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The number 1 APP to take on any road trip

What is the number one item to have on a road trip? Your phone of course. But other than that you really need to use Google maps app.

It doesn’t matter if this is your hundredth time going to that location.  Or if you are just staying on the highway till you hit exit 44.

Here in America they are constantly doing road work. It seems like every year another major highway is undergoing construction. Either to put down new black top or to widen the lanes for all the added traffic.

With all the added cars out on the highway accidents happen. Accidents happen all the time and can lead to long back ups with bumper to bumper traffic.

Or the accident ended up closing down the highway. Just maybe the route you usually take, the road is now closed. They just might be doing some repairs on that aging bridge you cross. You just never know what kinds of problems you will hit on the road.

Having Google maps just running in the background can help you avoid these problems. Over the past few years I’ve saved countless hours on the road. The past few times I’ve traveled to the shore, I have gone on three different routes.

All took me to the right place. It just took me different ways. Looking on the map (a real paper map) the fastest way to get to Cape May, NJ is on the AC Expressway to the Garden State Parkway. You hit a couple tolls and some slow downs but ever since I was a teenager I figured it was the fast way.

Since I started using Google maps I’ve come to know that is not always the case. Maybe it can see into the future. Or maybe with all the “spying” technology it knows how many other vehicles are on the road. Either way it doesn’t matter to me.

Besides it giving you the fastest route it can also point out speed traps. Sometimes when you are driving down the highway listening to a kickass playlist (check out my post about the top 10 road trip songs), you don’t realize you’re going 15 or 20 mph over the speed limit.

The app will warn you that there is a speed trap ahead. You can also find out what the posted speed limit is since it is displayed when you are driving on most highways.

Another cool feature that Google maps has is it will Welcome you to whatever state line you just crossed. Depending on what road you are on you won’t always find a welcome sign. On a recent trip to Washington DC it was nice to know when I was crossing into nearby Maryland or Virginia.

The other nice feature it has is an estimated time of arrival. When you finish your trip it will give you a breakdown of how long the trip took you. For myself I always try to beat that time. It’s never by a lot but on a 2 hour or more trip its usually by 5 minutes.

So not only can this app help you avoid traffic and construction. It also points out new states you’re crossing into and near by speed traps. Do yourself a favor and keep Google maps running on your next road trip.

Just be sure to follow the recommendations it makes.


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