults and children.

Women’s Full-Length Yoga Workout Leggings(Epcot)


I guess this can be considered a little unfair since in the next few years Future world will be no more. I loved the different areas in Future World but they are getting all “blown” up and something new and amazing is coming.

Photo via Disney

But until than….. Walls, Walls everywhere. The front of the park is almost unrecognizable. Things many people love are being replaced with new attractions and themes.

Sometimes change can be a hard thing. Right now enjoying EPCOT is a hard thing. So many of our favorites are disappearing and be replaced.

Old Club Cool home of Beverly at EPCOT

Where can we go to prank our friends with the lovely taste of Beverly? Are they even going to bring this place back? There is still much that is not known.


That makes it even more difficult to say you should visit this park while you are here. Once it is all over EPCOT will be amazing. Until than entering the park from the Main Entrance will suck.

Green Walls up at EPCOT

Just be prepared for everything to be all turned around and nothing being were you remembered it last time. Progress sucks but it is needed.

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

Walt Disney

Like Disney said we need to keep moving forward. That is exactly what is going on at EPCOT. They are moving forward and opening new doors. It truly is a fantastic time. It just also makes EPCOT suck for the next few years.

If you didn’t notice World Showcase wasn’t listed. I love World Showcase and don’t think any part of it sucks. Sure there is a lot of walking to do but where can you “visit” 10 other countries in one day? The World Showcase is one part of EPCOT that DOESN’T suck and hopefully stays that way.

Journey into Imagination at EPCOT

Do you think EPCOT currently sucks with all the construction going on? Or do you think it is still the greatest theme park? Let us know in the comments below. Personally I love EPCOT. My 9 year old daughter does two but we can see where people my dislike or even hate EPCOT.

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EPCOT good or not, Worst Theme Park in Florida, Worst Disney World Theme Park,


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