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A visit to the DC Cherry Blossom Festival Day 2

Today started off like many before it. Except we were down around Washington DC. So we got up and got ready. Checked out of the hotel and checked the weather.

Good news another day and no rain. That doesn’t happen to us often. As you could tell from some of my other post, it likes to rain on us a decent amount of time.

When we arrived in DC it seemed a little quieter than normal. So we took advantage of that and headed up towards the Capital Building. Now I’ve been up to the Capital Reflecting Pool but I’ve never been up the steps to the Capital.

I wasn’t aware you could even get that close. I have always been under the impression that it was off limits. But by being able to get up close, it really shows you the beauty of this building. Right now with the cherry blossoms in bloom, you can give yourself a pretty neat shot, that many others will not have.

Once you make your way to the top of the steps, turn around and just take in the view. It is simply stunning. If you get the right angle you can see all the way down to the Lincoln Memorial. Which by the way is about 2.3 miles away.

I really do like how they all line up with one another. But it was now time to start walking to the Lincoln Memorial and White House. While there wasn’t a lot of people out there were others taking photos. Just remember and be mindful of the other photographers around you.

On this day there was a bride getting some photos done on the capital steps. Early in the morning there wasn’t many people around but I made sure my daughter and I were not in the background.

So we started to head towards the Lincoln Memorial.

We walked past many of the different museums we would soon be visiting. As we were getting closer to the Washington memorial we could hear someone on a loud speaker. I couldn’t quite make it out.

As we got closer we started to see runners with numbers. I didn’t think they were doing a run today. I thought it was next weekend. Turns out I was wrong. The DC Cherry Blossom 10 Mile run was today. And we were heading right towards the finish line.

Turns out it was a nice surprise. My daughter will always ask me why people are running. I tell her it is to stay in shape and maybe they are training to run in a race.

Today she was able to see why people run and how much it can completely suck. If any of you that are reading this ran in that race I would like to say Congrats. Running a 10 mile or even a 5k is not an easy thing.

So with the mass of people all around we decided to not even go to the Lincoln Memorial. She promised though, that next time we will go and her legs will be stronger. So we walked over towards the White House.

Now it’s been quite a few number of years since I was last anywhere near there. I vaguely remember being able to get a little closer. Than again I could be completely wrong.

Don’t plan on being able to drive right by the place. From where you are able to stand (by the National Christmas tree) you are about a quarter mile away.

You need a zoom lens to get a close up like this.

Now it was time to hit up a few of the other museums we didn’t do the day before. Today we walked along Constitution Ave. While walking along the path with green grass in the middle of the National Mall area is very nice. Walking on either side can let you see some…. interesting architecture.

I must say that there are some memorials and buildings that seem a little…. out of place. Maybe I just don’t get it. Take the boy scout memorial.

Sure the boy fits in. But do the old “roman” type man and woman fit? If you were to ask me. They don’t. Not that there is anything wrong with either of them. I just don’t think it represents the BSA.

Anyway, moving on to the next leg of out journey. We ended up at the National History museum. Now this place was really cool. They had lots of skeletons of numerous different animals. An immature giant squid. And my daughters favorite thing. A butterfly garden.

She couldn’t stop talking about it. This may have been the one thing that made her trip. On second thought I know it was. We spent about a half an hour in there. She kept trying to get the butterflies to land on her.

She kept still for about five minutes with her hand near one till it finally walked on her hand. She was filled with joy and so excited that one climbed on her.

Now for the best part. She kept trying to get another to land on her without any luck. So she was final ready to leave and guess what?

A butterfly was also ready to break out.

As we were walking out into the “butterfly check room” one landed on her head. She had the biggest smile on her face. The volunteer had to grab a net and escort the butterfly back into the garden area. Better luck next time old friend.

From there we continued our walk and stopped along the way to take some more pictures of buildings and the occasional police car. Not sure why but I’ve been photoing cop cars lately. I guess it’s mainly for stock photos. Next up we stopped into the National Art museum.

She wasn’t a big fan. But hey what 7 year old is? She did think it was pretty cool that she was there because of the Night at the Museum movies.

After the Art museums we heading for the Air and Space museum. Now me being a big space geek. I just love this museum. Sadly right now they are doing a major remodel.

While you can still go in and explore many of the different exhibits. Something is just lacking for me. However, I know once they are done. It will be epic.

It is still a great experience with many planes and props on display. They also have a huge gift shop for your space loving needs.

Once we finished up with the Air and Space museum it was time for us to start heading home. It was a long day and a half but was full of fun. It was time get home, kick off the shoes and unpack.

Have you ever been to DC? If not do you want to go? If the answer is no, maybe you should change your mind. I think every American should visit the Capital at least once in their lives.


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