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Top 5 apps for Walt Disney World Vacation

We live in a connected world. Most of us have a cell phone and I’m pretty sure all who visit Disney World have one in their pocket or purse. Nowadays you really can’t do Disney without one. From taking pictures to founding out what time it is. Your phone is always within arms reach.

Because of this your cell phone is an integral part of your Disney park days. From looking up quick service menus. To checking out ride times and FastPass openings. Your cell phone at Disney World just becomes a part of your arm. 

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With saying that here are the top 5 apps for Walt Disney World vacation you should have loaded on your phone. 


The My Disney Experience app is a must have before and during your trip. You can use the app to book your dining reservations 180 days out. Book your FastPass+ 60 days out if staying on site or 30 days if staying off site (learn more here).

You can even do the early check in for your resort. The app is so helpful you will wonder why other places don’t offer something similar. The greatest thing with checking into your resort from the app…. You can skip the front desk and head straight to the park. 

Another big perk with the My Disney Experience app is the ability to do mobile ordering at select quick service locations. Just open the app, select dining from the drop down and look for the phone icon. Order your food and once your are near the location they will make it and let you know when you can pick it up.

Maybe food is not your thing, fear not this app is up to date with ride times. The ride times are very accurate and seem to be updated every couple of minutes or so. You can also review, modify, or add new FastPasses. 

The My Disney Experience app is the number one app to have on your phone. From checking park hours, dining menus, ordering food, and looking up wait times. There is just so much this app can do for you while you are visiting Walt Disney World. I could write a post just on all the things this app can do. Download it and explore all it has to offer.


This app is extremely helpful when visiting in the summer months. It doesn’t matter which app you use as long as it tells you the temperature and if and when it will rain. You don’t want to be the last person to know around what time the sky is going to open up and pour water on you.

Maybe you were planning a mid vacation break day but you look on the app and the day before or after is going to be a complete washout. Having the information beforehand can really make or break your trip.

One thing to note while visiting Orlando in the summertime. Every day of the week it is going to be 90 or above and show thunderstorms everyday for the seven day forecast. Don’t worry, MOST are just pop up showers that last no longer than an hour. Just be sure to pack the ponchos in your park bag. But you know what? You already knew that since you have your weather app and you packed these 10 essential items in your park bag..


It’s a good idea to download the app for whichever airline you have chosen to fly with. You will be able to have your flight number and arrival and departure times. Along with new deals they are offering and on some of them you can even earn points and track your air miles.

If you choose to drive gasbuddy can save you money by finding the cheapest gas. You can even enter you starting and finishing location for them to plot your course with cheap gas stops in mind. You never know when gas will be $3.00 right off the highway and just a mile further it’s $2.80. If driving down to Orlando or anywhere for that matter you really should be using this app (read the post here).

I choose to drive down from the Philadelphia area. I will plan out my stops using gasbuddy. This way I can make sure I am getting the best price on gas. It also helps when driving those long distances knowing when your next planned stop will be.


Whichever video service you have be sure it’s loaded on your phone. Not only is it helpful in the car or on the plane. It can be a life saver while waiting in those famous Disney World queues (click here if you want tips on avoiding the long lines at WDW). 

Be sure to download some movies or shows so you are not using your data or the spotty Disney wifi. However, the wifi has improved over the years and so have unlimited data plans. As you already know Netflix has plenty of kid friendly shows and movies to pick from. Just grab some head phones and you’ll no longer have to find ways to keep your kids busy while waiting in line.


Clearly you are going to have your phone with you while you are exploring the parks. You’ll also be taking tons of photos to post to Facebook, Instagram or whatever social media platform you like. Why not make those pictures stand out with a simple adjustment of color, contrast, saturation or anything else. 

Download a photo editing app to have your pictures rise above the rest. You can find a lot of free apps like Snapseed. Snapseed is very similar to lightroom but does lack some of the more advanced features. Lightroom is a paid product that is outstanding. It is a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. I use lightroom for just about every photo I take. I found it easy to use and it helps that it backs up my photos to the adobe cloud and I can edit the pictures on my computer. 


If you or your kids are pressed penny collectors, this app might just be what you’re looking for. It can help you keep track of all the pennies and quarters you have gotten while at Walt Disney World.

It can be broken down into the different parks, resorts and Disney Springs. You can see which ones you are missing. Where to find them with the helpful map. I plan on using this a lot on my next trip to Disney. 

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These are the top 5 apps for your Walt Disney World vacation. The My Disney Experience app is a must have. You really cannot do Disney World without it. Remember you can use it for mobile order. Check or modify your FastPass+ selections. You are even able to see up to date wait times. If you are only going to download one of these 5 apps make sure My Disney Experience is the one.

Are there any apps that are a must have for you? Let us know in the comments below. Just be sure you pick up a power bank like this one. You need to make sure that your phone is charged and not going to die on you. Be sure to follow kozmophotos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. By following kozmophotos you will be the first to know when a new post is up.

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