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Traveling solo with Kids: How to solve the Bathroom problem.

Traveling by yourself with your child can be a fun and scary experience. Trust me I know this. Ever since I got separated and even before that, I’ve traveled all over the place, with just my daughter and myself.

We’ve done countless daddy daughter days. Everything from trips to the zoo or shore. To big city destinations like NYC and DC. We even did a week long trip to Disney World when she was only 5.

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We have spent countless hours in cars, trains, and planes. Any where from 1 hour up to 5 or 6 hours. I have another post all about tips and tricks for road tips. Check it out here.

Now I know if you have never done it, it can be a really scary thought. What if I lose her? What if she loses me? What if she has to use the bathroom.

Fear not. Just make sure you pay attention. Put down your phone and enjoy the one on one time.

But seriously the scariest thing when traveling solo with your kid is what about bathroom breaks. Not if they have to go. What do you do if your child is the opposite sex and you have to go to the bathroom?

That is the scariest part of traveling alone with you kid. Sure theme parks and zoos and other family oriented places have family restrooms. There are also well mapped out so you know where to look.

But major cities and other tourist locations do not. If they do I’m pretty sure you won’t find one when you really need it. What they really should have is an area where you can padlock them to the wall. Joking of course.

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But all joking aside this is my biggest problem when I’m traveling with my daughter. In NYC where finding a public restroom can be damn near impossible, I have her come in and stand by the door facing the wall.

New York City is a very busy place with a lot of sights and sounds. I want to make sure she doesn’t wonder off.

Other places she will wait outside and not move. She has been told not to talk to anyone and by no means leave with anyone. If someone tries anything run into the bathroom.

Luckily we never had any issues. There was this one time however, at a local mall when she came running in. It was only because the power went out and she’s still scared of the dark.

Another important tip is point out what the police officers or security guards uniforms look like. God forbid anything does happen at least they know who they can talk to.


Bathroom breaks with your opposite sex child can be scary and involve a little more planning. But the one on one time exploring a new city or area is well worth it. It will be one that both of you will remember from years to come.

So remember to point out what the local officers and security guards uniforms look like. Have them stay right on the inside of the bathroom or just right outside. Remind them not to talk to or go with anyone.

Traveling solo with kids as you can see can be a little scary. But also very fun. Let me know if you have any other tips or a funny story. Leave it in the comments below.

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