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7 Photo Ideas for Spring

With spring right around the corner you’re probably itching to get out and take some photos. Spring is such a wonderful time of year. All the flowers and trees start blooming. The birds return and start singing. And who doesn’t love the weather finally starting to warm up.

So if you are drawing a blank on some ideas of things to shoot this spring. Here is a little inspiration with a list of seven ideas to get you started.

  1. Signs of Spring

As the weather warms up the flowers start to show up. Taking photos of the flowers emerging from the ground or the leaves starting to show on the branches. There are many interesting scenes you can set up.

First signs of spring

2. Golf courses

Spring is the perfect time to photography golf courses. The luscious green grass can really make your photos pop. Beside there should be plenty of people out golfing so you can grab some action shots.

Parris Island Golf Course

3. Flowers

Like the saying goes April showers brings May flowers, spring has plenty of flowers to go around. You can cut them to make your own arrangement. Or try making them pop by doing a little color and black and white.

4. Fishing

Spring is also a prefect time to go out and do some fishing. Being down on the lake, river, stream or even the bay can make some interesting shots. You never know you may even see someone catch that trophy fish and can photograph them with it. That will also help get your name out there.

5. Boats

With the weather warming up tons of people hit the waters and go boating. Try your hand at taking photos of the boats passing by. Better yet if you can rent one for yourself, you will be able to get photos others could only dream about.

6. Spring rain

We all know that it can rain a lot in the spring. How else are we going to get the May flowers? Try taking a picture of some flowers right after a rain storm. The rains can also bring some intense storms. Just remember to be safe if you are trying to catch lightning.

7. Fairs and Festivals

There are all kinds of fairs and festivals going on in the spring. Many people want to get out and enjoy the warming weather. Going to festivals and fairs gets you out to enjoy your local area. Driving to some festivals are worth it too. If you live close to Washington, DC you should check out the cherry blossom festival. I will be going this year. I have been wanting to go the last few years. This year I am going to do it.

Philadelphia Chinese lantern festival 2018


If you are going to Orlando, Florida in the spring you should check out the Flower and Garden Festival at EPCOT in Disney World. There is some many topiaries of Disney characters that you and if you have kids will love. Plus if you live in the north you can get a jump start on spring.

Spring is a wonderful time of year. So many colors and wildlife returning that there are too many reasons not to get out and take a few photos. Don’t forget the rain gear you’re bound to get wet.

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