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Resorts Casino Atlantic City Review

Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ was the first legal casino outside of Nevada. Resorts first opened its doors to gamblers on May 26, 1978. While that was the first time Resorts operated as a casino. 

The building itself has been around since the early 1900’s. However, it has undergone some major renovations since then. Today Resorts Casino Hotel has 879 rooms from deluxe rooms with a king bed to executive suites. You are bound to find a room that fits your needs and budget. 

AC has always had a special place in my heart. When I turned 21 I drove the eight hours from North Carolina to play Texas Holdem at the Taj. I didn’t win the big pot but it did help me gain a love for all the finer things of an adult’s life. From classic casinos to dive bars, I just love them all. Resorts Hotel and Casino is no different.


Resorts Casino and Hotel has 942 rooms to choose from in two different towers. You can find King bed rooms, 2 Queen Bed rooms, mini suites, and of course, executive suites. Plus you have two different towers to pick from. The Rendezvous tower that has the largest rooms on the boardwalk. Or stay in the Ocean tower that is closer to the beach, boardwalk, and pool.

I stayed in the two queen beds premiere room in the Ocean tower. The room had plenty of space and was nice and clean. The beds are nice and firm (which I prefer). One complaint my friend had was that there weren’t even covers or that they didn’t have a nice thick comforter. 

Resorts AC room, Ocean Tower Room, Queen Beds room, Resorts Casino Hotel

The pillows on the bed were also on the softer side. It almost felt like you didn’t have a pillow under your head. However, that really didn’t bother my sleep. Both nights I was able to get good rest.

One of my favorite things in this room was the chair. This chair was amazing. I am not going to lie but I did fall asleep in that chair a couple of times over the weekend that I stayed. 

Resorts AC room, Ocean Tower Room, Queen Beds room, Resorts Casino Hotel

The bathroom was also a great size. There was plenty of room to dry off after a shower and change. You would just need to find a good spot to put your new clothes on. 

Now the sink was large. Might be one of the largest sinks I’ve had in a room in a long time. The water did get hot but not too hot.

The shower was amazing. The water pressure was great, even on the 7th floor. It did take a minute or two to find that perfect temperature but once you did, you didn’t want to get out. 

I think out of all the places I’ve stayed this year, the shower at Resorts was the best. No other hotel room can even compare. The only one that comes close is Universal’s Sapphire Falls Resort in Orlando. 

The toilet in the bathroom was also good. It had great flushing power for being on the 7th floor and in an older resort. 

Resorts AC room, Ocean Tower Room, Queen Beds room, Resorts Casino Hotel

Now I did have two minor complaints with the room. One is a little minor complaint while the second could be a little more major. Now the walls seem super thin. We could hear what was going on in the rooms next to us as well as in the hallway. I don’t normally hear that kind of stuff but like earlier, the building has been around since the early 1900’s.

The other complaint that I had has to do with the outlets. The outlets next to the beds were loose. I have never really experienced anything like that. It felt like the plugs were going to fall out and were not plugged all the way in. Our phones the first night didn’t charge since we didn’t realize the plug was barely hanging in there.


Like many of the casinos in Atlantic City, you will find so much more to do and it is not just gambling. From amazing restaurants, spas, pools, shopping, bars, and even the famous AC Boardwalk. Resorts Casino Hotel has it all and then some. 

You will find at least 14 different places to grab a bite at. Everything from quick and easy to a little more formal and romantic. Plus if you want you can waste away in Margaritaville. 

The quick bites food court is a perfect place to eat early in the morning or later at night. Grab a donut and coffee from Dunkin Donuts or a home cooked breakfast at Ruby’s Dinette. The quick bites food court is the perfect place to have a quick and easy breakfast.

However, if you plan on staying up later and gambling the night away the quick bites food court still has you covered. Grab some soup from Soup Man. Get a slice or three of delicious Jersey pizza from Famiglia. Or build your own tacos at Bubbakoo’s Burritos. 

If you are looking for a casual place to eat you can find that here too. Margaritaville and Landshark bar & grill both call Resorts Casino home. Can you think of a better place to eat in the middle of winter when all you want is summer vibes? We can’t think of a better stop.

Now Resorts Casino is also home to some fine dining options as well. Check out Mukashi Sushi Bar for your sushi fix. It is some of the best you will find in AC. 

If you prefer to eat meat instead of raw fish don’t worry. Dougherty’s Steakhouse has everything you are looking for in an upscale steakhouse. Taking that special someone out to eat? Why not order the Tomahawk steak for two!

If you are looking for the best Italian around town you need to check out Capriccio. It has been voted the best casino restaurant in the US for the last three years. Currently they are only open on the weekends. Make sure you plan ahead. 

Not only does Resorts Casino Hotel have some of the best restaurants on the AC Boardwalk, it has some of the best bars too. Landshark Bar & Grill is located right on the beach. Grab a drink and watch the ferris wheel go around and around. 

Inside the casino are some amazing bars as well. If you are looking for something strong, check out the bar at 5 o’clock somewhere. It is not too far from the boardwalk entrance. The only problem is both of these bars close early. 

Bar One, Holiday theme, Resorts Casino Hotel, Atlantic City,
Bar One done up for the Holidays

For a bar that is open throughout the night and is popping. Check out Bar One on the casino floor. This place was busy from open to close each day we were there. 

Looking to just relax while you stay at Resorts? Resorts has one of if not the best pool in all of Atlantic City. This indoor/outdoor salt water pool is amazing. Located on the roof it gives you some stunning views of the coast. 

Next to the pool you will find a small fitness center. While it might not be huge, you could still get a decent workout in. The fitness center is also open 24 hours a day.

You will also find a saloon and spa. They offer almost every service you can think of. From full body massages, waxing, skin care, and pedicures. If you want it, chances are they have it at Resorts.

The last thing which isn’t just a Resorts thing is the famous AC Boardwalk. It is the oldest and longest in the US. From the boardwalk you can access many other casinos, shops, restaurants, rides, and the beach. 

AC Boardwalk, Atlantic City, Hard Rock, Resorts Casino,

Don’t worry about losing all  your money either. You can still go to the beach in AC, it’s FREE!. You don’t have to worry about paying a fee like you do for other jersey beaches.  


Resorts AC has a reputation for having the luckiest slots in Atlantic City. With over 800 slot games to pick from, you will quickly see how Resorts got the reputation. I watched one machine hit a bonus 3 times in 5 spins. That’s pretty lucky if you ask me.

With so many different slot machines to pick from, you are bound to find one that is nice to you. They have all of the classics and some of the newest games too. Check out Crazy Money, The Amazing Money Machine Gold, Lion Dance, Jumanji, Ultimate Fire Link, Wheel of Fortune, and the list goes on and on. 

Resorts Casino also has a nice selection of table games to play. Everything from blackjack, three card poker, roulette, craps, and more. You can even find some new table games like Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus or Blazing 7’s Progressive (a blackjack game).

Some of your favorite games are now available electronically. Games like craps, baccarat, or roulette. Mostly you still get the sense of thrill, you just place your bets on a computer screen instead of setting out chips.

In some ways you can tell the Resorts Casino was the first casino in Atlantic City. However, in other ways it looks like one of the newest casinos on the boardwalk. If you are planning a trip to AC, be sure to check out Resorts.

With it’s convenient location and access to everything great AC has to offer. It is hard to pass up a stay here. You can book a mini suite for only $89 certain nights of the year. Just be sure to book a couple weeks in advance to save yourself some extra money.

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