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And we are back…. at Universal…. Again – Day 10

Today marks day 10 of our adventure throughout Florida. After yesterday, I don’t know if we are going to be able to top that. Swimming with dolphins and all kinds of tropical fish surely is the highlight of this trip so far.

Today was supposed to be a nice easy relaxing day at the resort. Of course, we had to wake up early since I booked a 07:55 table at Ohana at the Disney’s Polynesian Resort. I probably should have booked it a little later but I wasn’t too sure what I was planning on doing today when I had to book it 60 days out.

Originally, I planned on just having a relaxing day at the resort. You know the kind of day where you just sit around the resort going around on the lazy river. Maybe playing a round of mini golf and bean bags. Nothing too exciting.

Well my daughter wanted to go back to Universal. Since we had the annual passes I figured why not. We would just go after breakfast and stay till the afternoon. It was going to be another hot day in Orlando and I wanted to spend some time back at the pool and relaxing. Plus I wanted to talk to some of my friends back home.

So we got up and got ready to go to the Polynesian Resort. I have never been to this Disney Resort except passing on by on the Monorail. This would be my first time walking into it.

The drive from Wyndham Grand Bonnet Creek wasn’t too long. Plus it was an easy drive if you follow the signs. We made it to the gate and they checked for our reservation. If you are not a guest and don’t have a reservation they will not let you in.

Now I booked this reservation at Ohana for two reasons. One, I like a good breakfast. Ideally, I was hoping for a buffet but Disney wasn’t currently doing them. Even before the Pandemic Ohana was family style and not a buffet but they did have Stitch here. I was really hoping he would be back by the time we had breakfast.

Sadly, he was not. I know my daughter would have loved seeing him since she is also a huge Stitch fan. Maybe next time he will be back and we can come again.

We checked in at the restaurant and were taken back to our seats right away. Our waiter was very nice and explained how everything would work. All we had to do was ask for more and they would bring it out.

It was a good amount of food for the two of us. They started us out with pineapple bread and fruit. The pineapple bread was pretty good. However, my daughter wasn’t a fan. She did grab some fruit to munch on until the hot food came out.

We didn’t have to wait long for the hot food to come out either. I must say I was a little disappointed though. For one, there was no bacon. But the real reason I was disappointed was we didn’t get any Stitch waffles. We got four Mickey waffles but no Stitch ones. That was the main reason I came here because I knew my daughter would love them.

Besides the Mickey Waffles and NO bacon we had scrambled eggs, sausage, ham, biscuits, and potatoes. Everything was delicious. The food was hot and fresh. You could tell it wasn’t sitting out long.

We, well I, ate most of it. She ate ham because she just loves it plus some eggs, biscuit, and of course, her Mickey waffles. When the waiter came by I ordered a second round of everything and asked to make sure we got some Stitch Waffles.

The next round came out just as fast as the first. It too was hot and fresh and we got our Stitch Waffles. I mean, they are nothing special they are just a circle with Stitch on them but my Daughter loved them.

Mickey and Stitch Waffles, Ohana, Polynesian Resort

I couldn’t blame her either. They were just as delicious as the Mickey waffles are. I mean who doesn’t love Mickey waffles when you are visiting Walt Disney World? I know I do. It’s one of the reasons why I always try to book at least one breakfast.

I must say while I was a little disappointed by no bacon at all and no Stitch waffles on our first go around. However, I would come back here again. Not only for breakfast but I want to try dinner too.

Disney's Polynesian Resort, Lobby

After breakfast we checked out the main lobby of the resort. Plus we went in the store to see what kind of Stitch merch they would have. Good thing we did. We found a couple items that we only saw at the Polynesian and no where else on Disney property.

After are little mini adventure around the Polynesian we got back in the car and headed towards CityWalk. It didn’t take us too long to get there and the traffic wasn’t too bad. I figured it would have been a little worse being on a Friday but I was wrong. Of course, there was a little back up on I-4 but that was to be expected.

We arrived at CityWalk. Parked the car and headed towards the theme parks. Our first stop was Islands of Adventure. Can you guess where we went first?

Of course, we went to Hogsmeade so we could ride Forbidden Journey. I can’t even tell you how many times we ended up riding that ride. I can so that it never got boring. With each ride through I noticed something new.

