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Was this the sweetest trip ever?

Today we took a day trip out to the “sweetest place on earth”, AKA Hershey Chocolate World in Hershey PA. But before we drove all the way out there we had to stop for breakfast.

Every time we go out to Hershey we go out to breakfast first. Of course we had to stop at the best breakfast buffet in Pennsylvania if not the entire world. I’m talking about Shady Maple Smorgasbord in East Earl PA.

If you ever found yourself out by Lancaster PA. Do yourself a favor and look this place up. The breakfast is to die for and the price is even better. Breakfast will run you $10.50 Monday to Friday and $12.50 on Saturday. They are closed on Sundays so just be aware of that.

Once we had our fair share we headed off to Hershey. The drive from Shady Maple to Hershey is about an hour long. It is about half on highway and the other half through Amish country. Just keep your eyes open for some buggies.

The Hershey Chocolate World is a free attraction next to Hershey Park. There’s a free ride that shows you how the chocolate is made and at the end you get a free fun size Hershey bar. They also have 4 other attractions that you can pay for. Those other attractions are a trolley ride, a chocolate tasting, make your own candy bar, and a 4D chocolate movie.

Today we just did the chocolate tour. It’s a fun little ride that goes through the chocolate making process from the beginning to the end.

Watch out they do sign a catchy song.

Once you exit the ride you will go pass where you can purchase your on ride photo and than you get your free fun size Hershey bar. It also leads you back into what has to be one of the largest candy stores in the world.

Any Hershey product you can think of they have. They even have things you wouldn’t even imagine. Like two half pound Reese’s cups.

One side of the store is just candy. While the other side is more clothing and other types of merchandise. Like mugs, towels and stuffed animals. The best part is the entire place smells like chocolate.

It must be the same smell Charlie smelled when he visited Wonka.

After we purchased enough candy to last us at least a month we headed over to the Hershey Gardens. My daughter had such a good time seeing the butterflies in Washington DC (you can read that post here). That I figured she would love seeing them in Hershey.

I was right. She did love going to see the butterflies here as well. One other thing, not only is this one bigger. It is also a whole lot hotter. Plus they have many more butterflies to see. We were even lucky enough to watch a few hatch.

Butterfly hatching

There easily had to be over 100 butterflies flying around. It was also very warm. Like the second you walk in you start to sweat. I believe they said it was 80 degrees inside with 80% humidity. Good thing it was only the upper 50’s at the time outside.

They do have a few different feeding stations set up. On the many different fruits that are set out, you can find a different number of butterfly species enjoying them.

Did you know that butterflies have long tongues? I didn’t but my daughter did and she pointed it out to me so I could take a picture.

I can tell you I can’t wait to go back this summer when everything is in bloom. Right now there were only a few things blooming. Mostly just tulips and the trees were getting their leaves.

The tulips were simply amazing. So many colors. Who would have known.

It also sits on a fairly big site. Not sure how many acres it sits on but it is quite a few. By June this place should really come to life.

There’s also a children’s garden here.

I can see my daughter and I getting lost for a few hours this summer with all different things that are offered here. Also seeing the park across the street coming to life with riders on the roller coasters should make it that much better.

If you only visit PA once in your life a visit to Hershey should be on your “Must Do” List. There is plenty to do that can cover a whole day and then some once you throw the park in.

Let me know if you have ever been to Hershey. Have you ever done the gardens? Or was it just a park day? I know a lot of my friends didn’t even know about the chocolate world till I told them. My dad use to take my brothers and I here when we were kids. So now I take my daughter here to keep that tradition living on.

Have you ever been out to Hershey PA? What are your tips for having the sweetest day. Let me know in the comments below. Be sure to follow kozmophotos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. By following kozmophotos you will be the first to know when a new post is up.

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