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Summer Inspiration for Photography

With summer quickly approaching here is a little inspiration for your summer photos. Summer to me is all about getting out and enjoying the sunshine and beautiful weather. Going out to the local fair or nearby theme parks. Or just enjoying a hike in a local or state park.

Hopefully these topics will help get your creative juices flowing so you can head out and take some amazing photos. You can also check out my spring photography ideas that can also be used during summer.


Local Fairs are always a good time. It doesn’t matter if you are riding the rides. People watching. Or eating all the delicious food (funnel cake and fried oreos anyone?).

Photo from Unsplash

Try taking pictures of all the people enjoying the rides. Or your kids covered in powdered sugar from the funnel cake. Maybe even grab an interesting photo of the carny’s working.


If you live close enough to the shore (beach) try grabbing a sunrise or sunset photos. Catching the sunset over water can be simply amazing. Or getting an epic shot of some surfers catching a big wave.

Even just sitting on the beach watching the waves crash into the sand can be quite relaxing and make for a unique photo opportunity. I love to try and catch the moment the wave hits the beach and starts to fly back into the air.


The boardwalk is much like a local fair (at least in Jersey). You have some amusement rides and food on sticks. There are a lot of interesting people walking along so you can practice your street photography skills.

While not photography related per se, taking a time lapse video (most newer cameras have a time lapse video mode) can be a way to make your trip stand out a little more.


At least in PA, you will see a lot of hot air balloons flying around in the summer time. There are many festivals held throughout the summertime that are sole on ballooning. Check out my post here about things to do in PA this summer or check out this link for the 37th Annual QuickChek New Jersey Festival of Ballooning.

Photo from Unsplash

The bright colors of the balloons against a clear blue sky is simply stunning. Be sure to try and get some take off and landing photos as well.


Probably the single best time of the year to get firework photos unless you are going to a Disney theme park. The 4th of July here in America is the best time to sit and watch fireworks. Cities and towns all across America have huge displays.

Photo from Unsplash

If you are near Philly check out there show. Might be one of the best in the entire county plus it doesn’t hurt that it is the birthplace of America.


With the weather being so nice in the summertime which makes you want to get out. Try visiting some historical sites. Take a visit to Philly or DC.

US Capital Building, Washington DC

The east coast is good for colonial times while checking out the west coast for a wild west theme.


You can also take photos in State and National Parks. Here in the US we have countless State and National Parks with beautiful scenery. Chances are within an hour drive you will have a few to chose from.

Go ahead and spend the day and see what you can get. Take a picture from that scenic overlook. Look for some wildlife trying to escape the summer heat. Or even try to get a photo of all the people trying to grab the perfect selfie.


Places that feature water are always a good idea for you summer photos. I really like lakes since you can catch amazing reflections and the green from the trees really pop against the blue of the sky and water.

Here are just a few suggestions to help gave you a little inspiration for your summer photos. Other places to check are on Instagram. Check out ideas from the #summervibes or #summertime tags. While you’re there use the #kozmophotos so I can see what you guys are taking photos of.

I hope you enjoy your summer and don’t forget to show your camera some love by bringing it along with you on your summer adventures.

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