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ZooTampa at Lowry Park

Zoo Tampa at Lowry Park is a nonprofit 63 arce zoo located in Tampa Florida. It was once voted the #1 family friendly zoo in the US by Parent Magazine back in 2009. Today the zoo holds many different accreditation’s from many different organizations including the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. 

Zoo Tampa is a part of the Tampa CityPASS. I highly recommend anyone visiting the Tampa area to check out the CityPASS. It is one of the best deals you will find. Not to mention all of the attractions that are a part of it are outstanding. 

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Zoo Tampa at Lowry Park is home to more than 1,300 animals in 6 different zones. Also be sure to check out Roaring Springs. It’s a fun little area to cool off in those hot Florida summers


If you don’t live in Florida or maybe even if you do, you don’t realize some of the beautiful animals that call Florida home. Sure we all know about gators. But did you know that Florida is also home to the Bald Eagle?

I for one was not aware of this fact. I thought Bald Eagles only called the northern states home. With all the mountains a thick forest. Turns out I was wrong and that the American Bald eagle also calls Florida home. 

You will also find a small pack of red wolves here. This species is critically endangered and at one point not very long ago was extinct in the wild. There numbers have climbed so that they are no longer extinct in the wild but are still below 100 in the wild. 

ZooTampa, Red Wolf, Endangered,
Red Wolf

If you get a chance to listen to the talk given by one of the zookeeper’s be sure to listen. They were full of information about these beautiful red wolves. 

As you would expect from almost any area in Florida that houses animals, they have a few manatees. Manatees were once listed as endangered but as of 2017 they have been reclassified as threatened. 

Conservation efforts from ZooTampa have helped lift the manatee off the US endangered list and put them on the Threatened list. More still needs to be done but at least they are heading in the right direction. There is a nice viewing area inside manatee mangrove to watch these giants. 

Manatee Mangrove, ZooTampa, Underwater viewing,
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What can you say when you see a child’s face who saw an elephant for the first time. These creatures are simple Magnificat. Elephants are not the only African animals you will find in this zone. 

Head down for an up close look at the white rhinos. I had a great view of them eating. It is the closest I have ever got to one. The ones at the Philly zoo are at their closest point 20 plus feet away. 

Other animals you will probably see are the tall giraffes, not in color zebras, or some painted dogs. 

While in the Africa area be sure to hop on the Safari tram. It is included with your admission. 

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The Wallaroo area is a great little area for the kids with an Australian theme. There are little rides and a splash pad here that kids just love. Don’t worry though it’s also a great area for adults.

This is where you will find those cute little kola’s. If you happen to be planning a trip here on a Saturday or Sunday, you may want to look at the Kola photo encounter. 

For an additional cost get your photo taken up close with one of ZooTampa’s Kola’s. 

You can also find a little betting zone in this area along with the Wallaby walkway. Both adults and kids will hop over this one. Check it out yourself.


As with all zoos (that I know of at least) they have a primate area here at ZooTampa as well. Now I haven’t been to all zoos out there. But from the ones I have been too I really like how ZooTampa has there Primate Area set up. 

He just never seemed to want to turn around

The different primates are broken up into different areas. There are plenty of view areas making sure you can get a glimpse of the orangutans, lemurs, chimpanzee’s and more. Most of these animals are endangered. So it is great to see the conservation efforts the zoo is taken. 


The Asia area of the zoo is the oldest section of ZooTampa at Lowry Park. You will find some common animals you would see elsewhere like, tigers, indian rhinos, leopards, and komodo dragons. 

The viewing enclosures are very unique with plenty of viewing areas. Everyone from the biggest kid to the littlest should have no problem seeing. Of course the animals have to be out and not hiding. 


You can’t miss Manatee Circle. It is right when you come into the zoo. You will see two large manatee statues with water fountains all around.

No you could miss the large Free-Flight aviary located here. Inside the aviary you will find hornbills, toucans, tanagers and everyone’s favorite the two toed sloth. 

Aviary, ZooTampa, Toucans, tanagers, Florida, Hornbills,

The birds are free roaming so if you have a fear of birds I would sit this one out. Also be mindful that you could get pooped on. It happened to me not even 10 seconds from walking in. But hey the rest of my day wasn’t bad. Guess it’s true if a bird poops on you the rest of the day you’ll have good luck.

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ZooTampa is a great place to spend a couple hours of your day. In the heat of the summer you can check out Roaring Springs. This little log flume ride is sure to cool you off with it’s 3 story drop. If you want to get soaked but not looking for a thrill hit up the splash zone. Trust me you’ll get soaking wet.

You will also find many different places to grab a bite to eat. Scattered about the zoo you will find burgers, chicken tenders, short ribs, Starbucks Coffee, ice cream, pizza and so much more. You CANNOT bring in any outside food. You can however, use one of the picnic tables outside of the zoo to eat your own lunch you packed. Just remember to get your hand stamped so you can re enter. 

There are also several nice gift shops to check out with some very cool souvenirs. But hands down one of my favorite souvenirs other than a pin to place on my corkboard are the pressed penny machines. Most if not all of the ones at ZooTampa took 2 quarters and a penny. I have been seeing lately many places are going towards needing a dollar to get a pressed penny. 

If you are planning a trip down to Tampa Bay Florida, you should really look at visiting ZooTampa at Lowry Park. It is a great place to visit and is part of the Tampa CityPASS (click here for more info). 

I was able to visit ZooTampa, Florida Aquarium and Clearwater Marine Aquarium all in one day using the CityPASS. I then visited Busch Gardens Tampa the next day. The price of the CityPASS was $109 and I was able to purchase it at the ticket booth at the zoo.

If you are looking to change it up a little and go somewhere other than Disney. Check out Tampa. If you are visiting in nearby Clearwater for spring training to watch the phils prepare to blow another season. Again check out the Tampa CityPASS. ZooTampa is just one of the fabulous attractions offered. So have you ever visited ZooTampa at Lowry Park? Do you think you will add a pit stop in Tampa Before heading to Disney or Universal?

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