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Winding Down – Day 15

Today, like many days this past week, was going to be hot. Before the sun even started to think of rising, I was dripping in sweat while I enjoyed my coffee on the screen patio. I really did like sitting out there and would miss it. 

Day 15

I haven’t had to worry about bugs at all on this trip. Not in Tampa, not in Florida CIty, and not in Orlando. So not sure why they had a screened patio. Maybe it was to keep the gators out. Anyway, I have no idea. 

As the sun started to rise I was still sipping on some coffee and eating my last home cooked meal. It would be a couple more days till I actually left to go home and at that point I will have nothing in my fridge since I’ve been gone for over two weeks now. 

Today we had no plans at all. All we were planning on doing was hitting the pool and packing up and cleaning out the car. Tomorrow we would be leaving around 7 to drop everyone off at the airport. 

Everyone woke up and got ready. By 9 am we all took a walk over to the pool. Much like the other day, the pool was empty. We had it all to ourselves. 

My daughter and I went around the lazy river countless times. We would go around fast. Then take it a little slow. Then she would just stop dead in her tracks…… then race off. She was having a good ol’ time. 

We ended up staying at the pool for close to two hours. Hitting up the lazy river. Jumping in the main pool. Just laying around. It was nice to just relax for a bit. 

Around 11 or so we decided to go to Universal CityWalk. We knew that at CityWalk we would be able to get a good meal at a sit down restaurant. Over at Disney Springs, we would have had to make reservations 60 days ago to hope to get anything decent. We did have an issue with getting a table at CityWalk.

The only issue we had was trying to decide which place we wanted to go to. My daughter wanted to go back to Margaritaville. It was a good choice since they have a wide selection on their menu that has something for everyone. 

We got to our table quickly and the food and drinks came out fast too. It didn’t take long at all. The longest part was us trying to figure out what we wanted. I ended up ordering boneless wings. I got the jerk-glazed ones. I thought they might have had a little kick to them but they didn’t. However, they were still pretty good and were cooked perfectly. Plus they were amazing when I paired them with my daughter’s mac & cheese. 

After lunch we all walked around CityWalk and did a little shopping. We checked out a bunch of places including Voodoo Doughnut. If you have never checked this place out you really should especially if you are a donut fan. Even if you are not a fan of donuts, check this place out. They have some wild creations. 

My family also wanted to see if Toothsome Chocolate Emporium had a store. They walked up to the front doors and turned around and said they didn’t. I found that odd since all the restaurants around CityWalk have stores. I would find out tomorrow that they did in fact have a store. My mom just had to go past the front door. 

From CityWalk we drove over to Disney Springs. I am glad we did too. The World of Disney just put out their Halloween stuff. Only a day or two earlier they still had all the 2021 merch in that area. Now it was filled with Halloween merch. It was just too bad they didn’t have their 2021 merch on sale yet. 

We ended up spending a good amount of time at Disney Springs. We checked out so many shops and seemed to be walking around in circles. We were not walking around in circles however. It just felt that way. 

Today we were also able to get into the Lego Store. Every other visit the Lego store had a line. I wasn’t going to stand in a line to go spend money in a store. Today we didn’t have to worry about that. We ended up not getting anything but it was nice to see all the different sets that we do not see in our local stores or even the local Lego Store in King of Prussia Mall. 

Today was a pretty good day even though we didn’t end up going to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure with everyone. That was until we stopped in the M&M store. I don’t know what happened since I was outside but my daughter dropped her phone for the 1,00th time and today it decided to stop working. It had a case on it too. Plus it’s been dropped so many different times for higher than it was today. 

Today it wanted to break. The screen was fine. No cracks or breaks. It just wouldn’t display anything or make any kind of noise. She was very unhappy. Plus now she wouldn’t have much to do on our drive home in a couple of days. This was going to make that drive feel much longer. 

We left Disney Springs and headed back to Fantasy World Resort to pack the car and get ready for the morning. It didn’t take too long to realize that it was going to be a tight fit. I might have to leave my daughter and my luggage at the resort and come back to pick it up before we check into Sapphire Falls. Guess we will find out.

Before the night ended I did the pre-check for Sapphire Falls. I inputted my credit card number, listed my phone number, and gave them an expected arrival time of 9am. I just hope I get a text with my room number unlike what happened when we stayed at Cabana Bay.  

Hope you come back tomorrow and the next day. Tomorrow our review of Loews Sapphire Falls resort will go up. The day after you can read about Day 16. Thank you for following along on this long Pandemic Florida trip. 

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