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Wyndham Gardens Fort Myers: Best Cheap hotel on the beach

Looking for a place located right on the Gulf Coast in Fort Myers Beach? It can be hard to find the right place that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Luckily, Wyndham Gardens Fort Myers Beach is the perfect place for you.

Located just steps away from the sandy beach of the Gulf Coast. This hotel, while not fancy, has just what you and your family are looking for.

A great location, clean rooms, and an amazing beach front restaurant. Wyndham Garden Fort Myers Beach is the perfect place for a family on a budget. Or even the traveler looking to get some epic sunsets while traveling around the US. 


The rooms at Wyndham Gardens Fort Myers Beach are nothing to write home about. But that doesn’t mean that they are not nice rooms. While the bed may only be a double, it can still fit two people. 

Overall the room is a great size. The table and chairs are huge compared to other places I’ve stayed. More than enough room to eat at or even work at.

Back to the double beds. The beds were not the most comfortable. However, they were not the worst I had either. They are passable and will work for a couple night stay. I don’t know how my back would do after a week long stay. But after a couple of nights it wasn’t too bad. 

Now the room was a good size and so was the bathroom. However, the bathroom was a little weird to me. There was no door on the shower. It’s not really a problem. Just water goes everywhere when you are in it. You just have to make sure your clean clothes are nowhere near it.

The rest of the bathroom area is nearly perfect. The sink is nice and big. The water pressure is great in both the sink and shower. 

The toilet also doesn’t lack any flushing power. As for water temperature. Finding the perfect temperature was a breeze. It was easy to control the temperature from a nice cold shower after being in the hot Florida sun all day. To having a nice warm or even hot shower. Controlling the temp in the shower was easy.

The room also comes with a mini fridge that DOES have a little freezer in it. The freezer was perfect if you want to freeze a couple bottles of water to put in a cooler for your beach day. 

You will also find a microwave in the room. With a Publix down the street. You can easily find something to cook up for breakfast. 

Overall, you will be pleased with the room at this beachfront hotel.

Hotel Overview

Wyndham Gardens Fort Myers Beach is right on the beach. It makes for the perfect location when you want to relax. The hotel also has its own outdoor pool and fitness center.

This hotel has just about everything you would want to find at a beachfront resort. From a great location to an amazing restaurant right on site. Wyndham Gardens has you covered.

You don’t even need a car. The local trolley picks you up right out from and takes you all the way down to the main area of town. It picks up every hour too.

Pinchers is the restaurant on site. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Everything on the menu is very tasty. However, it is a little on the pricier side of things. 

For breakfast you will find all your favorites. From pancakes or french toast. To eggs made your way and of course, sausage, bacon, and ham.

Pinchers, Fort Myers Beach

For the rest of the day you will find plenty of crab dishes on the menu. The Hot crab and Cheese dip is amazing. The Crab rangoon is the best I have ever eaten. 

Even non crab dishes are great. From the burger to the Fish and Chips. You will have a hard time finding something you won’t enjoy. I know everything we had, we really enjoyed.

Now even though you are right on the beach don’t count out the pool. The pool is a good size and goes to 8 feet deep. The pool was also very refreshing even on those super hot days. The pool wasn’t too warm even though the temperature outside was 96. 

The hotel even has a small fitness center. It doesn’t have a lot of equipment but it has enough to get you going. Also you might, just might, be able to have two people working out in the gym at one time.

One thing to note during the summer months (at least). The lights all on the beach are either off or have a red light. This is due to sea turtles. The lights need to be off so they can find their way to the ocean.

Local Area

Do you really need to visit the local area? Guess it all depends on what you are trying to do. With the beach just steps from the hotel. What more could you ask for?

Well if you want to do a little shopping, hop on the trolley and head down to Old San Carlos shopping area. You will find all kinds of shops that will fit the bill. Mango Bay has everything you need for your beach days and beyond.

Old San Carlos, Fort Myers Beach,

This whole little area is really neat. Just to go a walk around was a great use of time. Checking out all the different shops. Walking on the pier. Or grabbing some delicious Ice Cream.

Looking for something else to do? Why not check out Sanibel Island? If you like to walk the beach looking for seashells. You will find no better place than the beaches on Sanibel Island.

seashells, oyster shell, broken seashells, clam shell

Check out Bowman’s Beach. Try to go early in the morning for the best chances to find the most amazing seashells. Even if you are not seashell hunting. Bowman’s Beach and the other Sanibel beaches are great places to take a dip.

Not looking to drive so far? Check out Lovers Key State Park. You can hop on the trolley out front or take a quick five minute drive south. This is a great place to take a walk around and see all the local Florida wildlife.

You can even just take a walk along the beach out front of the hotel. You will find great, clean beaches. Plenty of interesting seashells.

Since you are on the gulf coast of Florida. You are in the perfect location to watch the sun set below the water. For many of us on the east coast, this is almost impossible to find.

Fort Myers Beach, Sunset, Gulf of Mexico

At Fort Myers Beach this happens every night. If you are lucky enough, you could catch some amazingly colorful sunsets. Even if you’re not that lucky. The sunset is still pretty stunning.

Planning a trip to Florida and looking for a place to stay? Check out some of these other amazing hotels all around Florida. Going to Key West? Check out Travelodge in Florida City. Going to Tampa? Check out La Quinta near Busch Gardens. Heading to Orlando but don’t want to stay at a Disney or Universal Hotel? Check out Renaissance Orlando or Fantasy World Resort.


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