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Hyatt Place Washington DC/ National Mall

Hyatt Place, Hotel, Resort, Washington DC, Nation's Capital, National Mall,

Looking to visit the Nation’s Capital but having trouble on deciding on where to stay? Can’t decide if you should stay in the city or close to a metro station. Boy do we have a great place for you.

Only minutes away from the National Mall and the Capital Building by foot. Hyatt Place Washington DC / National Mall is a great place to stay in within the city of Washington DC. The staff was friendly and helpful. The rooms were comfortable and the water temp was perfect.

It’s also in a great location if planning on visiting the National Mall and Capital Building. Like we said it is only minutes away. For just a short 5 minute walk you could be standing at the National Mall. In under 15 minutes you could be down at the DC Wharf. Plus you are only about a 10 minute walk from the L’Enfant Plaza Metro Station. From there you could go anywhere the metro takes you.

The location isn’t the only thing great about this place. The staff was very helpful and friendly and very knowledgeable. Check in and check out was a breeze.


They list 10 different room types. Basically King Beds or two Queen Beds and tub or shower. Plus you can pay for a higher floor. I ended up with an 8th floor room that was a King Bed with shower. Our room was overlooking 395.

I 395 Washington DC, Road, View, Hotel,

While not the greatest view, I could have gotten some great long exposure shots if I was feeling up to it. By the end of the night all I wanted to do was relax and sleep. We ended up walking about 30,000 steps that day and had an amazing dinner at Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse.

Everything in the room was comfortable. The desk chair. The Couch and especially the king bed. I must say that this bed has been one of the more comfortable beds I’ve had at a hotel. It was nice and firm just how I like it.

Bed, Hyatt Place, Washington DC, Room, Hotel, comfortable,

Oh, and the pillows. BEST HOTEL PILLOWS…. EVER. The pillows were nice and firm too. You know how some pillows you lay your head on and it doesn’t even feel like you are laying on a pillow? You won’t have that problem here.

The room was very inviting. It had plenty of space for two people to kick back and relax. You won’t have to worry about bumping into each other when getting ready in the morning or when you are just back for a mid day break.

Now the bathroom was also very nice. Again very large and roomy. The water temperature was spot on. Hot was hot and cold was cold. Put them in the middle and it was a wonderful warm temp that wasn’t too hot or cold. Just like Goldilocks would have wanted it.

Hyatt Place, Washington DC, DC, Shower, Bathroom, toilet, sink, Hotel, Resort,

The shower here is also very big. You could easily fit two or more people inside if you wanted to. It had great water pressure too. Just like the rest of the room, the bathroom had plenty of space to move around in and get ready. I’ve been to a few hotels where it can be pretty tight trying to get ready in the bathroom.

Now this hotel isn’t all great. There are a few things I didn’t really care for. The biggest one that comes to mind was no USB plugs which was surprising. This hotel is in great shape so I can only assume that they keep up with all the maintenance.

Which makes me a little confused on how or why they haven’t but in a few USB outlets in the room. I don’t usually bring a wall charger for my phone when I travel. Just a battery pack and the USB charging cable.

The other thing I really, really didn’t like was the bathroom door. First off it wasn’t a door at all. Not that most of us would call a door. It was that frosted glass sliding door. Not a fan of them at all. Sure you can’t really see what’s going on but you can still make out a person standing in their.


Hyatt Place Washington DC/ National Mall has some great amenities. There is an outdoor pool that is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day like most outdoor pools in the Northeast. Sadly we couldn’t check it out since I visited in mid November and the temp outside was only 40 that day.

The fitness center while it wasn’t very big compared to some other places I have visited this past year. It still had a few treadmills, elliptical, and free weights. But if I can suggest something different for you. Instead of hitting the treadmill if you must. Take a jog outside around the Capital Building.

Hyatt Place, Washington DC, DC, Hotel, Resort, gym, treadmill, weights, workout,

Now for one of my favorite things anywhere I go, Breakfast. If you are a World of Hyatt Member breakfast is free when you book an eligible rate at this Hyatt Place hotel. This hotel breakfast was pretty good. I’ve been to places before where you could skip the breakfast because you weren’t missing anything.

Hyatt Place, Washington DC, DC, Hotel, Resort, free breakfast, eggs, potatoes, toast, sausage,

That’s definitely not the case here. I was very surprised by how much was offered. They had cage free hard boiled eggs. Fresh fruit like pineapples, bananas, honeydew and cantaloupe.

They also had waffles, scrambled eggs, sausage and potatoes. Everything tasted fresh and was nice and hot. They also had steel cut oats with 5 different toppings and cereal. You also had a choice between 3 different juices and milks.

Hyatt Place, Washington DC, DC, Hotel, Resort, Breakfast Bar, Milk, juice, cereal,

And who could forget the bread area. Maybe it’s just because I like a little bread with my breakfast. They also have a nice selections of jams, jellies and spreads.

The area to sit down and enjoy breakfast was also nice and roomy like everywhere else in this hotel. Kind of surprising when you think of a hotel located in a major city.

Hyatt Place, Washington DC, DC, Hotel, Resort, dining room,

If you are looking for somewhere to get a good cup of coffee and a little bite to eat before you head out to explore DC this is the place to be. The coffee was good and the food was excellent. It will definitely hold you over till you get your lunch from one of the many food trucks around the National Mall.

There are also a few places to just kick back and relax around the lobby. It all looks so inviting. It really is a great place to stay when visiting Washington DC.

Washington DC is one of those places we should all visit at least once in our lifetimes. Staying at the Hyatt Place Washington DC/ National Mall is a prefect spot to stay at and the price is right too. It is one of the more affordable hotels around the National Mall.

Hyatt Place Washington DC/ National Mall is within walking distance to many of DC’s famous Landmarks like the Washington Monument, Air and Space Museum and even the Capital Building. It will be hard to find a better place at or around the same price. You can also grab the metro and head on over to the National Zoo. It’s definitely worth a visit when you are in DC.

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Hyatt Place, Washington DC, DC, Hotel, Resort, Capital Hill, National Mall,
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