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5 Insanely useful items to pack on ANY day trip

We live in a fast pace world today and are always heading somewhere. I put together a list of the 5 most useful items to have on hand anywhere you go.

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When you think about it, everyday we do a little traveling. Either on your way to work or school. Trips to the store or gas station. Almost everyday we do a little traveling. But that’s not the type of traveling we are talking about.

We are talking about when we travel for a day trip. What should you pack? Do you really need to bring anything with you other than a phone, camera and wallet?

I guess the answer to that question is it depends. Where are you heading? Going for a short hike in the local woods? Taking a longer hike at a county or state park? Just a day at the shore? Or are you heading to a local theme park?

Depending on where you are going, will depending on the extras you will bring along. This list will just be the 5 things you should bring on every day trip no matter where you are heading.

  1. Water
refillable water bottle, H2O bottle, filtered water bottle,

Water is the most important thing in life. Without it you wouldn’t be here right now. Make sure you have at least one bottle per person. Having a refillable one like the Brita 20 Ounce Sport Water Bottle with 2 Filters. This one is better and cheaper in the long run.

2. First aid kit

Having a small first aid kit in your bag is always a good idea. Buy one like this one or make your own so you can always have it on hand. Getting one from Amazon is the easy way but going to your local dollar store and making your own can be more rewarding. At least this way you know what is in it. Besides you never know when you might need a bandaid or tweezers to remove a splinter.

First aid kit

3. Rain Gear

Whether it is a poncho or umbrella, it’s always a great idea to have rain gear with you. You never know when the weatherman will be completely wrong and a sunny day turns into a rainy mess. Pack the rain gear you will thank me later.

4. Snacks

Having some power bars or other types of non melting snacks in your bag can ward of that hunger demon. We have all been there. When we are so hungry we will grab anything to eat no matter how much or how bad it looks. I know you know that feeling and we all have seen the snickers commercials.

5. Hand Sanitizer

Having some hand sanitizer can be a life saver especially when you have kids. They can get there hands on and in almost anything. You can grab a little bottle for a buck and it can save you a lot of heartache later on.

So there you have it. The 5 most important items to have in your pack for ANY day trip. Check back later when I add to this list based on your destination.

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