I think I can take that Dragon

We didn’t spend a lot of time at Universal today but we did pack a lot in, in that short amount of time. We rode a bunch of rides and hit up a lot of the shops. They even had a new Halloween shop that just opened today.

Of course, I had to check it out. While I may not like to be jump scared. I do love Halloween and it seems like a lot of people my age feel the same way.

We arrived at Universal before 10 and left a little after one. That was one of the nice things about having the annual pass. We didn’t have to stay at the parks all day to feel like we were getting our monies worth. I think at this point I parked here at least three different times. So that already saved me $77.

At this point it was starting to get really warm. It was already hot but it was getting hotter and I think we both wanted to jump in the pool back at the resort. Getting back to the Wyndham Grand was a breeze.

WDW Sign, Walt Disney World Sign

We went through the Disney sign and were parking at the resort before we knew it. We ran up to our room. Put on our swim gear and headed down to the pools.

Our first stop was the lazy river pool. This was a nice size lazy river. It wasn’t huge but it took you a couple minutes to go around when you were just floating on by.

I ended up going around three or four times. She must have went around ten. She was having a blast too. After all, that was the whole point of this trip anyway.

I wanted her to have as much fun as possible. I wanted me to be able to escape work and everything else that was currently going on. Hey, at least I was able to escape work. The other stuff just followed me.

Once we were done at the lazy river we hit up the pirate ship pool. I gotta say. This pool was amazing. Plus the slide was awesome. Who doesn’t want to slide down thru a pirate ship?

Pirate Pool Slide Wyndham Grand Orlando Bonnet Creek Resort, Pool, Pool side,

Sadly, our fun was about to end. Not from us but from mother nature. Of course, she wanted to have a storm brewing. Before long the rains came. I must say I was kind of glad it happened today and not yesterday when we were at Discovery Cove.

Since it decided to rain and it was after four we went to get some food. Today we tried out Back Bay Pool Bar and Grill. Let me tell you that the food here was amazing. We both loved what we ordered.

She got mini sliders with lettuce and bacon. I got Caribbean honey boneless wings. Her burgers were cooked perfectly to her liking. I wasn’t even about to get a bite.

She ate those little sliders up in no time. At first she was mad that I ordered her mini burgers. She got over that quickly when they came out. Now my boneless wings were also cooked perfectly. They were nice and crispy and had a good amount of sauce on them. I just wish the sauce was a little spicy. I figured they would be but I guess Caribbean Honey isn’t spicy. They were still amazing and I would definitely be ordering them again.

It was still raining so we decided to get out of our wet swimsuits and relax in the room for a little bit. Once in the room I went and checked on my shoes to see how they were doing. The rain never hit our balcony which was a good thing and my shoes were dry.

However, they still stunk. Being out on the balcony for the last day didn’t help air them out. I knew in the morning I would be getting rid of them. I did have them for a while so I wasn’t to concerned with getting rid of them.

The rain finally stopped and before you knew it the sun was setting. It was a beautiful sunset and I was lucky enough to catch some of it. Too bad my balcony didn’t face east or west.

Since the rain had ended and the sun was setting we went back to the pool one last time. I don’t know about you but I feel pools have a different feel when it’s dark out. The pools at Wyndham Grand Orlando Bonnet Creek were amazing at night. Such a wonderful atmosphere to them.

We didn’t go swimming for too long. We had another long day today and needed to get some rest. Good thing was, tomorrow we didn’t have to wake up early. Check out was at 11 but we were heading to MCO (Orlando International Airport) to pick my mom, brother, and his girlfriend up. Their flight was landing around 09:30. MCO was only a short drive from Disney so we didn’t have to rush.

The next five days they are here should be interesting ones. We have family that live in Florida stopping by one day. Plus we have a two day hopper ticket for Disney and are planning on visiting Universal with everyone. Plus we would be going to the outlets, Disney Springs, and CityWalk with everyone. It’s sure to be a good time so you won’t want to miss it.

Are you enjoying following along with us? Let us know in the comments below. Also tell us if we missed out on any amazing place to check out at Wyndham Grand.

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