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Free Things at Disney World

People say that some of the best things in life are free. But, we are all old enough to know that nothing in life is truly free. We pay for it one way or another.

While that is true. It is especially true for Disney. You put out thousands of dollars for a Disney World vacation. But there are some things that are free or happen at no extra charge to you.

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Who knows maybe the most recent annual pass holder increase happened to keep these things free. We just may never know. From free fireworks to buses and chocolate here are the free things at Disney World.


There are a few things that are free to do at the different resorts around Walt Disney World. The good thing is you don’t have to be staying at the resort to take advantage of the free things that are offered.


You may think that you have to be in a park to enjoy the fireworks. That’s not necessarily true. There are a few locations around seven seas lagoon that offer a great view of the Magic Kingdom fireworks. Some locations even have speakers that play the music that matches what is going on in the park.


If you are on seven seas lagoon or bay lake between 9 and 10 pm you may catch the Electrical Water Pageant. This water parade has been running since the early 70’s and is a fun little thing to watch. The Electrical Water Pageant starts off at the Polynesian Village Resort than goes in this order Grand Floridian Resort, Wilderness Lodge, Fort Wilderness Campgrounds, Contemporary and if the park is open later Magic Kingdom.


Every night by the pool at every Disney World Resort they have a movie playing. Everything from modern Disney Movies like Finding Dory all the way to the classics like Cinderella. Who doesn’t want to relax by the pool watching a classic Disney Movie with their kids?


Over at Art of Animation Resort you can learn to draw some of your favorite Disney Characters. Check the resort schedule for times but if you find yourself resort hopping or staying at AOA, be sure to check this one out. The artists are very good and while it may take you sometime to get it looking right, you are sure to have a good time. 


We all know that Walt Disney World is a massive place with 4 theme parks, countless restaurants and shops and even resorts. Did you know that you can visit any of the resorts for free and you don’t have to be a guest staying there. 

Animal Kingdom Lodge, Disney World, WDW

Is Animal Kingdom lodge out of your price range but you always wanted to see what the fuss was about. Just hop on a bus or get in your car and drive over to see what it is all about (The resort has some fantastic animal viewing areas). Have you ever wanted to check out the secret menu at All Star Movies but you are staying at POP. Just hop on over to the All Star resorts and grab the viewmaster. 


Disney World, Boardwalk, EPCOT, Fireworks

Who would think you could find a boardwalk in the middle of central Florida. Be sure to take a stroll at night. The boardwalk is beautifully lit at night and in certain spots you can catch the fireworks from EPCOT. Taking a stroll on the Disney Boardwalk at night is a favorite activity of many people and may become a MUST DO on your next trip.


Of course a shopping mall is free. But Disney Springs is not your typical shopping center. There are many shops and restaurants to check out. Window shop if you may. Plus some places offer free samples like Ghirardelli with a free chocolate sample.

Or take the kids to the Lego store where they can use the bricks to build what ever comes to mind. My daughter could spend hours just putting together different sets of Lego mini figures.


Interested in listening to a little live music but don’t want to hand over more money? Head down to Disney Springs where most nights you can hear the sounds of guitars and drums filling the air. Now I doubt you will ever see any big names playing here. The bands that do play are pretty decent and I have heard every style of music you could think of.

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Now by no means are the 4 theme parks or 2 water parks free. But there are free things to do within the parks that will not cost you anything extra. That’s a win in my book.


Celebrating your first trip to Walt Disney World? Maybe it is your birthday or honeymoon. Whatever the special occasion is be sure to pick up a free button from guest services. You never know you just may get a free cupcake with your dinner or a free FastPass+. 


We all know Florida is Hot in the summer and warmer than were you live the rest of the year. Go up to any counter service restaurant and ask for ice water. Disney knows it is hot and you need to stay hydrated. Bring a refillable water bottle like this one to make sure you never run out of cold water.


Using the FastPass+ system (click here to learn more) at Disney World is free. Any other theme park in the world having the able to save a spot in line or cut to the front is an extra charge. All theme park visitors can use the FastPass+ system and if you follow my guides you too already know you can book them 30 days out.

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Magic Kingdom has Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, which is a free game you can play around the park. Stop off at the Firehouse on Main Street to pick up your free pack of playing cards. Each person in your group can get one pack of cards per day. 

If you find yourself in EPCOT you can play the free Agent P game. It is an interactive game that is played using your smartphone and the Disney app. 


Be sure to check out the greatest drink of all time; Beverly. No we are not talking about your aunt who lives in California. We are talking about this “great” beverage at Club Cool located in EPCOT. Be sure to have the camera rolling as you and your family try this one. If Beverly wasn’t your favorite fear not. There are several other Coca-Cola products for you to try that are free as well.    

Meet and Greets

Sure you spent a lot of money to get into the parks. But seeing your favorite Disney Princess and Characters is completely free. You don’t even need to spend the extra money on the Memory Maker to have your photo taken. Just hand the photopass photographer your camera and they will gladly take one for you.

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Food and Wine, Flower and Garden, Festival of the arts are all free at EPCOT with a valid theme park ticket. You can enjoy these festivals free of charge. They bring a nice change to the theme park and some really outstanding food. Going to Food and Wine or Flower and Garden is a good use of your snack credits if using the Disney Dining Plan.


If staying at a Walt Disney World resort you get some pretty good free perks. Sadly free parking at the resort is no longer one of them. But there are a few others that are just as good if not better.


Are you aware that if you purchase something in the parks and are staying at a Disney Resort you can have your purchase sent back to your resort for free? That’s right resort guest can have anything they purchase sent back to their hotel free of charge. It does take about a day for it to show up at your resort, but as long as your not leaving the next day it will be fine.


Yes FastPass+ is available to ALL Disney World visitors. However, if you are staying at a Disney Resort you can get a leg up on everyone and book your FastPass choices 60 days in advance, compared to only 30 days if staying off site. The extra 30 days is a perk of staying at a Disney Resort and is free of charge.


Whether you take the Magical Express from the airport. Or Disney Buses back and forth from the theme parks, all of that is included with your stay. Be sure to check out the Skyliner (Opens later in 2019) or take a boat ride into EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, or Disney Springs if your resort offers that.


I know parking cost money at the resorts. But we are not talking about the resorts here. Parking at the many theme parks is included with your stay. If you drive to Disney World you can choose to drive to any of the theme parks and park for free.

Why would anyone want to drive to the theme parks instead of taking the free buses. Well have you ever waited at the bus stop for what seems like 45 minutes after the fireworks at Magic Kingdom, just to have to stand more on an over crowded bus?


WDW, Disney World, Magic Bands

If you book a Disney World package you can get a free Magic band for each person in your party. The plain color ones are free. The ones with characters do cost extra but are only $10 more when they are available.

The happiest place on earth doesn’t need to be the most expansive place on earth. Who doesn’t like free things? Be sure to check out Magic Kingdom’s fireworks from the shore of the seven seas lagoon. Pick up your free buttons and playing cards while hanging out in Magic Kingdom. And don’t forget to grab that free cup of Beverly at Club Cool in EPCOT (while it is still there).

Are there any other free things we forgot to list? Let us know in the comments below. Remember to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest at KozmoPhotos. It will help you stay up to date with all the latest post and photos.


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