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5 Money Saving tips while at Walt Disney World

One thing Walt Disney World is NOT, is cheap. On the low end if staying on site for a week with a family of 4 it will cost you at least $2,500. That is not including food cost, flight prices or gas if you are driving. As well as any other extras like park hopper tickets, memory maker and the parking fees if you are driving. 

Sometimes you need to find ways to save money while you are in the parks. There are plenty of ways to save money before you go.Like driving instead of flying. Staying off site or at a good neighbor hotel. Using a target redcard to get 5% off the purchase of Disney gift cards. But what can you do to save money while at the parks?

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Today we are going to list the 5 best money saving tips while at Disney World. None of these ideas are off the wall or crazy. They are something everyone can follow. 


I am sure you have all heard that the Disney Dining Plan is a lot of food and many people don’t think that they save money from getting a Dining Plan (find out more about the Dining Plans here). One thing that is true, the Dining Plan CAN be a lot of food. But that is a good thing if you are paying out of pocket. Many of the meals are large enough to share. 

Flame Tree BBQ in Animal Kingdom is one that comes to mind. If you like BBQ you can order the Platter. It is under $20 and comes with pulled pork, chicken and a few ribs along with baked beans and cornbread. Plenty of food for two adults to share while visiting in the hot summer months. 

Another great place that has a large amount of food (plus a fixing bar) is Peco Bill’s Tall Tale Inn at Magic Kingdom. The food is amazing and many of their platters are big enough to share. Many of the snacks are also shareable. The cinnamon roll at Gaston’s Tavern is huge. It’s a great item for breakfast and if your family is not big eaters, it may be big enough for all four of you to share.


We already established that Walt Disney World is an expensive place. T-shirts and stuffed animals can run you over $20 a piece. Heck, most t-shirts at Walt Disney World are $30 or more. Minnie Ears will cost you over $25 each.

If you have access to a car or willing to use Uber or Lyft head to the local stores (Walmart/Target). You will find tons of Disney merchandise for sale. Everything from picture frames to t-shirts, stuffed animals and key chains. Don’t worry the prices are not raised just because you are outside of Disney World. It will cost you the same amount (maybe a little more) if your local store carried the items. 

You may have read many people saying to hit the dollar store for Disney Souvenirs before your trip. While coloring books and glow sticks are worth it. Everything else is just pure crap. Stick with hitting up Walmart or Target in Orlando for some good quality cheap souvenirs. 

Another good location to go to if you can get a car is the Orlando Premium Outlets Disney Character Warehouse. They have tons of leftover or extra Disney Park merchandise ( mugs, seasonal items{flower and garden, food and wine}, t-shirts and much more).


If you are planning on going to Disney World between August and December look into attending either MNSSHP or MVMCP. Both are ticketed events that let you get into Magic Kingdom the day of the party at 4pm. This way you DO NOT need a ticket for that day. The price of the tickets range from $75 to $125 per person depending on the night. Some bonuses of doing either the Halloween Party or Christmas party are lower crowds, special treats, snacks and merchandise. There’s also a special parade and fireworks show that you will only see on party nights. 

Most of the rides are opened during the parties and have much shorter wait times than during the day. Another thing Disney has just started doing on certain rides like Space Mountain is doing special ride overlays. So not only do you get to enjoy shorter wait times but it is also like riding a completely different ride (well maybe not but it’s a little different). 


Let me just say this. If you are buying bottled water in Disney you are crazy. I am not talking about getting a bottle of water with your meal while using the dining plan. I am talking about buying a bottle of water from one of the carts. You can go to any counter service location that has a soda fountain and get a free cup of ice water. 

Now what you should do is use this hack. Pick up this brita water bottle. Fill it with the free ice water or what I like to do is just get a cup of ice (it melts quick anyway) and carry that with you all day. At over $3 a bottle of water it won’t take long to pay for the cost of the filtered water bottles. Plus if you get a filtered water bottle it will take away that Florida tap water taste. 


Let’s face the facts. Summertime in Florida, it is going to rain. Probably going to rain a little every single day. When it rains the umbrellas and ponchos come out. Be sure to pick up your rain gear before you even head to the parks. Ponchos will run you over $10 a piece when purchasing in the parks. That will be over $40 for a family of four. Sure you can replace a ripped one for a new one but you are still spending over $10 for a poncho. 

Order ponchos before you leave. You can usually pick them up for a $1 or $2. Of course they are not high quality and don’t have Disney characters on them. You can usually find them at the Dollar Store, Five Below or even Walmart. But where ever you find them if you buy 20 of them for $20. Each member of your family can have 5 ponchos ready to go when the rain starts falling.     

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There you have it. Our list of 5 money saving tips while at Walt Disney World. Some people like to pack a lunch into the parks to save a little money. I would rather save the added weight and just share a platter. Just remember that a little planning can save you hundreds of dollars while vacationing at Walt Disney World. Be sure to also check out our Free things at Disney Post.

Did you find any of these tips to be helpful? Have any other tips you would like to add? Let us know in the comments down below. Kozmophotos is going to be going through a little rebranding in the next couple of months. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. This way you can be up to date with the coming changes and know when our newest post are added. We post 2 to 3 times a week.


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