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Gift Ideas for the Photography Grad

So your son or daughter is getting ready to graduate. Congratulations! You must be so proud of them. But now you want to get them something special that really fits their personality or style.

Today I put together a list of gift ideas for the photography grad that will put a smile on anyone’s face. Young or old. New or seasoned veteran. Overseas traveler or state side warrior.

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Here are 14 rad gifts for the photography grad. Don’t worry they didn’t need to study photography in school to use or appreciate these gifts.

Under $25

STRATA CUPS Camera Lens Coffee Mug– Who doesn’t love coffee or a hot beverage in the morning? Having this coffee mug will sure to turn a few peoples heads while out on a photo shoot. $17

Zeadio Handheld Stabilizer– Great gift for anyone trying to get stable shoots with little to know camera shake. Can be used with GoPros, DSLR, Point and shoots, and cell phones. $15

(3 Pack) Altura Photo pouch set– Such a great addition to any photography bag. Comes with 3 different sizes to fit a wide variety of lenses. $12

Samsung 128GB Micro SD card– You can never have enough SD cards. I have at least 2 SD cards for every camera I own. $25

5 in 1 Photo light Reflector– Perfect folding reflector for the photographer who likes to take portraits outside. $12

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Under $50

Photography background Stand – A great gift for the photographer getting ready to start their first studio. $36

Selfie ring light with tripod – A great idea for the photographer who is also trying to make YouTube videos. Could also be used for close up photography. $43

Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit– Numerous uses from indoors and outdoors. Great for all different styles of photography. $36

JOBY GorillaPod– I have a full review on this product here. Check it out. Hands down one of the best mini tripods out there. $46

72-inch Aluminum Tripod– Having a decent full size tripod is almost a must have for anyone who wants to improve their photography. This one also comes with a monopod as well. $50

Under $150

Canvas Camera Backpack – Water Repellent and has a great look too it. Your grad would just love to be walking down the street carrying this camera bag. At $60 it is such a good deal.

Studio Lighting kit – Similar to the other one listed however this one comes with so much more. At just $130 you get all the stuff you need to start a studio in the basement or garage.

Funny Gifts

T-shirt– Just a funny t-shirt “I may snap at any moment”. $19

Toilet Paper Holder– Your photography grad will just get a kick out of this. $16

There are many gifts to get the photographer in your life. These are just a few of the rad gifts for the photography grad.

If they just graduated these items help them get started on their own in this world. If anything it will get them out to use there camera more which is always a good thing.

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