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Gift Ideas for Travelers

It’s that time of year again when we think about our friends, families and co-workers. We get together for holiday get together and exchange gifts. But what do you get that weird co-worker who’s always taking a weekend trip. Or that aunt who has traveled around the world a few times?

What kind of gifts do you get for the person who travels a lot. From weekend trips to the city or shore. Day trips to hike the local trails. Or long haul flights overseas. What do you get that is helpful or unique?

We spent hours looking up some of the hottest travel related gifts to save you time this holiday season so you don’t have to. We put together a list of 20. Check out what we found below.

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Electronic Organizer

Traveling with a couple different USB cables? We all have a phone that needs to be charged when on the go. How about a tablet for the kids. Phones for the wife/husband, kids? So many cables lying around you need a good way to organize them. Not only does this case keep your USB cables in order it also will hold extra SD cards, small camera, earbuds and more. Coming in at under $20. This is the perfect gift for any family on the go. 

Universal Travel Adapter

Heading overseas and looking for a good universal travel adapter so you can charge your phone? This universal travel adapter works in the US, EU, UK and Australia? Most of the places you will travel, this universal travel adapter will have you covered. No more fear of not being able to charge your electronics. Priced at under $20 this is a great gift for any traveler.  

9 Pack Travel Bottles

Who can remember a time when you could bring a full size shampoo bottle in your carry on? I do but that was a long time ago. Now they have to be the “travel” size versions. This 9 pack set is TSA approved and is perfect for your next flight. At under $15 you may want to get one for each member of the family. 

Travel Backpack w/ Packing Cubes

Know someone in need of a new carry on? This backpack is great for someone who takes weekend trips. Whether taking a flight or hoping in the car. This backpack can hold everything you need for that weekend getaway. The 3 packing cubes will help keep everything organized.

Coming in at $60 this pack is perfect for the person still using their old high school bookbag as a carry on.

4 Piece Packing Travel Organizer Cubes Set

Packing cubes are all the rage right now. This 4 piece set is perfect to see if you like how they organize your clothing and other items while packing for a trip. You can’t go wrong with a price tag of under $20.

Pet Travel Bag

Do you know someone who can’t go anywhere without their pet? Well you just found them the perfect gift. This pet travel bag comes with Food Container Bag and Collapsible Bowl along with multiple pockets.

At under $30 what pet lover wouldn’t want to travel with their pet next weekend. Let’s not forget this bag is also airline approved and comes in four different colors..

Digital Luggage Scale

Ever worry that your suitcase might be overweight and will have to pay the airlines more of your hard earned money?  Grab a digital scale to know your bags weight before you head to the check in counter. Coming in at under $10 it’s perfect for a stocking stuffer or Pollyanna.

Travel Shoe Bags Set of 4

We all know someone either a man or a woman who brings one to many pairs of shoes with them on vacation. Help them protect everything else in their suitcase with these travel shoe bags. At under $15 they will thank you for helping keep their suitcase nice and orderly. 

This will also be great for those of us that have kids. Instead of putting muddy shoes in a shopping bag. Throw them in one of these bags to get all the dirt inside the bag and out of your suitcase.

TSA Approved Cable Luggage Lock

In today’s day and age you have to make sure your luggage is locked at all times. From the airport to the hotel and everywhere in between. Tired of just the black locks you can find? Now you have a choice of what color lock you’d like. This set of locks are TSA approved and come in at under $20. 

Portable Charger

Let’s face it, we use our phones way to much. Make sure you always have a chance to keep it charged with a portable charger. I’ve been using this brand for over 5 years now. I get a few chargers for my phone, DSLR batteries, tablet and even my GoPro. Twenty dollars is a great price to keep me full charged and connected.

Wallet w/RFID Blocking

It’s crazy the lengths we have to go today to protect our stuff. This wallet has RFID blocking technology and is easy to conceal when travel the country or overseas. $15 is a small price to pay to have that helpful peace of mind. 

Roadfood, 10th Edition: An Eater’s Guide to…

Who doesn’t like a good road trip? But sometimes you need a little help deciding where to go. If you have someone on your list that loves to find those hidden gems with the best food, you need to get this book. The paperback book comes in at under $20 and is the perfect gift for their next weekend road trip. 

Off the Beaten Path: A Travel Guide to More Than 1000 Scenic and Interesting Places Still Uncrowded and Inviting

Do you know someone who likes to find that place few people know about? The locations you won’t find all over Instagram or Pinterest? Than this book is for them.

While it may be a little older of a book. It still has some great places for you to visit. At around $20, they can show their friends and followers what they all have been missing.

Scratch Off Map of The United States – Scratch Off USA Map Kit

What traveler doesn’t want to keep track of their travels with a unique map? I know a few that would die to get one of these. Chances are the traveler in your group feels the same.

Let your friends and family show off all their adventures. All while keeping track of the places they haven’t been to yet. At just over $20 this gift is great. There is also one for the world traveler.  

Road Trip Bingo – Road Trip Travelling Bingo

Sometimes kids can find a road trip boring. Help make the trip feel a little quicker by playing road trip bingo. This kit makes it easy for the whole family to get involved. Coming in at under $15 this gift will make anyone thank you with a big hug for saving their next family roadtrip.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Maybe car games just isn’t your style and video games are more up your alley. Check out the Nintendo Switch Lite. Perfect for road trips or just waiting at the airport to board. This will still set you back $200 but it will last for years.

Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag for Men and Women

Know of a friend or family member with a few kids? This large travel toiletry case can hold everyone’s stuff and keep it organized on their next family vacation. At around $25 with crazy little bag can hold everyone’s toiletries in one convenient place. 

Travel Neck Pillow

This travel neck pillow set has it all for under $20. Not only do you get a comfortable neck pillow but you also get a pair of ear plugs and an eye mask to help

GoPro Action Camera

Cell Phones today are great for taking pictures and video but what do you do when you are zip lining through the woods or skiing down a mountain. To risky to be holding your cell phone. You need an Action Camera like a GoPro. While there are many cheap knockoffs out there. Nothing beats the quality of a GoPro. This set cost around $330 but has almost everything you need to get started.

GoPro Accessory Bundle

If you pick up the GoPro or know your friend or family member already has one. Consider picking up one of the many GoPro Accessory Bundles. This one comes in at just under $25 but has everything you can think of. With 61 different accessory’s plus a carrying case. You have got them covered for any adventure that awaits them.

Well, there you have it. Twenty gift ideas for the travel in your family or group of friends. We could all use a little travel in our lives. Help your friends and family out with the little details.

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  1. Great article! Very useful ideas! As a world traveller, I had many of these items and all of them are very useful! The pillow neck is the best for long flights!
    GoPro accessories bundle is a very good idea! Definitely recommend it!


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